John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
more grace sir.

1.….. we were somewhere running away from someone,came out in a road that was flooded.i wanted to join a car that stopped to carry us but my fwend said No! its not safe as he drag me back.i went to hide with him but had a second thought of what will i be doing there. i told him am leaving him as i wave the car to wait for me.He followed me and we entered and off we go out of the flooded area.The vehicle stopped at a city when the tree we climbed at the back of the car is taller than the entrance gate.we came down ,thanked the man and left.

2.....I was going somewhere when i encountered a bad gangs of boys.One came immediately and shot me as i pretended to fall down... the other one was asking if am death,i rise up and told them i didn't die,that they should not shoot me they let me go.I noticed the bullet did not penetrate as i touch to know if blood was coming only gave a mark that something hit me but couldn't penetrate.i was telling people what happened,to God be the glory.Then one boy was making call with a beautiful phone,i told him to hide it so that those boys will not collect it.He's phone started ringing without control,i helped him to hide it while those bad boys pass.

3....i was in my fathers house.My other sister was havimg issues with my brother as they were trying to know exactly where to plant a tree.My brother was like its not always how you wants it as they dialogue.i saw my eldest sister discussing with someone.Then i looked at a strange tree close to them and it was Icheku tree(A fruit with black covering but inside when ripe is yellow with great sweetness) i touched and opened one and lick,it was ripe.Then my sister and other people started to woman told my sister that per branch of the tree is 80 thousand naira.

4.....i was with two of my course a fwend.I was explaining myself the one that look like a friend did make a correction to me in a ridiculous way,i told her no was the exact thing you said i repeated.she tries to make mountain out of nothing, i scolded her. Then i started talking to the other one in my language.she was now telling me how i left her and also she cant hear what i was saying.I apologised and switched back to English,i later went back to my book shelf to read and makeup my vocabularies.

5......I was pressing my phone when one of my ex came with all smiles and was asking what i was doing? i.told him alot with no interest ; he was talking to me but i was absent minded.

6......someone tried to confine me at a spot by telling me to draw where i will sleep on the floor .i did make the drawing but didn't finish it.But have made up my mind to leave .i left when she ask me to get her something and i said to are not seeing me again.

7....where i would have love to sell my cloths,someone already have paid 2 days before and to me i felt bad because no where yo sell my clothes. i felt that time was passing me by as i sat down on the chair.
1. Always follow your instinct and inner man's guidance,decision above peoples opinions or suggestion when you are in a difficult or complex situation.

2. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper....though you walk through the valley of death but you shall fear no evil for he's with you. .

3. If love,harmony and peace would reign in this family or household blessing and prosperity shall abound.

4. This isn't about trying to impress anybody nor your course or school mates but to prepare you for the future. The lord wants you to improve your communication level and words usage by reading wisely and embracing advance vulcabulary reading.

5. Old things has passed away and all things has become new. Yes, you have nothing in common with any of them because they belong to your past,while you were in the world.

6. You must resist any attempt aim to cage,limit or enslaved for the sake of where to lay your head or roommate.
Your freedom,dignity and pride is not negotiable.

7.I see a great disappointment in your trading business but prayer of supplication and mercy may avert it.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir.

I had this dream last night but some part I could remember.I was somewhere and someone came and engaged me with a golden rubber ring that is small but beautiful because other metal ones will be too big for my finger size.I was happy likewise he that engaged me.I went to show my mum and sister the ring ,they were happy for me but I don't know if am actually waiting for the person that engaged me or someone else.I felt why will the ring be rubber like and so many why's that had to make me angry.I used my teeth to cut it maybe because I will ridiculed by my sis.I let it off my hand why I join them in another room that is so busy having that feeling that am waiting for someone . That's all I could remember.
You really want marital breakthrough, settlement ? Then always remind yourself that all that glitters is not gold, it's not how rich the man is but how committed and comfortable he's to take care of you or marry you. And most importantly, your sister nor any must(not) influence your marital decision or choice lest you use your own hand to terminate God marital plans for your life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir,

1....I was cleaning my fathers compound with someone I can't remember.I later lookup on our pear tree though it wasn't on its season but I was able to pick some pears on the ground that has falling.I was so happy to have them ,I carried it to the room.

2....Still doing the clearing,though I was on the top of a tree where I was able to see my sisters plucking guava which were big and ripe.I was called to come and have mine; I went and was given.I ask for a fwend that I have been working with,she came and said she has taken... this is mine.I collected and eat immediately.

3....Mum called me from where I was gisting with fwends because our compound is filled with people. I went to answer her,she pointed at the water on fire and told me to use it to make semovita.I wanted to say No! but decided to do it.I was telling mum that the rice and the palmkernel here won't be enough.She said she knows and doing something about she wanted to go to market to buy foodstuff.I saw where the palm kernel was,its fresh.I ate some of it.

4.....I saw my food chemistry lecturer on house wears came to where I was and gave me a peck on the cheek.She ask how i was fairing.I was like I did well in her exams and I responded ,' fine Ma.she was friendly and was talking as if I were her daughter.

5....I called my sister that promised to send me money,she said she's going to send to me the one she has,I thanked her and woke up.
1. I see the little forces,chaffs suppression the growth and blessing of your household separated and disposed out.
In essence, I see the power of holiness give way to the manifestation of you,your household blessing.

2. ...indeed, this is season of harvest and abundance of blessing. ..

3. ...such that will cause and overwhelm your life,household with celebration.

4. I see success,peace in your relationship with her and her course.

5. Your expectation shall not be cut short. Surely, something good is coming your way.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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happy weekend man of man

1....i was somewhere when I saw a girl,then I toast her with words,though it sounds weird but I really did while she on her own part was shy when I touched her.

2...I was passing when I saw a woman whose face look like a tortoise she was saying something about the land we calamity is going to befall it .later coal of fire filled the place but there is a narrow path way for us to work on.Two girls came and was saying something but I was telling them it then means u came with a false prophesy. Then they tried to push me into the hot coal but I wasnt afraid. Even when I walk out of the coal fire,it didn't hurt me- no scratch.They were surprised and ran because they were afraid I might do something to them.

3....I was looking for where I will display my cloth ,I ask someone if that line is filled,he said yes but he will fix me somewhere cox a woman over there don't usually come out all the time..I displayed the least of my cloth had ppl rush for it even some that are stained I know when washed will go.They said my cloths are cheap and of high quality.I later went to buy my underwears.

4.....someone ask me to come and pass the night at his place before morning,I will continue my journey.I had my cupboard.He arranged a place for me then the girl fwend came and was like I will sleep in that room.I was like is it not this guy that ask me to stop by.I had to make call and someone came to carry my cupboard to my destination and in that dream,I looked like a celebrity.On my arrival,they welcome me and that Man was ashamed to face me. fwends dream....He dreamt that his mum wear a white and blue scarf and he's brother say he should thank God that he's mum is more strong in church than before

6....someone gave him coconut with its fiber...He used he's bare hands to peel the coconut and it was so easy.when the opened it the water is still fresh but the flesh is rotten he and his brother drank the water and throw away the rotten flesh.
1. Demon of lebanism. You must wage war against that demon and every unsual sexual desires from the kingdom of marine.

2. Indeed, he that is in you is greater than he that's in the world weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.
Bible ref ; Ps. 91.

3. Be not be discourage about what people says,about what you do,your business and or wear.

4. I see anointing of divine favor upon you. Yes, an unsual divine anointing of favor that will humble those who mock or disappoint you through divine favor and help.

5. Your mother has encountered God and salvation as I see her faith and righteousness grow stronger.

6. Divine strength that brings something out of the spoilt or nothing.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning man of God.

1.....I called both my sis and husband's phone,it rang but was on voice mail.I left her message on wassap.Then I slept to see her and her husband and some of their visitors were praying along with Prophet TB JOSHUA on television.I said okay is that why they were not answering then my sister looked at my direction.I was like let her attend to my needs,Then I was awoken by my sister's husband call.
(Yesterday, 07:26 AM)Destinygirl Wrote: Good morning man of God.

1.....I called both my sis and husband's phone,it rang but was on voice mail.I left her message on wassap.Then I slept to see  her and her husband and some of their visitors were praying along with Prophet TB JOSHUA on television.I said okay is that why they were not answering then my sister looked at my direction.I was like let her attend to my needs,Then I was awoken by my sister's husband call.

Well,your dream is self explanatory.
They were indeed busy with something Important when your call came in.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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