John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
More grace sir.

1... i cant remember the dream but in piece i could got was that someone led the other to go to a place he's not to , then the victim in anger was praying even if he went to the place deceived that he's land must be fertile.I saw how the other person that lead him into the place he went unknowingly turn his place - vegetation to stone but as he's praying and on entering,he's compound began to change to normal.The deceiver looked like a native doctor.

2....Saw my ex Roomate doing her marriage with her soldier husband .Saw them snap pictures though she wasnt pregnant anymore.Though her atire looked like that of armour worn allover.

3....I was somewhere in a building later off i go to a bustop or something then i saw someone i was with cross the road to the other side and was resting and waiting for a vehicle. I wanted to buy my undies in the market that is a bit far but the sun was too much,so i bought it from the people around and said who does used panties help under these hot sun as i look at what i got and my change in dollar.I went and rested.Then i heard what a great choice,she will be good in visionary, i guess the word came out from my fwend resting as well.
1. Hmm .. What an amazing secret and revelation.
Indeed, the power of prayer can not be overemphasize , it changes lives and render the power,attacks of the emey powerless. It gives us victory over our enemies and the plot of the enemy over lives come to naught. Yes, the power of y/our prayers can do all these and more. .

2. I see her suffering in that marriage. Yes, I see shackles of shame,poverty and affliction overwhelmed her,her marriage.

3. Your time cometh soon; the lord shall take away the shackles of secondhand and fairly used out of your life and give you a new beginning,new life and a luxurious life. Yes, shackles of poverty,limitation,second hand shall be broken.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening man of God.

1....we were in a hall but cant remember what that meeting was for but i was in the backside and the person talking to us through microphone,his eyes were on me and i guess he ask me something i have forgotten.

2....I was selling my cloths when my coursemate decides to buy.I gave them the bag of cloth to select,later i guess only few bought shoes or something. I was like why didnt they buy the cloth,i left them.One of my old friend wanted to buy a singlet with a tag.I guess i told her 1500 naira,she thought is that cheap,i told her i dont sell those type and collected my cloth back.

3.....I was in a room where speech were made,i was too concern about spiders ,so that i wont get trapped by its spin or touch it.

4....I saw my sisters hubby that their home was affected by flood.i went and sympathise with him,he siad its ok but was telling me about a stall in their compound as if he owned it.I didnt further my question concerning that,i had to leave him alone because hes with his fwends in someones shop ordering something.
1. You need to work on your confidence.

2. Business is business and friends are friends hence you must separate them if you don't want to run out of business.

3. You need to do away with the spirit of fear and unnecessary agitation.

4. I see an unprecedented financial storm and overwhelming famine in that family. Yes, I see a great and unprecedented financial famine in that household.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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More grace sir.

1....An incident happened today that gave rise to these dream.I was awoken by a call around 12:45am with a voice that called my name to open the door.It was a boy that usually comes and wash Uche's cloth; the woman that put me and my roommate in the house.I confirmed it was him and opened the door since he has been coming to the house when the woman travelled and was doing chores.He apologised and said he went to birthday party which made him come by that time ,and it wont happen again.I let him in,he went straight to bed while my roommate complain and said he's coming right from the club.I went back to bed but couldnt sleep; i was praising God and thanking him for all he has done ,then i slept. In the dream i encountered suppressing spirit though it didnt last long before it left because i was commanding it to leave; and when i tried to sing,i couldnt find my voice,it later went.I slept again only to see the boy enter as he came but one man,our neighbour came and told me to tell the boy to go back to where he's coming from and he went back to his house. Henry was begging me now that i should not chase him out because of the time,i said okay then went back and started praying in the backyard close to our door. i came in after praying to see my roommate afraid.Then i joined my hands and hers to pray a chain prayer where that boy was sleeping.I told her she will see how the demon will manifest.We joined hands to pray, i started commanding the demon to manifest;she immediately went i lay on the bed while the boy wakeup because of the noise and so is another girl with us; all went asleep.I saw the demon in form of my roomate again as it began to manifest but these time all of them has slept.The demon ask me of somebody,a girl where she is,i continued to bind it as it manifests but i was loosing my voice too though the demon was making its way through the back door as i continued to pray.when i wakeup,i saw my roomate praying,i joined hands with her and commanded the demon to leave because it does not have a legal ground and we are the ones that own the house.I later heard a sound through a back door,we rounded off the prayer.These dream gave me a goose bumps

2...i was coming out from somewhere with my document,my sisters photograph and mine.It was cello taped so that it wont fall out.I was walking in a path close to a newly built school but they have closed the shortcut route.i followed the main road,then my picture fell off road,a car pass on it.I picked it,cleaned and put it back into the file where it would be safe because i cant loose my picture.

3....i saw that i bought a bale of cloth and some persons gathered to pick .i was like these cloths are very few and later found some money on my palm as if i was given money.Then one woman came and said here is the remaining appeared in 500 naira rap so big i carried it with both hands to a secluded place to count it.people were passing,i decided to do that in the toilet..

4 ....i saw happy birthday to u kosy in the air as someone celebrates birthday

5. ...i was smashing so many ants with my feet as they come close.

6....we were in a gathering,i put on a pair of short.when the man that was sent to us came,i decided to locate my seat.He looked at me and said i didnt greet him,i apologized for the short.He said its okay as he continued to say something.on dismissal,someone told my neighbour to run,i decided to but he said not you and the person was related to me but i cant remember I ran too about to get to the mainroad. A guy came and said he will see me off,he looked responsible but hes character contradicts it because he was touching me and when i looked at him,it seems something is not right about him.i ran and got to where am to enter taxi,he followed me though faroff.I entered the taxi as they cross a big gutter and we were the ones that carried the taxi out of the gutter with our hands.i remembered i forgot my charger in there, i said i will get it another it time since its my place.I will use my room's it can do till weekend.

7...i was thinking of what i will be selling that will be generating 1k for a day aside from my business.I then see see myself selling peanuts to a woman came to buy.she bought 5 and gave me 50 naira,i told her 50 naira per one, she gave me the exact amount

8....I saw my self with my sisters,i was in between them but they were asking me concerning a man that is a friend abroad and i do communicate with the man often.He had a baby with a lady but yet to be married.In another dream again,i told him i dont have anything to do with a married man likewise these dream that my sisters keep asking me concerning him.These morning my other sister called and told me that she saw me in the dream and was asking what am doing with the married man.I got confused because am not dating any man.

1. It's the demon monitoring and in possession of the boy's destiny.

2. I see a cruel attempt by the enemy to rob you off your valuable documents or credential mysteriously,but to the glory of God they failed. Above all , pray against the manifestation of such and be extra careful with your important documents.

3. I see your business picking up and blessing you beyond your expectations.

4. A memorable birthday day await you.

5. Devourers of (your) blessing rendered powerless and crushed.

6. The Lord warned, trust nobody alone and within your private areas lest you fall victim of rapist or kidnappers.
Above all, pray against the manifestation of this dream.

7. An alternative business capable of fulfilling your " N1000 " target. But note that this won't happen over night.

8. The lord warned go be wary of men's deceits and lies so that you won't be a victim of a married man who come to you as single. Perhaps there is one already in your life but you know not? Ask the lord to open your understand .

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning sir
more grace sir.

1.... i was in a marriage setting,when a bride was about to give her husband palm wine as tradition demands.i was just observing to know how i will do mine.i later went back to my seat only to see a woman lying down on the mat thereby making me not to seat.i told her is either she lie on the mat or sit because she already told me she will have them both at the same time which made me angry.she later apologise and sat down while i occupy my seat.

2...someone came and was asking me if i know how to do a certain analysis in food processing because she's coming from Kenya.I told her i dont know,am yet to go on I.T.i guess i referred her where i will do my I.T.

3... I Later saw my roommate discussing with a man then as she left,the man stole from her and my roommate look so rich.i had to call her and tell her what happened,she gave the man a hot chase but couldn't catch up with him because he came with people that help him carry her things.Then the man came again and was discussing with his boys but then my roommate said he thought she didn't know he stole from her but she will do all she could to get it back.

4.....It seem like we had resumed and lectures were going on then i noticed that our lecturers no longer force test books on us or it became cheap.

5.....I was passing through a busy place,i saw a crowd then i looked up at what they were watching,it was pornography movie playing,i continued my journey.
1. Your marital throne/seat has been established and no man can hijack it therefore prepare your mind ; have faith as it's settled in heaven".

2. Always remain true yourself and accept your weakness in the presence of temptation or privilege that you can't or dont have the capacity to handle.

3. Indeed, you've been anointed with discerning spirit through which many including your roommates or friends shall be save...

4. There shall be a great shake,reshuffle in the school such that will put an end to those lecturer who engage in any form of fraud or manipulation to rob the school and students.
Yes, the shake will put an end to every act of fraud and manipulation thereof.

5. Flee from all form of temptation and or whatever inspires lust.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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sir please ,i have edited it because of network issues that made some of the dreams not seen