John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
May the oil of the lord never run dry in ur life my prophet,Amen!!
1...i enterd one shop i saw my very good friend (we live in the same street,attend same secondary school,but when i saw her in the university,she ignored me though shes a graduate now)as the sales girl then two girl entered looking for top,the girl brought out some for them but it wasnt pleasing to them.i went inside the shop,brought out some,while the girl picked one.when i went inside to drop the cloth,i saw one book and when i opened it was written that the shop was given to my fwend to manage,i was wondering why it was empty,then i saw fresh ripe plaintains on the table.Coming bck they have started barganing,my friend told her 1500,then i was like Wow!! so this is how they make money.i now told the girl,if she pick more i will give her a discount then later the girl price 800.the girl later found another top making it two then my friend ask me to buy and i told her i sell shoes and open bale as well das y i was able to attend to her that way.later the owner came and brought out beautiful skirts frm the shelf.i was baffled and i was wndering y my friend didnt bring those ones out then i left.
2....we were gathered somewhere,they called 5oclock and 6oclock seem we paid for something,i fall for 6oclock and was standing on the queue while other ppl queue at my back.i saw my white powder,i noticed it was craked,i blew air into it through the crack to check if is broken,which i confirmed yet air or water cannot pass through it keeps bring out good fragrance
3... I was just coming out frm somewhere when a private car comeout,they rush in and i ask them if there is still space,they said yes and i went in our house to change,i wore a high heel and was praying and i passed the car .then i came bck,they said they saw me when i passed praying. one girl shift for me at the front seat but it was too tight and i found out the seat before driver is vacant and something is placed there,i said it seem someöne is seated there .then we left.
3...we were in the church compound and öne woman removed one girl chaplet and was crumbling and murmuring causing distraction,i then said she should leave them alone,the chaplet is not the problem,she left the girl and she put her chaplet bck.After that i was about going home when one man start flogging people with wire but it dosnt really touch them,then i ran when i stop,the man told me he will soon flog me. the dream,i saw things in a flash and most times when i close my eyes,then i felt God has remove that which cover my dreams.whatever i nursed in my heart,before i say it,it comes to pass.i was wondering when nepa will bring light,all of a sudden,they brought light,then i woke up,my fan was rotating.
Bless u sir.
1.if you want to witness those who used to look down on you to be humble before you and bow at your feet? You are good to go with buying and selling business,embracing the true act of a business person.

2. I can see how you cherish your powder,your look
In essence, the lord assures : your good omen, heaven of beauty shall not fade. For, I see it reawakened.

3. Before you step foot out of your abode pray,daily. Ps 91.

4. You must not live your life in fear nor directly or indirectly allow your attitude, act portray fear lest you become or seen as a toddler within and without the house of God--spiritually and physically.

5. You are among the called " chosen ones. I see the gift of see and communicate with the heavenlies, lord with ease.

Pray daily to God to help you develop and understand the use of this rare gift in you - Ps 19,24,8,65 and Joel 2;28.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning man of God.
1. I was with my course mate when we were discussing the kind of food we will cook.i told them what i want which is white yam with its orishirishi cöndiment.later they brought the white yam they started eating i think i ate the white yam while waiting for the souce.
2..we were standing like soldier in triangular axis .i cant picture remember all but i knw someone brought a white paper where three or four images are drawn and said if i look into it,i will disappear-its like a dare something.i glance and removed my eyes and my spirit told me not to look because they are idols.
3. One of my fwend was picking empty cans,bottle,and other discarded items ,i gave her some and told her i have some i will sell.
3...i saw one of our family fwend that died long time ago..he was in the office writting,i then said so this is how dis man made his money before he died.
5..i was with my female course mate,she was touching me sexually and telling me stories,i later left.
1. I believe, hope you followed the counter procedure against spiritual attacks or night caterers? If not? Know that you've been fed by the enemies and they got away with it, but if you rise up to counter or fight back? Congratulations then.

2. You must be wise, listen to your inner man often lest you become a direct or indirect idol worshiper.

3. I see a new line of business opportunity before you. Do not despise it nor despise little beginning when this comes.

4. This is a confirmation to your number (3) third dream ; I see a business opportunity, when it comes? Take advantage of it.

5. Be wary of temptations, friend(s) whose ways are sinful and might want to lead you into sexual immorality or sin. Flee from such friends.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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I have done it sir,thank u so much .
Bless u man of God
i always experience scratches which result to swell on mybody anytime i lie on our bed.i later remove my rommate foam and lay on my bed,then i slept
1...i was in the room when my room mate came bck .she came with lots of goodies and display them on the shelf.she packed my ripe and unripe plantain inside the sack,i removed my plaintain and warned her never to hide my stuff inside,she could not talk.she later gave me bundles of money to keep for her for something.she went out to show people her ring which is golden...i was telling somebody how mine will come with cars and i ignored her silly comments so i will not feel somehow.someone told me that my room mate knws that something bites in her foam,dats y she dont sleep on it,she prefer sleeping ön the tires in the physical.i was lamenting what kind of roomate i have.
2...i was passing and i saw one of my hairstylist,she relocate close to her fwend that is also a stylist,as i sat down,she startd abusing the man of God i worship in the church,(omega power ministry)she said he rob creme and was talking trash then i told her that her mouth will put her in problem ,i was pissed.i think i left the place(she used to castigate but in this dream,she was so loud and irritable. fwend dreamt that he was shedding tears for someone that is under opression and maltreatment
6...he also said someone gave him money to buy coffin,then the dead person wake and was advising ppl of their attitude then he was asking is it not the same man they gave him money to buy coffin.
1. You call her your "roommate" but God sees " evil or enemy mate ".
You'd better watch your back and be very wary in your dealing with her as I see one who wish you not well and careless about your existence within her.

2. This isn't a healthy person to make your hair. But pray, ask the lord about your spiritual welbeing in that church as well.

3. You have a big and good heart as, when your neighbor Cries? Your cry, when laugh you laugh! But what's this use of this wonderful and beautiful heart in you without jesus, salvation? Useless.

4. This established my last message " salvation " ;
The lord said, I have so much interest in you, I am in love with your heart and tender personality but come to me, accept me and follow me because self righteous (your life without salvation/jesus) may not save you from HELL! This is rather, a strong call to salvation.

Surely, there is something beautiful about your inner man,personality and God longs for that in his arm.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank u man of God,i have convey the msg to is he going to start, Any prayer or psalm..direction please.
Salvation of his soul is all that there do.

In that case, Is he ready to accept jesus as his lord and Savior?

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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He said let him think about it and makeup his mind