John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
1. This is a great confirmation to your 12th of March interpretation,below :

Quote:Posted by ebankole - 12-03-2018, 05:26 PM
1. Engaging in road side buying and selling business won't be a bad idea---infact, I see you prosper doing that. No wonder the bible says :do not despise the days of little beginning. .'

2. continues...
You will not only do well but become financial independence,and envy of everyone around you...

But you may want to inquire from the lord what business fit for you, your heaven of prosperity?

Quote:I was in my fathers compound,i saw some women there as i was passing one ask me why am here,i told her i came for my uncles burial,and one ask when am i getting married,i told her before the year runs out.i told the one i knw there that she should parkout frm where shes sewing,the place is not good for her biz.she gave me 100 naira for my uncles condolence i later did not collect.i noticed all of them where on black...

I see three deliverance here :
• Your marital settlement within or without the end of the year. But surely? I see your marital door opened now.

• I see your financial shame, marital mockery disgraced financial.

• I see spiritual growth and discerning spirit instilled in you now.

Three in one, in just a day? I bless the name of God for your life.

Thank you jesus!

3. • Be wary of what you watch on TV, mobile phone.
• I see you brother under pornography addiction.
• Flee from every lust temptations.

4. continues..

But the easiest way to overcome temptation of lust,adultery or fornication ?

1. Flee from lustful outfit.
2. And I quote you :
Quote:and i said thats exactly how workaholic ppl do,they suppress their sexual feelings for work...
The above goes to everyone under addiction or temptation of lust,fornication or sin. Get busy, get yourself soak distraction--get extremely busy.

5. To whom much is given? Must is expected. Therefore, learn to give back and/or repay whoever volunteers or come to your rescue in times of need or when you seek solution to a problem or challenges..

6. If you had an unsettled case in the past? Go and settle it that you may have peace, prosper.

In essence, I see a burden, something that's been troubling your heart, a heavy guilty that has to do with something in the past but it's settled now hence peace shall return to your heart and soul.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
Goodmorning pastor,may the showers of blessings never depart frm your household Amen!!!

I prayed one of the prayer points on breakthrough and i ask God to show me my husband and show me to him as his wife,then i slept...1...i was in my fathers compound cleaning when i saw my Ex pass,then i ask myself why didnt he greet me before he pass,then i continued with my cleaning.About 30 minutes,he came back with 3 persons,he wore white and leather shoe which is expensive..i welcomed him inside with my hands wrapped around his waist as we entered inside my mum was happy when the visitors came,she made arrangement where they will lie,i told her in the palour... Everybody was busy chatting while he was busy trying to speak igbo(hes frm kogi) then my mum said i should knw what he is talking about he left for coridor,my mum told me hes calling me. i followed him to the corridor and he gave me a white wristwatch out of the ones that hang in his front though not that expensive.i then told my family hes from kogi and introduced him to my bro.i told him u can call him mike or family was like wow but they didnt reject him and said let one be married out..something likethat....2...i was carrying my bag home cos it was late,then some group of boys block to collect my phone,i told them am an area girl,such things dont happen here,i identified them even their head boy i told him his department and he said he wantd to ginger me now laughing,he allowed me to pass...3...i saw two of my fwends in school but dont remember what they were saying...4... I saw the shop i wantd to rent but because of money,i didnt pay again. Now in the dream i saw the that same place being painted and the door removed and replaced with more expensive door... I was like maybe someone has take the place.but in real life the shop is still for rent.pls sir do interprete.
1. The lord has considered and answered your marital prayers. Surely, I see potential husband before you,one who would get along well with your family as well.

2. I see victory over environmental spiritual robber.
You will prosper in that environment now.

3. I see you having something in common with them,one of these days.

4. The shot " may " be taken soon, by somebody else.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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I bless the name of the lord for answering my prayers and for ur time here,u shall never lack.Amen!!!
1..I saw myself in our church catholic.we were under apple tree which seem to produce Ogiri(soup spices wrapped in creme paper)someone ask me to gather it,i was doing that while ppl were passing trying to march it..... 2...still in the same church,i saw my former boss move in with his car,i knew he talked to him but cant seem that he was talking to other ppl over there....3....we were in group,after doing work i guess coconut was brought,the first one i opened,no water but when i ate it was very sweet while some complain their own part is rotten.then we opened another coconut full of water but to me,not as sweet as first one...3...i called one of my customer that is owing me,i told her i will be coming for my money today being saturday,cant remember what she said but i felt she wantd to come to my place to give me which she will never do but i said no.Am coming for it.
1. The lord has opened your heaven, eyes to locate and possess your blessings amidst blind congregations in the household your church, his presence.

2. Ye shall nothing to do with the past, retrogression, slavery, failure.

3. A confirmation to your number one : it's called " uncommon favor ".
The lord said, I shall allocate you my blessing,fish you out for blessing where all found none.

4. The lord shall do the impossible for you over those who are owing you.

You've found favor - I can see favor and blessing round about you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank u so much man of God but what does the white wrist watch he gave me in my previous dream signify? ..2...on saturday night,i didnt pray out but did a meditatn prayer and i got pressed in the night,i was calling ön the blood of jesus to rescue me which later i got myself.later i prayed midnight prayer point from the forum.when i slept,i had a dream but i coudnt remember it,i only saw my coursemate in class then she was called upon to solve a questn,she was shy and felt she does not knw anything,but iwhere i was seated,i was saying shes solving it correctly,y is she feelingthat way...3...i cant remember my last night dream,pls help me pastor am under attack because before i was suppressed,i dreamt i was in my fathers house well swept about to welcm my eldest bro before the attack came.Man of God,pls give me an acidic prayer point to end this nonsense,i dont want it to happen again.Bless u sir.
1. I can't find the said message. Endeavor to quote it, the link or the message.

2. I see your faith : confidence, knowledge,understanding and boldness greatly increased,academically and otherwise.

3. Daughter, deliverance is a process, progress it doesn't happen overnight so that your faith and humility may be built on solid rock and true salvation.

As per your request? The solution is simple : Each or any time you encounter spiritual attack or manipulations? Don't wait rise up immediately and fire back. You see, the longer you wait to fight back? The stronger and difficult it is to destroy. But the earlier you fight back? Victory is assured immediately because spiritual attack is like a raw/newly mixed cement in that case you don't wait for it to stick or dry before you remove it.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Bless u sir but can i get the antidote for my dream and my dream slate not erased?
But I have just shared that with you. You just have to look,deeper and read with inner sight.

The solution, the antitode you seek is staring at your face.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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