John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
Thank you lord for my deliverance and so much care you show for me.Am grateful.
I was in my fathers compound,a man was telling some persons something and there are much persons in there.i cant remember what happened but i guess hes telling them how things is to be done while i walk around from one room to other.
2...i was in our room with my roomate when a friend from our compound came.she ask me if she could come in due to the issue i had with my roomie.i opened the door for her to enter,she smiled and came in.i guess we startd to discuss.
3....i have been praying for God to heal my sister of my dream i heard a voice said,'just as mountain melt like wax in his prescence,hes going to melt that goitre so far she take coffee or real life,coffee is not required for one with goitre.pls sir,tell me if there is anything she need to do.
3...i had this dream months ago but forgot to type it here.i was in a field when manner fall from heaven like dew on me.i guess i picked some while rolling on the ground.then the scene change where we were praying then Reverend Father positioned the blessed sacrament on my face while praying/consecratiön.
1. What's this overwhelming activities in your household. For celebration or What? Well, this is surely for good and not of evil.

2. I see a good friend or neighbor on a mission to settle the misunderstanding, issue between you two.

3. Neither your faith nor hers would be able to follow this instruction considering the fact that coffee is the number enemy of the sickness. In that case? The lord is willing and ready and have answered your prayers concerning your sister's case but!? You shall once again, go to the lord to direct you and speak further concerning the message you receive. But I heard the word honey. So ask the lord, is honey healthy, can you work through that?

4. it's called " divine or uncommon favor/blessing ".

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning man of God.i prayed on legal ground and no demon have the right to attack my academics after which i slept.
1...i saw myself in class,i was in another seat,later i returned to my seat then i listened to my lecturer as i flip my textbook.thats all i could remember.

2....i was in my maternal home when something about my academics was discussed.i later want to burn something but its already in Ash.i got burned kerosine through somebody and some mistakenly poured out and touch me,i went and bath immediately.while bathing,i discovered my hair was long like dreadlocks.i always fear spiders but non was in the bathroom.later i came out fresh,dnt know what i did with the Ashes.

3...when i finished praying last night,i wantd to sleep but i felt demonic prescence which comes with chill in the marrow and fear,i rebuke the demon and send it to hell but i discovered seem that something was dragging itself out of my body slowly,i felt it before i slept.
Please man of God,explain to me what really happened.May my God bless u, Amen!!
1. I see you fighting for your rightful place, academically.

2. I see deliverance over your glory and brain : academy reproaches.

3. You have nothing to worry about. Demons hovers and are everywhere and that's where as a Christians it's a must we pray without season. Surely, the came visiting to attack but your spiritual consciousness aborted them.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning pastor.
1... I was in my fathers compound when pear keep falling,i ran and pick them,at the same time one of my uncle sön came in.he picked 2 already then i gave him one and later ask him to give me one back since he has 3 while i have one.He pointd at our tree and said there are still many more there and true there are.these pears are very big and the one i gave to him is ripe.
2...i left with him and we were on a high building when we saw my uncles wife and daughter coming out of their building.i wantd to throw my greeting to them,but something made me not to.i told him ,'Brother i will be going now', and he said i should takecare.i was on wrapper and it seem that was early morning.i left and it started raining/drizzling.
1. I see blessing in abundance before you but..

2.. the lord warned that you must not expose it nor yourself when this blessing comes especially before your uncle.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning sir,
1...i was somewhere in a building with my bag when some boys came and held me,they said their king or something want to see me as they drag me bag fell,i was asking what have i done?nobody replied.when we reach there i saw a man seated taking fresh air in a garden while waiting for me but then i was walking freely.One of the boys bow in respect and said,'My queen,behold the man as he point the man seated.i was supprised of the name he called me and went to sit with him while comtemplating how i was drag there.Hes a friend i used to know,he was happy to see me while giving order to his people.i later left to go and bring my bag.i dont know if i later return when i found my bag.
2...someone was in our toilet,i decided to go and and pee in our neighbours toilet that we had been fwends since childhold.i knockd and greet the sister and went and pee.when i finished,i was talking to the sister when the brother replied in a sarcastic way,i left their flat for ours as the boy mop their real life,the boy if not entire family snub us,i wonder what went wrong since they packout.
3...i saw my ex came,but i was too busy to knw what he came for,and people were much in my fathers seem like celebratn.i later see us in a room gisting and laughing,i later left for something.thats all i could remember.
4...I see a man open a mansion crossed with ribbon with a scissors in my name as a gift to his fiancee.I was so happy as we enter into the building.I don't know if it was a dream or my mind playing prank on me.
Bless u sir.
1. I see an unpleasant but a great honor,blessing. I am seeing a surprise here.

2. The boy and..actually despise you,your family indeed. The boy even more.

3. I see him visit on a celebration day,at the right time, when you are in good mood, and surely I see you give in to him.

4. I see something done in your honor, directly or indirectly for you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you man of God.pls try and explain dream N0 3.I don't understand what you mean when you said I will surely give in to him?.And is there any prayer you can recommend for me lately on spiritual growth.I hope all is well with you and family.