John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
Thank u sir for that revelatiön because i have series of disappointment in marriage because of my fathers house.
Good morning pastor,this is my dream.. I was in class learning when two of my course mate were quarrelling.then the course we are learning seem higher but i understood wotever the man the man said. 2... I was watching a televisiöm and saw two couple in the forest then a man with long white beard tried to kill them and he broke a bottle on their heads and when he tried to rape the woman,i turned to another channel.3...i saw myself seeking direction to my place,one man took me to the bustop to join one bus there full of people,then i was asking them questions about street.3...i saw someone and i was seeking help from him to buy shoes but he zoom off with his car.then i saw one man that displayed different kinds of quality shoes both adult and children at extreme low price.i was happy and was considering to buy from him.5...i was in my mothers house,something was happening at upstairs,when i was rushing to climb up, i found out that some steps are missing making me not to climb further,i explained the problem to my bro ,he told me lets go and we passed the stairs to the top.6...someone told me to buy a paddlock,i went to the supermarket to buy but the girl said she have only the small önes, i left insearch of the big key...God bless u sir
1. Do away with every distraction and ungodly ways and success would be yours in your academics.

2. Be wise, be careful and wary of what you expose yourself to or watch on TV.

3. The lord assures you ; I will come to your aid and rescue where all hope, else and man fail you.
Meaning, the lord will be your help in time of need or expectation.

4. You are very resourceful, a blessing to your parents but any power that strive to frustrate you from being a continuous blessing to(when they call, in times of need) them shall be frustrated by divine & mighty hand of God.

5. Continue to be simple and learn from others.. it will take you places but be wise for not all suggestion or advise are healthy or godly.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning pastor,may Gods grace continue to be with u..i dreamt i was in our flat but the balcony was filled with women..then i saw one woman fall on the floor yet nobody helped then i rushed there to help,my mum looking at me then ask me to go on errand,i refused i was angry asking y cant they help the woman...2...the boy i was owing in the physical saw me in the dream and gave me a hot chase ,i ran into anoda building.when i came out,i meet him and the ppl he called for me at the house entrace,then the boy said see the girl and give her a beating but they said No that they cant,later he became friendly...3.... I was outside while my sister was shopping in the hall,i sight white parked at my front and i saw the name chevrolet on it then i said its high time learn how to drive.then as i was moving close to the car to open it then the boy close to me said what if u carry the car and the police ask about car particular,then i told him my sister in Germany will sent it for me.
1. You are the only one with the fear of God within your household, and the only one who truly loves her neighbor as herself.
In essence : I see no love nor the fear of God in your household except in you.

2. He may trouble,threaten you for some time for delaying what you're owing him(if you delay) but you will overcome at last.

3. The lord said, there are many dream,things you wish to achieve,witness to come to reality but the power of faith in you if utilized and exhibited with courage? Nothing would be impossible for you to achieve.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Bless u dream ,i came out beside the road late to sell loaves of bread,to me it seem late but to my surprice,they bought all exept two which i was trying to keep well...2... I was in the house opposite our house people are queuing on atm,i went straight to the room close he Atm to collect what i kept there and people were looking at me...3...i saw myself walking on a green grace,all of a sudden,two giant spiders jump out and climb the wall there and vanished.4....we were expecting the wife of Govenor of river state,immediately i hear her car convoy,i went inside the church,i now ask God let me find favour in her eyes,when she came,she gave a hand to one girl that is not far frm me and told her give her her info when shes to leave.i told God y not me.then oda girls were asking her question and she told hem to be audible...5....i was with my sibling when i was contemplating on which money am to travel for my exams,my eldest bro has assured me of the money,then he gave me 5o naira to give to my oda brother to fetch water and i gave dat bro 1500 plus the 50 but leta i collect the 1500 and told him it belong to my eldest bro.then that my bro ask again if i have gotten the money,i said not yet,he said he wil see to that.i then saw a plug inside the wall,a woman wantd to remove it i told her to leave it,all of a sudden it started given out a musical sound which is pleasing....6...i found myself in our living room,then my sister ask me to clean,i said no.i later soak some cloth to wash in the bucket,i was preparing to wash when my sister started washing,i told her i taught u said i should do that and she was also scrubbing.she started insulting me then i left her in anger because i hate insult.pls interprete.
1. Engaging in road side buying and selling business won't be a bad idea---infact, I see you prosper doing that. No wonder the bible says :do not despise the days of little beginning. .'

2. continues...
You will not only do well but become financial independence,and envy of everyone around you...

3. I see that demon/termite troubling your peace,progress,growth,harvest and/or your promise land disposed out by the fire of holy ghost.

4. I can see you have some expectations,dreams and aspirations but you must know that there is time for everything under the sun,that every man has is own appointed time therefore stop walking/hopping on another person's shadow,time.

5. The lord said, you must be wise and always fight when it's comes to you right but wisely,strategically not violently especially when its to do with school--but avoid greed and dishonesty.

6. What's this strange habit in you?
You must cultivate the habit of endurance, patient and sacrifice and learn to be resourceful at home without contemplation.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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I will pray against the spirit of impatience cos thats were my weakpoint lies...1...
I was coming back from somewhere,i saw one man coming out from our room with a loosed belt,i saw my roomate ironing outside and one girl inside chatting,i was meaning to tell my room mate to get my foam down(we used to double our foam while sleeping)before i wake up feeling irritated...2...i was with a boy but dont knw what am doing with him in the dream,i kept my food carrier where he was and went home.then my bro was asking where i have been ?where is my food carrier,i gave him an excuse and then returned there.i moved in crowd with my brush in my mouth leta i wanted to hide it in my mouth,i said wots the need.i entered bathroom to brush and bath,the boy followed me pleading blc dis time am angry with him.i bath and carry my food carrier and left...3...i was holding two apples,one green but rotten, the oda about to ripe and its structure is like lemon very fresh,i throw away the green one and hold the oda and was happy...4....someone came to the house and was telling me i was holding wat belong to her,i told her i saw the bag when i was digging the ground and it belong to the landlady opposite our house that i forgot to give her bck.she went with me to confirm and she later left.then someone came asking if am the one that pump the water which i said No,she was just complaining.then i opened the black case i brought out from the ground,there were books,letters,passport and i felt sorry for her that she must have done afidavit for them.i was searching the pocket,i saw tear 100naira but when i continued,i saw where money was packed.i was shelding it from one woman that want to collect another new 100 naira from the bag.pls sir interprete.
1. I can see how much you cherish your privacy and detest unwanted visitor/intruder but wisdom must be applied and you must learn to accommodate people once in a while.

In essence, pray against unwanted visitor.

2. You do away with this strange habit,pride ; learn to accept,take responsibility for your wrong or mistakes--without pride.

3. I see two blessings before you ; one has spoilt/passed you by but here comes another one but pray that you don't lose this one as well.

4. Your honesty and righteousness would be put to test. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to prove to God that you are a new creation and new person.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Bless u sir.
i saw myself where ppl were selling cloth,i brought mine too and some women gathered while i was displaying the cloth for them to buy,they were just looking.i cant remember wot happened again cos the dream is not clear....2.... I was in my fathers compound,i saw some women there as i was passing one ask me why am here,i told her i came for my uncles burial,and one ask when am i getting married,i told her before the year runs out.i told the one i knw there that she should parkout frm where shes sewing,the place is not good for her biz.she gave me 100 naira for my uncles condolence i later did not collect.i noticed all of them where on black...3...i wanted to watch a program through television.As i connect my phone to the tele,it was displaying pornography.i ask who slot this disc in vcd.then my bro came out and later removed it...4...i was in a conference hall seem like church anywhere,dont knw whats really happening but i was with my Ex in that place,later i was seating öne side,but wot i wore to that place/church is short for the place,i was asking myself wot made me wear that.Then my Ex ask me to wait for him,i was thinking its been long we had sex(as if am married to him)and i said thats exactly how workaholic ppl do,they suppress their sexual feelings for work...5...i saw one girl sweep,as she open the foam we mount together,she swept out rat shit and she told me she wants to collect hair pin,i told her it belongs to my roomate but she can take one since its many,she gladly take one....6... I was entering into my former compound,i ask the landlady if she has seen my roommate lately,she told me shes not seen her since i park out.i wantd to ask her weda she has paid housrent,but shes has already gone far.