John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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On healing
Hello pastor,
In the dream I saw myself flew from our house because of the massive fish that looks like snake that was pursuing me.I latter saw myself at a dry land full of snake and we were busy killing them.but immediately,my brother saw the big one running over the water close by,he grabbed it and smashed its head on the flood and we were happy.
2.I was in my mothers side in the dream ,I and friends were chatting but I noticed there is one large molded snake which is adorned with white stone.i knew thesnake was alive but the ones with me thought it was molded.All of a sudden,they started pushing me to the snake,immediately,the snake arise and was coming towards me which made me afraid and the ones am with ran away,then I said in the name of Jesus,every yoke must be broken,it now use its tail to hit me and it was coming towards me,but I coulded run or jump through the fence like other people did then I wake.
3.I was in the examination hall,someone gave me answer to the question I was holding at hand but I couldn't write because it seem that something keeps drawing me from writing till time elapse.I cried to go and submit,when I reached there I foundout it is still the answer I was given in the hall the man on white seudan used in marking ppls script.when he looked at me crying,he told me I should pay 200 k,I now told him" don't u knw am a student?that I have only 5 k which am expecting from my people.he now told me to use the money to sow for church building that he's going to pass me,I felt relieved.
4.I was in my mothers house when I saw ppl conducting deliverance on ppl but it seems the demon are taking time to go,I now rebuke them in the name of Jesus they flee.pls sir interprete
Greetings in jesus name. As a new member we welcome you into the ministries,among the children of God, in jesus name. Note that we don't minister on sundays

Your revelations now :

1. The lord said, you've been facing a lot of spiritual battles here and there as the powers of your father's house are many indeed. Surely, they would have prevailed over your destiny, life but thank God for your none relent prayers,faith and your spiritual consciousness. Serpentine powers? Hmmm.. it's indeed by divine hand of God you are atop today and still living your true glory.

2. This dream is similar to number one. Infact, they have so much in common.
Daughter! These powers are all out for you without season but you've refused to relent as well but I see them becoming too strong for you here. You can do better. Well, I believe the lord leg you here for a reason : seeing these enemies/battles is becoming too overwhelming for you.

3. Again?
These powers of your father's doesn't want you to be successful as well in education. They detest seeing you striving for and to be educated hence they would do anything to frustrate you academically. But cheer, the lord has provided a route of escape. He said, when the strong man and powers of your father's house fight/strike at your academics? Go to my house or sow into my work and I will save you and destroy their evil works over your education.

4. Indeed, you represent the savior and the spiritual head of your father's house/family. Your prayer-ful and righteous lifestyle and spiritual understanding has been of great immense spiritual help to your family. Keep it up and continue to pray without season/ceasing as I can see that the name of the lord is always on your lips, your strong tower.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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You are indeed a man of God.i have been battling with short demons in the dream.Man of God,pls tell me how to defeat dis forces from my fathers house cos they are much
You still have a long way,grooming to do,but why wait when we can start now?

Here, a little assignment for you, for now :
1. Watch this video or download to watch from A-Z

2. Make use of the prayer points below :

I will be following your progress.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good everning pastor,here is my dream...i saw myself wore a beautiful shoe a with rare design but i told myself the shoe does not fit my leg then i sight one woman sitting with fancy slipper,i then pointed at her and said this is the one i want. 2.i saw myself in a big conference hall with different personality then i found myself at the front seat listening to the man of God.One woman then flogged me and said i was making noise which i object.then on the closing i saw ppl obtaining baptism then i said to myself i need baptism of the holy spirit. 3.i found myself in the ministry i usually go for prayers.she told me i will follow them and annoint members which i agree but when the time reach for annointing,i went outside.when i returned,i saw that they starting to annoin ppl.when one woman annoint me,she started speaking in tongues and the woman told her to bring me to the alter that am one of them.i was crying and i was telling God to aveng my fathers death(my father died when i was 5)pls interprete sir
No daughter! You don't post dreams randomly here,its abusing the privileges. You post them once to make our work easier and less stressful. But be that as it may, you may be consider/pardon for doing so because you are new here but that would be later on.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Am sorry about that pastor and thank u for the prayer sent.pls do interpretate.
1. I can see you are spiritually and physically matured person,and you often know what you want and what's good for you.

Keep it up!

2. It's called " spiritual discipline ".
In essence ' the lord said' you need spiritual discipline and most especially : Baptism.

Go on, go ahead and obtain it now!

3. A confirmation of your number two. The lord said, you want me to fight and avenge for you? You need that annointing : baptism now. But he warned, ' revenge is the lord's and not man therefore let your anger, judgment to me.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning man of God and remain blessed in jesus name Amen!!!. My first dream..... I was carrying a plate of rice which i was eating frm and i saw ppl queue for the same rice,i went and stand in line when it got to my turn,he poured only one spoön when i ask for more he told me that the rice is small which remain in bottom pot.2..i was somewhere trying to on a generator but the owner stop me,he said hes conserving the fuel .then i see my bro with a phone,i collectd the phone frm him then i noticed the phone does not have a back cover.i was looking for where to get a battery but my hand went to power button and the phone on.i now noticed the battery was there before.i gladly put my sim and booth the phone,which showed so many app.3..i was in my fathers compound observing how one girl seated and touch ppl forehand and tell them something,i went and she touched my forehead and said it remain small.other ones i cant remember but i knw my compd was lively.pls interprete sir

4.. I was passing when one woman called me to buy cloth frm her,i told her i buy in bale but i will check out her cloth,then anoda woman called me for me to buy.i told the woman i wil be back leme check the oda woman cloth.when i see the oda woman own ,i ask her if dos cloth was y she called me,she said no,let her go and bring it.
1. They are called " night caterers ".
You've been polluted along with your virtue and attacked by night caterers. You must out that rice or whatever it is you ate.

Tonight, you shall wake up at 12am, get a tissue and read Ps 119,65,8,27 and 42 into a cup of water. Drink immediately and declare this, I purge out every witchcraft, night caterers deposit in me, OUT! by fire! After 15min of praying this prayer you shall remain silence and place your center finger on your tongue,deeply and become to vomit whatever come out of you. You might visit the toilet or not as this purging process is even more than enough.

2. I see your shut heaven opened by divine power and intervention.

3. There is an evil,idolatry,demonic culture, pattern in your father's house that still have access and control over your life. You? Must break that yoke and uproot,destroy it control/grip over your life and destiny with authority and confidence in the word of God --through the power of violence serious prayers.

All you need is this : Ps 119,8,65,24 and Jeremiah 31:29,2 Corinthians 5:17

4. Honestly, balance and justice must(continue to and) always be your watch dog when dealing with people be it in business or... always maintain balance and justice do not give in to injustice or dishonest nor partiality.

In essence, I see you at a market negotiating,pricing and comparing what's fit and best among two.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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