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Please sir help me to interprete these dreams
Good morning sir
1. Please I saw myself like I was in the sitting room with my parents, I was viewing a status on my watsapp timeline but it feels as if it was going on in the television, were very wide and clear, I first saw a man that said they have let him lost his stand I don't get what he said, but later he started listening to many messages of men of God, he was like the one I was viewing his status, then the status that captivates me was the one of a pastor singing and dancing to Jehovah turns my life around, Jehovah turns my life around, he makes a way where there seems no was, Jehovah has the final say, the thing now expanded from my status and looked as if I was watching a television, I was singing and dancing along, all of a sudden, a medium sized butterfly (normal small butterdly), the xolor was one side blue, one side pink, just flew in and came to perch on my leg, I chased it but it went and came back again, so I now took broom and was hitting it, at first it escaped the broom but I hit it again then the two wings cut off, its remaining just the small body without wings, so my dad too was helping me kill it, my dad now hit it with broom for one last time and the tiny insect splashed blue blood all over my legs, and some part of my mums body, I was now like how come this tiny creature have this amount of blood, blue for that matter and the blood has a distinct smell, so I was on my way to wash my leg in the bathroom, my mom was now calling blood of Jesus for the small one that touched her I was now saying what of me that it spilled its whole content on, I cleaned it with tissue but when it was too much I now went to the bathroom to wash it off with water, was at about entering the bathroom when I woke up Sir. I anointed my legs and head when I woke up
2. I don't really remember what happened, but its like I was somewhere, maybe a party was going on, a lady was now lamenting that she missed the bishops mothers birthday that she was just looking at the program of events that the event was very glamorous, enough to eat and drink, another lady too was blaming herself for not attending, I don't know what was happening on that dream, so its like someone needed eye pencil so I helped her sharpen it that she should use it but she did not use, my hair is natural I now discovered some part in the front like small front hairline that has relaxer, I now gave someone blade to please help me prune it, but I don't think she did, she was just styling the hair to the side, that is this how to do it. I don't understand this dream Sir
1. Power of divine visitation ( perhaps through an online or recorded video),deliverance crushed and destroyed the ancient household and foundational strong man. Surely, you and your household shall sing for joy and testify to the power and goodness of the lord round about.

2. Your glory frown at hair relaxer,attachment among others.

Natural hair it is, your glory and destiny embrace.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir.
1. Saw that I was in my street, as if I was coming from somewhere and I had a food news, as I entered the compound, I saw my late mum and someone sitting down in the shop, so I was happy I hugged her but didn't tell her the news because of the person with her, so she now said my dad is inside the house I should go and meet him so I entered, but I felt the hug when I woke up
2. I was in my former school, I don't know what happened I saw myself in my former class, and I saw some children that came for summer school, its like they came to resume so I was happy to see them, as I was still there, it was closing time and one teacher just left immediately, I was now laughing at her that she son tire, later before that time, I kept some drinks in a class, they belong to me, but when I was about leaving, I wanted to carry my drinks but I saw the director in the class eating, but I didn't mind, I entered and I carried my two bottles of drinks, one was water and the other one was maybe coke or fanta, they were in different bottles, I carried it, kept it in my bag and left.
3. I was in my room and I saw like 4 men, one was about to lie down on me, I just got up and I was angry with them, I now chased them all out of my room and the house, I chased them till they climbed over the fence separating my house and another house, I was now throwing stones at them that don't they know what they wanted to do is bad, they too now wanted to throw block back at me but because it is block it has no power like stone it will fall and break before it got to me, so I now entered my house back and they also left.
4. I don't understand this one at all, I saw that I was with some people, we entered train I don't know the direction of the train I just know we entered, then I got to somewhere, the person now said he/she wanted to show me a recipe, that I should get 30 egg yolks I should beat it together and mix with lime, that it cleanses the throat or something, so when I was going I bought the 30 eggs, I got home, I saw my mum lying down, I sha took something from where she was lyin g down, I now remembered that I have not bought the lime to add to the egg, so I now went out to buy the lime, but when I was going, its like the place is a biblical school and a holy ground, they sha asked the students there to pray for their teachers that taught them, they asked each student to locate their teacher and they should all pray for them, it was during this time I passed, they obeyed the instruction, the person I wanted to buy lime from was also a part of them so when I got there he said the lime they have was not fresh, I now said no they asked me to make use of a fresh lime so I didn't buy it, I now asked for when he will have a fresh one he asked me to come back then I left.
5. I was passing by or maybe I was listening to a television program about how parents train their children when they were young, so a lady was giving account, that maybe she was the only child or the first girl, she was IBO in that dream and its like IBO's treat their first daughter specially, I don't really know cos I'm not an IBO but that is what that lady was insinuating in that dream, that she just use to see hebutlf with some women, they will travel, she does what she likes. Then later I now saw I don't know in particular now, a lady went to a man, the man was tall, and it was like the man wanted to have sex with the lady, the man was already naked, so the lady too went inside to remove her xlothes, while she was at it, the man said is the lady a statue, that how come she is rigid, but when the lady came out( I don't know if it was me, but it seems I was the one) and the man wanted to touch her, she now screamed the man now said go and wear your clothes, I am no longer touching you, so she left.
6. It is like a lady had a sickness that requires deliverance, and they went to church, so the pastor now said they should sit down, another person too jojned the pastor asked them to sit, he was about to start preaching when I woke up
7. I was in my room, I have a local lamp that uses battery that I use to on at light, so in that dream I saw that the lamp just started making noise, i wanted to throw it out with my leg but before I did, it just sparked and thick smoke filled the room, I called my dad to come and see he came we wanted to push it out and it started making that same noise again, but the smoke subsided then I woke up.
8. I saw that I was in a place, a man just started work but he now took excuse that his wife was sick, so I was with one man that we attend biblical school together, he was now telling that man that what he is doing is not good o, that he just started work and he has been taking excuse, that he has not even spent up to a month, that does he not know they will be counting it for him? When we got to a junction, I now saw that my colleagues wife, its like she and I connived to buy the form of another Bible school for her husband , so I took all the necessary documents he will need and went to buy the form, he did not know, so later maybe I wanted to return the form, he now saw it with me and said , I have bought another dorm to further my studies, the wife now said it is for him, he now said how did we get his details to fill, we now told him that we took it, he was happy, so he was now like sharing testimony that it is good to help men of God, if you can't even give them money pray for them, it is like he has a small space for church in that dream, renovation work was going on there and I was helping him to supervise, he now said that even a senior man of God Gabe him 2000 yesterday to roof his church, and truly when I got to the church building it was already roofed, and we were now commenting that the church is even bigger than other around it, because in that same building another lady also has a church there, they have finished the renovation of that one but this my colleagues church was bigger but still under construction.
9. My elder sister came to my room, she was now telling me that this issue with me and my ex fiance, that since it was his sister I saw the day precessing our argument that I should let us go and beg the sister, that she has not seen where someone will offend another person and that person will find it hard to forgive since this days o, I was now laughing, but in my mind I was thinking that who told my sister that it was his sister I saw, since I did not tell anyone that incident, but I did not answer her, later she now said I must travel today o, I must leave our house that if I don't want to go she has prepared to force me down to a travel agency that will work my papers for me, and me I was already prepared to go to my brothers place, I now said I am traveling too, but if she wants to take me to where they will process paper for me to travel out I am ready for that one o. I now woke up
Good evening sir, please sir hope you've not forgotten me
That's not possible. Your dreams were delayed because they are much more than the other ones. But surely, your interpretations is on the way.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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OK sir thank you sir
1. Keep your secret,good news and success to yourself especially within your household, the lord warned.

2. Your goodness,blessing that was robbed off you at your former place of work,school has just been recovered. You won't understand now but with time you will understand the mystery behind the school you left. Ofcourse, in due time.

3. They are demons,strong man from the kingdom of marine. They initiates,inspires spiritual sexual abuse and paves way for marine husband. But to the glory of God they were disgraced out of your life and your conquered them.

4. Pray for wisdom ; that God should always lead you to do right thing at the right time,to follow the right path at the appointed time,to always guide your path to the right way and be the inspiration behind every endeavour so that you wont live under another man's shadow and fail in life.

5. A child well brought up,trained,cherished and loved by parents cherishes their pride,virginty and dignity as a female/woman but one brought up/trained otherwise loses their pride at will. You are the former not the latter.

6. Pray, ask the lord if there is anything or any area of your life that call for deliverance at all and or whom the lord want to use you to lead to deliverance ground.

7. I see destruction or inferno averted in your household.

8. The lord want to use you to impact lives but start little by offering or giving your resources to support men of God,churches that struggles financial but should you not have the financial resources support with your moral or spiritual supports.

9. The lord will wipe a way your(the pain of the remains of relationship) silent tears by rewarding you greatly through a change of environment into a better place that will make your life more productive or surprise you with unexpected breakthrough.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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