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Please sir help me to interprete these dreams
God bless you sir, Good morning.
I dreamt that I was in my house, in my room and my friend too was there with me, we were supposed to pray together but it was like she joined her father to pray, in my mind I was saying we are supposed to pray an agreement prayer I, but since she's praying with her father I will pray it alone which I did.
2. I saw this same friend, we work together at a place of work, I was about going home and she has a bike so I entered the bike along with a man, but one of the leg rest of the bike was bad, so as we were going o was feeling waist pain I now told her to stop the bike and please adjust the leg rest, then she flared up that she can't adjust anything o, I was even explaining that the thing is bad and making people have waist pain, the man we entered the okada together complained of the same thing too ,but she got angry and started shouting, so I got angry too and said since it's not that I am entering your bike for free, I will take another bike I can't come and kill myself, so I left her bike and took another bike home. When I got to work the next day, she had gone to lie that I did that because I was jealous of her, because she knows a parent in my class and I want to use the influence, again she lied to someone that she's a secondary school teacher whereas she's a primary school teacher, I now called her out in that dream that miss Grace primary 1 teacher, why are u lying that you are a secondary school teacher? I hate lies, so I left her downstairs and went upstairs, people there said they heard me amd my friends noise that the fight was long overdue, I was now explaining what happened to those people, there was a woman there that we've boarded a bike together and such a thing has happened before ,I now said how did she feel boarding a bike without a leg rest the woman said ah she can't try it again o, that all your waist will be paining you and its even risky, that since I am paying for my fare I should be comfortable, I now said even if I'm not paying sef I can't o not to talk of the fact that I'm paying. They now said she has told so many lies about me, I was now saying this woman that she said I am benefiting from, is she not a parent in my class, and besides how much has the woman given me sef that is making this my friend complain. I woke up in the process
3. I dreamt that in my place of work, I went late and I didn't go with my shoe because I changed bag, and our madam does not like people putting in sandal or slippers, I wore slippers to the place and the bag I carried had sandal, I totally forgot to go with the shoe I usually wear at work, where I was busy searching for it theh have started assembly, so I was now contemplating whether I should go back home, it was non this that she got to school and went to the assembly, so I searched my bag one last time and I saw one high heeled shoe, I wore it as I was going someone brought food for me and I said she should buy dodo and spag with it for me, so I went to join the assembly, people were saying I am late but the director did not notice, they now saw my shoe and were commending it that this shoe is beautiful o, better than the one I used to wear, I was now telling them that only if you knew the stress I passed through when I thought I didn't have a shoe, that I had wanted to go back home sef not knowing I brought this one, they were just all commenting that my shoe is fine. Then I woke up.
4. I saw that I was in a place, maybe coming back home, I was sha passing a major road, a lady wanted to take bike but a fight ensued, she later took another bike and she got down, I saw myself too going, but on the major road I got too its like there is a construction work ongoing, everywhere was rough and there was traffic, but I maneuvered my way sha. I don't understand.
God bless you sir
1. You are just friends I see no spiritual connection between you two. You wish for it but it's just not coming from the said friend.

2. This dream is quite mixed up. But I see the message anyway : the lord warned ', be wary of these ones as I see them jealous, envy you. Yes! I see no connection between you and those friend or people. Be warned and trust not.

3. Hmmm..
The enemy want to disgrace you at your work place. But you know what!? The lord said, ' that shame I shall convert into honor.
That is, I see arrow of shame replaced with honor and favor, at your work place.

4. I see you come out of trouble,obstacle set for you by the enemies.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks and God bless you sir
Good morning sir
I saw that I was in a place, I don't really remember the details of the dream, but I saw that I was in a car with someone and we were driving around to recover debts from people, apart from that there are other people working for the person too, that's the summary if what I can remember, when we were with some people I was now like how will we collect money from others but I remembered that others are working too, when I was coming back, I saw a woman selling all these black soaps ( Ghana soap)so I called her to sell black soap for me, she put down her ware and before answering me she sold Shea butter and honey for someone, people now came to surround her and she's selling beans and bread, she was about selling my black soap, I was asking the price actually when I woke up.
An hard working man deserves a good treat for himself.

You are indeed,by nature hardworking but you must never deny yourself a good treat, relaxation out of the benefit of your hard work or efforts in life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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