John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please sir help me to interprete these dreams
You've been held captive for some time now in the hand of the strong man of retrogression. But I see your spirit man provoke and rebuke the strong man troubling your prosperity and progress.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
I saw that I was in my street leaving my house with a friend then I heard like a radii presentation about my mother, I was now telling my friend that we walked together that assuming my mother was alive she would have loved this o, that why didn't this happen when she was still alive, we kept walking then we got to a house, outside a man parked jeep and was sitting inside the car, then I entered and I saw that they all left the room and all place their mattress in the sitting room, no place to pass, because they all placed their mattress on the floor there and it was laid while all the rooms are empty, they now wanted to sleep and they were now arranging by he selves with who to sleep where .
2 I saw that I was in a very big auditorium, Dr Olukoya came to minister there, he prayed and we said amen, someone was now commenting about it but me I said I like his programs and his prayer o, after his ministration he made some announcement and left the podium, then some group of people at the back ( as if they are from the same church and sat together in that auditorium) now started singing, when program finished I left the plqce, s I was going, I saw another small church, it was as if I entered and still outside at the same time because I could see what was going on inside, they were sharing food, maybe they held anniversary or something, my mind now said should I go and collect the food I just replied that I don't want their food nor, then I see apple fruit in their bucket too but I did not take that one too, I kept walking, then I came across some group of people. I then woke up
God bless you sir. Do have a good day
1. Your mother failed to put things in order, live up to her glory or full purpose before her demised.
If you don't want to end up this way? You must embrace christ wholly and plan your life well,and learn to execute your plans.

2. ◄ Matthew 6:33 ►
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

I see your stance for christ, faith and endurance was examined to know if your expectations in the lord is about your stomach or where quick miracles or googies are but to the glory of God you didn't disappoint the lord.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1.Good afternoon sir, please I dreamt that I was in a village for a function, I don't know if it was burial or something, then when we finished I looked for a way to get out and locate a major road where I can board a bus, as I was waiting a bus passed, a driver with his child was inside, then I entered with one other man, I asked how much the fare was and he said 100 naira, I was like this money is small for that type of journey then the man we entered today said maybe he is a kidnapper but that even if he is we will beat him with the rod I am holding g( I was holding a rod in that dream) so we entered and started going, I don't know what happened maybe we alighted or still in the bus but I saw that we were all together and the man that entered the bus with me maybe gave the driver cereal to eat, and the man now gave his child too cereal, the driver gave his own child akara to eat, but all of a sudden, the driver collected the cereal in the hand of the man we entered bus together and gave it to his child while he gave his child's akara to the child of the man we entered bus together, that child does not want to eat the akara but it was like he was forcing it in Tue child's mouth, I don't understand. Then I woke up.
My friend had these dreams
I had a dream in my dream,while still in that dream,I told a woman the dream I had and she told me that the dream means I will get married to a white man. But when I woke up from the dream,I could not remember the dream I had in my dream.
I had a dream that I saw one of my clients that I'm teaching her children home lesson. I saw her with her children,we exchanged greetings with her,she greeted me very well then they went their way. When I left them,I came to a junction,it was an Express road with street lights,the road was very broad we the alot of vehicles passing. I crossed,the bus I wanted to board was an old one,the conductor was fighting so I waited for another one. The one that came was a new bus. Then I boarded the bus and I woke up
1. The want you to be wary, careful and never to consider any edible, or strange gift or gestures.
In fact, he warned strongly to be careful of what you eat or accept from strangers, at parties or any social gathering.

2. The devil came to divert the message,your attention by given you it own, destructive, deceitful interpretation so that you'd become a victim of the warning that lies within the true message.

3. You have unlimited opportunities in this career especially the way you go about hence with or without that family you can survive and grow as a freelancer in this career.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir, please I had a dream but I did not remember all the details, I just saw that I was in our kitchen, my mum was there as if she was still alive, she now wanted to call a pastor and talk to him maybe to pray for me as regards my marriage, and I did the usual way I use to do that why is she stressing herself, she dialled the number and gave it to me, I spoke with the person but don't know what he said, maybe he prayed or said another thing.
Thank you sir
Your mother in this regard represent ' marital angel ".
The lord said, for the sake of your mother desire and expectation before she passed on I shall open your marital heaven and settle you. Yes, you've just been annointed for that now.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen in Jesus name. God bless you sir
Good morning sir, I had a dream where I saw that I was in a house, I saw a woman with a baby and another woman with her, maybe her mother or mother in-law, but they kept disturbing and troubling the baby, like the old woman may lay her hand on the baby while sleeping and the hand will turn to stone just to afflict the baby, but all seem not to really have effect on the baby, so I now stood up to fight the woman, she turned to a man, I was now using one stick I have with me to hit him,
I see destiny destroyer, territorial powers disgraced in that environment, and for the divine of God upon your life.

Truly, the hand of the lord is upon you destroying the works of evil powers round about you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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