John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please sir help me to interprete these dreams
I see you at a celebration, or..i see a cause for celebration,merriment in your household.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
1. Saw that I was running away from a man, he works at my place of work, he was following me and I kept running away, I passed a staircase like a leg bridge then I came out at the other side and I was going
I saw that we had a party again in my house, I was there wearing owanbe cloth, my sibling everyone was there, they were serving people then it was like I took one turkey to eat or I asked someone to serve me too turkey to eat I really can't remember
I saw that I was in church for a burial service and I was crying bitterly as the burial was going on, when they were singing someone was pushing the casket around although not towards me but I kept crying uncontrollably, the dead person seems to be my already dead mother, I don't understand.
4.I saw that a guy at my place of work keep following me about, I was not giving him attention but he kept following me, I hide from him and I was cooking indomie, I pretended as if I was sleeping, when I now remember that the indomie would have got burnt I got there and he said he has helped me to put it down.
1. Is this for love or for evil, while you are being trail? Well, be it whatever the lord assures : you will maneuver your way out and escape.

2. I see celebration in your household!

3. Pray against another cause for weeping, sorrow or death in your household.

4. Whether you are single or married? I see a man trailing you for, love or lust? Time will tell.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
1. I had a dream and saw that I was walking along our street, I saw one of my mother's friend upstairs in her house and she asked after my mother I now told her she just slumped and died now o, she now said something like she has known, so ingot back home and went to our backyard, when I came back outside the small building in our compound I saw my late mum inside it sitting down, and I saw another me, wearing exactly what I was wearing, I was now asking the other me a question that how come, who is she, and she answered but I have forgotten what my other self said in that dream, my other self now left me and went to my mum, so me I went inside and told my dad what happened, I now wanted to go out again to join my mother where she was sitting but a very powerful force restrained me and I couldn't move, I went back inside and came out again speaking in tongue still the force restrained me, I now told my father what was happening and I told him to come with me and I was speaking in tongues but now the restraining force was now more than before, it stopped us from going to join my late mother and pushed us back inside, when we got inside I woke up but I felt the impact of the restraining force, all my bones were sore as if someone pushed me and restrained me in real life.
2. I saw that I was in a field lined for a race, a man was collecting money from people to run maybe like a competition, then I saw that I wanted to collect money from him but he did not want to release it.
3. I saw that there was a robbery in a place, like a bank and the robbers killed everyone on sight, they didn't want to kill some people but because those people saw their face they killed them and they escaped before policemen came.
1. I see the power,spirit of death that took your mother came for you. But rejoice for the lord had incapacitated over your life through divine power of prayer and faith.

Death has failed over your soul. . This time.

2. Wage war against power, personality that's vowed to sit on the benefit, reward and blessing of your efforts. Ps 8,51,24,1.

3. Ps 91.
..a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right side but it will not come near thee. You will only observe with your eyes..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
I saw that I was in my fiances house with some people, we were sitting in the sitting room with my fiance discussing something, we went to visit and his mum and sister was around, they now cooked for us and served us, later people started coming and they kept giving them food and the crowd was so much I now told my fiance that I am sorry o we did not know people will turn up like this, and besides we didnt tell anyone we are doing anything that it was supposed to just be a family function he now said I should not worry that shebi it is because if me, that they will do it and they are not complaining, when people now started trooping in again, he said no wonder u said your mother was a prominent person in church, then I left the house and came out to see people, there I saw my two brothers one was eating meat the other one was about leaving that scene, I now looked exactly opposite them I saw my supposed dead mother sitting quietly, I now went to meet her and wanted to hug her that its been long, but when I got there and hugged her I discovered she did not even have any weight she was very light and it was as If she wasn't my real mother, I sha told her that why is she like this, has she not been eating? She said she still took pap that morning, I now carried her and hugged her again and said mummy why did u do like that and I was almost crying then I woke up
I celebrate with you : as I see you benefiting from your mother's good deeds,sacrifices unto man and God while she was alive.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
1. I dreamt that I and my friend went to my fiances house as if we were preparing for something, his mum and sister now went to market to buy dry pepper ( ata gbigbe) and they were preparing it for grinding, the pepper was now making me sneeze, my fiance was sitting on a chair but it was as if there was a. sore on his hand I was now saying inside that what is all this why do I need to deal with sore on his hand again, later I stood up and was arranging something, he and my friend were discussing something, so I and my friend stepped out she was now telling me that why will they buy dry pepper, I now said abi o, how many people are we inviting, that in my house sef if we want to do any party we buy fresh pepper. Then I was saying I don't even understand what they want to do, are we not suppose to snap a prewedding pix? Then I woke up.
2. I saw that I went job hunting at a place, I met with someone there while we were talking two other people came, they were twins they were talking and the guy said only one of them did well, he now said he wanted to call the MD of the company the person now happen to be my father's friend, he went to attend to those to girls and employed one but he did not attend to me I was now telling Tue lady we stood together that the MD is my dads friend, so later my dad came and we stepped out together, when we came back we saw that the MD and all his staff are about going out in a bus driven by the MD, he waited for us my dad and I joined them in the bus and we started going, I was now thinking in my mind that maybe he will make me his secretary in his company and that how much will he even pay me sef, then I woke up
1. I see pain on his neck, in this relationship even over the settlement of you two or on the day of your marital settlement caused by his mother and..

Surely, his people (mother et al) shall become a source of pain and sore to his life, relationship or marital settlement.

Prayer, fasting may come to your rescue.

2. ◄ Jeremiah 17:5 ►
This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

◄ Psalm 127:1 ►
Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

Don't be deceived.
Don't put your hope in man, nor rely on man's connection lest they disappoint you or enslave you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir,
1. I had a dream that I was going in my street then I saw my dead mother she was standing along our street as I was about to get to where she was standing she disappeared I didn't see her again, when I now turned back I saw her as is she was going back home. But the setting was as if someone else died in the street and people were paying condolence visit to the family I don't really get.
2. I saw that I was travelling, I was with some men travelling too, we were waiting at the junction but there was no bus so we now so like a truck and we entered, those people helped me in and he dropped us at one place, when he dropped us it was like the men were looking for another bus again I was now thinking that did this truck not take us to our destination? I don't really understand