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Please sir help me to interprete these dreams
1. I saw that I was going on a road, I guy was following me almost full, I sha made sure I ran away from him.
2. I saw this same guy, it was like he came to my house and in that dream I was expecting my fiance, this guy came and was cooking, but in my mind I was saying let this guy finish on time and leave so that my fiance will not meet him here, he finished cooking, dishes his own and Gabe me too but I kept it, he finished eating and was still washing plate so I collected the plate from him to wash so that he can leave but yet he refused to leave o, in that dream I was now watching out for my fiance but he did not come till I wake up, and I didnt have a feeling of welcome for the person that came.
3. In the dream I saw that I was chatting with my fiances younger sister, so I uploaded a picture online and she said wow that I can upload pictures because where I am is beautiful that she cannot do that because she does not like where she is, in that dream I now looked around me and I saw a big and beautiful building.
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Your dream :

1. It's called " trailing or monitoring spirit.
Solution :

• Be security alert more than ever, these days,and wary of walking around dangerous areas.
• Cry out against personality, power monitoring your life must die! Ps 24,65,8 and 91.

2. You are so in love with your fiancè to identify his blemishes,to know he lacks a token of love and care in a particular but crucial area. But it's ok, it's not all bad but be wise lest it this little blemishes of his hit you in marriage.

3. You have a glorious tomorrow and a worthy career life but always, remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir, I am very grateful. God bless you
1: I dreamt that I was in a church we were praying, then I saw my former pastors wife praying earnestly for mercy to enter the kingdom of God, she was jumping and praying

2: I dreamt that I and my fiances sisters went out to a place, it is like we wanted to get something but when we got there, they didn't want to attend to us at first then I told them, whatever the situation is we will wait, don't think we are here to live off you, we will get an hotel room and wait if that is what it takes, then they now accepted us and gave us rooms there and they were giving is food and treating us like queens.
3. I saw that I was in a house, like I was arranging the house, but I don't seem to understand this dream
4Please what does it mean when you see a house burning and I and my father were the ones that put out the fire
1. Thank the lord you don't longer worship in that church for were under Hell while worshiping there.

2. This relationship ( between you and your fiance) shall indeed encounter some challenges but with wisdom and patient you will laugh last and enter into glory.

But he warned, do not cheat nor be tempted with your fiance's sister.

3. I see preparation for a celebration,orderliness, a thing of joy.

4. I see inferno or breakdown but it shall be averted by two, you inclusive.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1. I saw that I was going in a path, some people were now playing with snake, they will ask the snake to shrink and it will shrink, they will ask it to be big and it will be big too, when I saw it, I now started running because I hate snakes, I ran and ran and ran till I woke up,
2. I dreamt that I was in a church for a program, I sat down on a chair then a friend came to join me and sat with me, when the program started she was now like the place is for 3 people not 4, but I wasn't supposed to stand cos she met me there. But I stood up angrily and went to sit on another place and we commenced the program.

I saw that I was in church, I am a chorister and we are robbing in preparation for a program, I saw that I wore my robe, but I don't understand
1. •Do away with the spirit of fear and conquer it lest the devil (continue to) use to against you, often.
• The lord also warned? Flee from every path of destruction, where evil and un-godliness is the order of the day,therein.

2. This is a friend that will betray you in times of utmost needs or when life's storm overwhelm you.
You'd better be wise!

Endeavor to number all your dream next time lest it's ignored

3. I see a special ministration for God,in the house of God in your group. You'll be among them.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1: I dreamt that I saw some people, they came with a friend to my room, so we were discussing, later I stood up among them and went to the bathroom although I wasn't bathing nor naked, but one of them wanted to peep at me and I told him to go back, I closed the door, later I now saw that he opened my parents room and peeped, I now got angry and pulled him back then I went to my friend that brought them that we all should go and wait and have our discussion outside I am not comfortable with the way people just barge into my house, I said that guy that opened my parents room assuming my parents were naked that is how he would have seen their nakedness, that I am not comfortable with that attitude, so everyone now scolded that guy and we moved out.
2: I saw that my father was very sick in the dream, he was so sick that his face was red and it was as if he was collecting drip in that dream, the drip now finished and I was begging the nurse to please give him one more to take care of him, she said she does not have but I gave her another one to give him, I was very scared in that dream for my father
1. Steer clear of (those) ungodly, unwise and wayward friends or any form of communication lest they bring about shame and disgrace to your door step,into your household--one of these days.

2. The arrow has been fired already but it's either your father or someone as close to him--in your household. But this is better averted now with violence and serious prayers against sickness than seen or witness.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir, I dreamt that I was with a friend and she was warning me about a man that I should not that to him, that even if he talks to me I should not answer him, then I woke up in that dream and she still came to me and was telling me that same thing I now told her that I dreamt about where she was telling me about it yesterday ( it was like a dream in a dream) later I now saw that we had a function, I was there with my friend and the guy she asked me not to talk to, something happened to him and he slumped, that my friend now said she is not concerned o and she left. People were pouring him water so I also joined to sprinkle water on his body, but I noticed that when they pulled his shirt there were boils on his stomach, o was now wondering what it could be but we kept pouring him water till he stood up. Then I left the scene and woke up