John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Is this a mission?
And I wondered : ' why would the lord kept emphasizing on the greatness of your uncommon annointing and ancient power of God in You? And the answer was : ' your annointing is greater than that of prophets/pastors and/or men of God for the lord has annointing you as a key to the revival, redemption of the church.

This is who you are, this is your destiny and why God had appointed you for.

You are an ancient chosen one for I see the lord paving the way for the second coming of our lord jesus christ and for the redemption of his church and men of God who's erred.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1 Last year 2017. I saw that i was working in a road and i met with God as a mother and she said, we have chosen to give a secound change to your life purpose and she gave me some keys.
2. I saw that it was a road,but a table was placed in between the road and a very tal man stood guide. He did not speak and when you come to that place, it is called the table of destiny when one picks and heaven call on name i saw me i was alone there but it's like i did not know how to it works so, when i got to this kind of gate, on the table, there were some kind of pick game north south east and west of the left table is a stone kind of one was placed two stone. Another side was placed 3 stones and the right table was placed 4stones. I took the stone of 3 but when i crossed, this man dressed like ancient servant screamed to heaven, is it possible that one can chose what is not for them? And God and other voices like all the voices in heaven answered No..and he said, but one has just happenned, and God spoke, Let her go back and chose again for it is only her who can and i went back and chose again, and when i crossed, all the voices in heaven streamed in joy and all the name that i was given on earth her was called in full and my titel was pronounced as a tearcher as been crowned.
3 For many years i was always going to school and at the beginning from one state to another even countries to countries, texts, exsams,because all students were from everywhere human extisence is from, at the end of it all, i always came out first out of maybe two or 3
that was left from thousands men and women that was selected from all over and each time, a titel is given. Immculate Mary., power of manifestion, going back to the past to jurge a case that a land is perplexed about, saving people but all this does not happen with school.
Thank you sir for the insight.
This dream made me to go back to school now.
It's not done like this here daughter. You are abusing the privilege it's either 1-4 dreams in a fold or one dream a day.

This can only be responded to, tomorrow.

You must leave room for the rest, remembers who haven't posted today too.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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So sorry...human greed got hold of me. I appolize to all that i took they time.
God bless us.
1. It's the key to unlock,lock and break yokes and set those who are in captivity free.

2. No! You do not have the power to choose your destiny,purpose in life especially from the womb but God alone. And surely, the lord has appointed you and annointed you and the heaven rejoice and celebrate you daily because you've been revealed your calling and not missed your destiny.


3. That's because the time hasn't come for it. But to erase these confusion it's wise to cry out to God how to be successful in your calling and be able to fulfill it in the physical.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir. I am happy and pleased for the infos and clear guide lines. God bless you.
Any prayers and verse to use?
Ps 19,8,24,65 and Joel 2:28.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you so much. I will not forget this.
God bless us.
1 The prayer has been done and this is what i and my daughter saw this night. Mine,is, i saw that it was the end of the month and when i received my payment, i couldn't pay my house rent and the amount was 40 thousands and i was surprised and didn't uunderstand why the money was not complete, but i had few people with me but didn't know who there were, but one of them told me that i shouldn't worry because next month, i will fet all the expected amount and then i can pay the rent but i told the person that it's the same because then i will be owning them a month ahead but they didn't want me to worry but i was to find out why the money was not complete.
2 My daughter dreamt of her work place and was with a colleague and she saw there were in our mother village but passing through some street men took her and put a knife on her neck and she was bleeding but she asked them to leave the colleague alone and as she was let go, my daughter found her way and ran to her appartment and she was there, the men came in, but she had a cover on her and the men didn't see her but she walked away from them from an exit that she had but there found it and distroied the door but got a chain rope to free her self but on the way, she saw police kiddnapping people but she took another road.
Thank you for the welcome note and rules. I am doing my best to use to it.
Thank ylu and God bless us.