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Pls I need interpretation
Good day sir. Pls help my sister interpret this dream. Thank you sir.

She dreamt that she saw her husband sowing right eye of her first child a male while she was trying to stop him from doing so she woke up.
She must embark on a serious 2days fasting and prayers against territorial, household powers that want to use her hubby to destroy the destiny,glory and life of her children.

Yes, the household powers are on the hunt for your children life and destiny and your hubby would be use/manipulate to accomplish these..

You must pray and do as instructed before it's too late.

Here :

Ps 119,19,10,24,42 and 65.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you so much sir, Gods grace will continue to multiply on you sir.

Pls sir help interpret

1 I dreamt that I was wearing a hand band an unknown lady came wanting to collect it from me but I refuse.

2 another day I dreamt that someone was admiring the same hand band but this time a male.

3 I dreamt that someone gave me a box of matches when I opened it I found stick matches and buttons in it.
1/2 : There is something highly and heavenly valuable, an uncommon treasure that you must protect and guide jealousy lest the devil and it agent steal it away. Pray God to open your eye and teach you how to protect it as your future and your purpose in life lies therein.

3. It's called " spiritual bullets ".
Indeed, the lord has handed over to you, power and weapon to fight and defend yourself and this special treasure in you against spiritual robber.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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