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My Encounter With The Spirit Of Eekínè
My Experience With The Spirit Of EekíNè - Anti Marriage spirit

Quote:Early this year, January 3/4th 2018,precisely I was lying down about to sleep that night suddenly I felt a very strong beastly firm on my neck (NB : this is not a vision nor dream). I felt a very strong force, hand with some long nails strangling my neck aggressively. But why this was on I was laughing and mocking whatever it was within me knowing fully well it's just wasting it time and nothing can ever happen to me. And the beast, having realized this,or felt how i reacted to it attack mellowed down which led me ask a question, who are you, demon what is it your mission here?

It said, and I quote : why must I pray against it, anti marriage spirit? Why must I pray for my marriage, why are you praying against me,why are you chasing me out of your marriage/home? Don't I realized that it I have a mission to fulfill this year, to destroy as many marriages/homes as possible,this year?"

I ask it, what's your name by the way?

I am EekíiNè " the anti marriage demon/spirit sent into the world by my master to destroy homes and good,especially sweet and godly marriages.

NB: Brethen, if you are not sleeping in the spirit, if you are quite observant about the happenings in marriages,what's going on around you many of you will attest to the fact that as early as the year it is, there has been quite some number of chaos and disunity,lack of love in marriages and homes this year? Take a look around you often, do your personal findings and study the trend more,in marriages this year you'd attest to these in no time. And mind you, some of you have had your personal encounter with this demon ' EekiíNè' through revelations and dreams and/or in your homes.

Above all, do your personal findings and seek the lord about this anti-marriage spirit for more confirmation.

My word for you,married members? Pray with your wife, pray for your marriage this year like never before. This demon is everywhere, all over the world destroying marriages, homes non stop now.

Pray without ceasing/season, brethen.

Good morning and God blessings upon you all, in jesus name.

Prophet Ebankole
Hmm may God help us. Truelly lot is going on in the spiritual realm. We as christians just have to be very spiritually conscious. I had a strange encounter as well late last year in the middle of night. I can share if I am permitted.
Go ahead. But don't add to it but as it's revealed,encountered.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Alright sir.Although the experience is different but I hope its worth sharing.Sometimes ago I frequently see blood stains on my bed overnight.I thought it might be from mosquitoes bite or all this blood suckers demons or sort of.but I was like even if it was demon, it was part of what happen during warfare(don't know if am right) that with time it would stop so I didn't really take it serious untill I couldn't stand seeing the stain anymorr.Then,i took my time to pray about it.God helped and it stopped and since then it only happened once in a blue moon.

The main gist was this same experience some weeks ago but in an unusual dimension. That day,after I finished midnight prayer,I wanted to do something on my phone while charging before I slept.The light was off during the task. After I was through I put on the flash on the phone. I was shocked and surprised to see fresh blood on my feet and drop of it on the floor. I was like" is it for real despite it knew I wasn't sleeping. What kind of thing is this". Then I heard a faint sound 2 times like bleating of a goat.

This brings about a question sir which I would ask on appropriate thread.
I was out today,this morning but I thought I would return back on time hence my failure to announce to you all but it's quite amazing I returned home and on the forum late.

Ministration shall resume now. Bear with US.

The lord is here!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Welcome Sir! The Lord is and will always be your strenght, more grace to you.

I haven't been able to minister or communicate elsewhere with any of our members " all morning " due to bad and stagnate network.

Still struggling with IT.

Prophet Ebankole
(27-01-2018, 05:20 PM)ebankole Wrote: UPDATE!

I haven't been able to minister or communicate elsewhere with any of our members " all morning " due to bad and stagnate network.

Still struggling with IT.


Network is back now!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole
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