John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Call on Christians in Nigeria
Good morning friends,
I am stepping out to call on Christians in Nigeria, who are on Facebook, to focus more (90%) on what's going on concerning the church in Nigeria and some of the revelations coming out. If I have not had one of these revelations may be I won't be writing this after two other revelations given to other people. The two are completely in agreement with mine which came to me two days ago. I hesitated to come forward with it until few minutes ago when I heard the last one.
Christianity in Nigeria is under siege both spiritually and physically. I can confirm by the revelation I had that "local military group has been formed and trained for forceful spread of ... in Nigeria. What I mean is that, there is an 'army' already recruited, trained, armed and in position right now in different parts of Nigeria. This plan is not being cordinated by Nigerians alone but by others outside. The plan is not just being carried on physically but so much spiritual/demonic sacrifices is involved and on-going (oh where are our prayer warriors?). The aim of the spiritual angle is to keep flooding the minds of Christians and the leaders with evil cloud of worldliness in all its forms, prayerlessness, disunity, immorality and distractions through politics. Now, you be the judge about how far they have succeeded.
I am calling on Christians on Facebook to focus less on posting things about politics, economy, selfies, tribal stupidity, and unnecessary celebrations. There is war going on and if we fail to use the power of United prayer, effective mobilization and watchfulness, sometime very very evil will soon overtake us. The Lord is calling out to His people to forget the deceit of political and economic worries so as to see what a distraction they are and how the enemy is using these two to keep many among us so blinded from the evil plan against us. How much of your riches, acquisitions and wealth can you keep in death?
Please, let us keep our prayer altar aglow, our eyes wide open, mouth wide open, pens ready to write and spirit at alert. Let there be mobilization done by each of us (don't wait for someone out there to do it). Pray, Speak up, share this post and others like it; let us use social media platform to mobilize God's people for action against the dragon!
If you are a leader in your congregation please mobilize your people; pray for confirmation from the Lord about these revelations (don't wait for instruction from your ogas before you seek the Lord on this and to also do as He bids you). Search for more information about these things and speak to the people whom God has given you responsibility over. Reach out to other leaders in your circle. Let there be quiet gatherings of leaders to think through these things and come up with strategies, going forward. However, let us beware of false brethren in our midst. They are the ones who have gone to the other side to take evil powers and are among us as leaders. Please note that they will work for the enemy to protect their identity. They are being threatened with exposure if they fail to bring information from our camp.
Please, consider that herdsmen have been killing for several years now and no one can point to any legal process to punish the guilty. The security agencies especially the police, tell us not to resort to self help but to seek redress through proper channels. This does not apply to these herdsmen. These people kill, rape and destroy at the slightest provocation and no one ever tells them not to take laws into their hands or resort to self help. No civilian is permitted by government to carry automatic weapons but these herdsmen have enough to distribute to all their people everywhere they are and have been using these weapons against communities and yet no one is even talking about it. How they are funded is not what I will write about here. Suffice it to say that, the plan to hide under cattle rearing as a means of furthering an evil, destructive religious plan is rife in Nigeria. Let us not think that these people are naive or mediocre (we are busy chasing money, social status, politics, tribal domination, denominational empires and 'blessing'. These ones are focused on the 'ASSIGNMENT'. For them, their lives depend on it). They are working according to plan. Agatu massacre and others alike which suppose to rally peoples of Nigeria against these advance of evil did nothing but to embolden the key players in high places about how easy the main target could be. They are retired intelligence officers, security personnel in and out of service. They are playing key role in government and it's not just about this present administration but the ones before this as well.
I call on Christians who reside in different parts of Nigeria to wake up and free themselves from the hold of tribalism, political control, ethnic loyalty/allegiance and denominational selfishness to reach out to one another. Let information be passed on about the warning from the Lord God Almighty. Our children should know what is happening and let them pray and call on God. These children should not be left to continue to live their lives as though nothing is wrong. They and their future is in danger if we all fail to do the right things now.
Our villages have been mapped, marked and put under the control of very intelligent, trained and armed field men who carry on life around us as security guards, cobblers/shoe shinners, Okada riders, labourers and so on. Do not be decieved because among these set of people are very intelligent, educated, trained, armed and connected few who are in charge of operations. They have access to more money than many us will believe.
This post is part of my own responsibility before the Lord and what you do with this information and others alike is your decision as we shall all render account to Him. May His grace abound towards each of us to overcome selfishness, lukewarmness, passivity, fear and arrogance.
Christianity in Nigeria is about to be attacked through ethnic fight! The plan is to cause a 'fracas' which will pitch herdsmen in different parts of Nigeria against the locals. This is supposed to escalate for their 'army' to wipe out communities for herdsmen to occupy...
The bill which has passed second reading at the national assembly to inaugurate a federal commission who will work with State governments to acquire lands in the 36 States for herdsmen is part of the 'tripple edge' approach. Let him that read have understanding. We know that it is against the fundamental human rights of people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the government to single out a business line (cattle rearing is a personal investment of people and not a national resource) for such massive support. We see governments over the years support these cattle rearing through inaction whenever the herdsmen (who are just taking care of the cattles for the real owners) destroy farms, rape and kill. You need to do just a litte research so as to find out the real owners of these cattle and you will be shocked. There's more to say here but let's leave that for another day and for a different forum, may be.
Sin, Distractions and Disunity among Christian leaders and the led, in Nigeria, is about to cost Heaven more than eyes can see!
Oh Father, we are in need of help! You love us though we have continually failed you. Have mercy.....
Please, more important than your response to this post is the need for you to share it. We have more than a million Christians of Nigerian birth on Facebook. So, we need to reach more than half of whatever figure it is. None of us can tell what the Lord may impress on brethren to do in response to this. Imagine the increased massive prayer unto the Lord and so on!
The dragon we are up against is afraid of Chriatians who are spiritually alert, effectively mobilized, coherently organized, correctly informed, strategically positioned and United in purpose! This is the only reason for this post!

**Received and copied from whatsapp**