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Please sir interpret my dreams
Good morning sir.
1, I was in our house in Lagos and i dropped the ewedu i wanted to cook in the kitchen but I noticed in the bunch of ewedu there is a single different leave inside. but I noticed at the kitchen up stairs which is cemented in reality was not cemented in the dream. The kitchen was like the size of a room I started looking for the ewedu round the kitchen then I saw it planted in the middle of the kitchen grown with full green leaves then I saw ugu leaves planted round it, the ewedu was in the middle fully grown and ugu leaves were planted round it and I was surprise cos I don't know who planted the ewedu and how it grown big in less than 10min. In the kitchen I saw different fresh leaves growing up every where the kitchen was a beautiful garden of different types of fresh green leaves. Then the weather was very bright and it looks like showers from heaven were dropping. Then my husband went to on the generator and the generator wanted to off because the fridge was on but he quickly put off the fridge then the whole light was on like florisent light and the whole place was very bright. Then i saw a local dog entering my kitchen garden then I stoned it to go but it refuse and it was coming towards me then I started profecying speaking the word and it was getting weaker and weaker then I woke up.

2, I saw myself in a very big company fully tied with government coal. I saw a lot of people moving round the company people coming in and going out. I saw different uniform i saw myself holding brown big envelope but no-one attended to me I just saw people on uniform standing and talking among themselves I just spoke a word to them and I was leaving disappointed then as I was about stepping out then I realise I was wearing a casual slippers then I brought out my cooperate shoe to wear before stepping out of the gate then the security were looking at my leg laughing and watching if the shoe will size me then I bend down and used my hand to fit it in my leg then I noticed the shoe that normally pain me did not and it looks very soft on me like there was foam inside.

3, I saw myself younger like am still staying with my mother then I noticed my mother looks younger too then I saw myself beating my mother in the dream then I ran out of the house to the street at the back of my house to go on hide in one of our shop tenant house. On my way going I saw my church member carrying a new baby who does not have a baby in reality then I dorged her and move down the street. On getting to the neighbours house I saw everywhere tight and I was looking round and wandering how I will manage to sleep with them then I started thinking of what I did to my mother if my own children will do that to me too then I felt very bad and I woke up.
1. I see greenness : of blessing, prosperity, joy, peace, honor, abundance established in your home. But the enemies, the devil came to pollute them but woefully failed.

2. It's not the good time to seek employers. Above all, wage war against anti-employment, disgrace attack.

3. You offended your mother while you were young and this had incurred a great curse upon you --a capable of transferring to generation born and unborn.
You must destroy that curse now and seek for forgiveness lest it terrorize your generations.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir.
1, I saw myself carring a baby girl going to visit my sister in law. I was wearing all white short gown and the baby too was wearing a white dress and covered in a white showl but I don't want to go there alone so I stopped somewhere to wait for my husband so we can go alone but the shop I stopped was a hair dresser shop but I was not comfortable there so I left and stood outside the shop waiting for my husband then I woke up.

2,I saw myself carring another baby but a boy still going out with my husband. I was wearing all white dress but to my surprise the babies are of the same month old.

3,I told my mum to send things to me but to my surprise she sent two different car hire service with loads inside the first car parked waiting to be off loaded but the second car was off loaded first with a lot of new female slippers of different sizes and colour, fairly used cotton,multi colour flower material bundle so I was surprise of how my mum got all this. She told me to take the ones I want to use and sell the rest. So I told the boy staying with me to go and off load the first car and they brought things filled in a big white sack as they where bringing it up stairs I woke up so I did not see what was inside.
1. I see distrust in your spirit towards your sister in-law. Surely? You should wary, never deal with her alone.

2. Wage war against strange woman, birth in your marriage.

3. I see impossible, uncommon blessing,expectations met.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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