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Please sir interpret my dreams
1,I was inside a yellow public bus with passengers but the conductor was trying to delay our movement so the driver speed away with full speed without waiting for the conductor so the conductor was running and trying to catch up with the bus but he could not.

2,I was in a place with my sister in law where children are gathered but New birth and grown up and I saw my sister in law there too smilling and I was there the place was crowded with children it looks like a school premises .I my 2nd sister in law sitting on a chair and table discussing with two other women.i was carring My husband close relations daughter when My 2nd sister in law told me to drop the child I was carring and come and sit down.As I was about dropping the girl she refused to drop so I was smilling and I told my sister in law that any time I carry her she does not always want to drop.So I went to seat with them with the child on the chair to make us four people sitting on the chair and table.

3,I was in a large open field with green grass that looks wet and I saw a female tailor with her sewing machine seated in the middle of the field and i moved closed to her and she told me that I forgot my sewing tred that the remaining tred she used to sew my clothes yesterday so I checked the tred on the grass and I saw orange,yellow,pink and green and I told her none belong to me that mine is white tred and its not there.
1. I see the power frustrating your progress aborted and frustrated. ..As this revelation may also play out in the physical.

2. Your reproach and shame has been disgraced and taken away in that household.

Yes! Your prayer has been received/answered.


3. It's called " rebuking sorrow,pain,affliction and infliction for peace, joy and prosperity.

As white symbolizes : peace, while green signifies : peace, blessing or harvest.
Congratulations as this is another confirmation to your number two dream.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I came out of an untethered close to the tiered express main road so I cross to the other side of the road and enter a place that looks like a school and I saw women selling things so I saw my self carring a bag of cold pure water cold and in my mind I was looking for iced block so one young boy was pointing at me and telling his friend that I know that aunty is looking for iced I was holding the bag of cold pure water I checked down and I saw that few of the water were blocked so I went to give one of the women selling money.

2,I saw myself in the house my husband built in reality which we wanted to move in this month but we were told not to live there became its a new site and there no other building in that environment by my brother in law.I saw myselfin the building in the dream already living there and Immediately I stepped out of the compound to go out I saw a life lion sitting among the grass at the back so I was scared and I rushed out of the compound to the gate I opened the padlock and went out.I saw two guys at the other side of the compound trying to go out so I was shouting thief but no one could hear me.The lion stood up and went to the other side and I saw the two guys cloth turn to rag and I saw them passed through the other side of the compound with turn clothes and I saw them walking pass to a bush .What I saw was that there was no fence at the other side but in real life the house have been fenced round. I now say the lion coming back sitter at his position but it did not come to me.What I noticed is that the lion was just looking at me but it did not come towards my direction .then I saw myself back inside the building as I was about going out I check the back yard but the lion was not there in order to leave the place.and what I saw were smoked and low fire that looks like wen you burn a bush a at the spot where the lion sat.and I opened the gate to get out but I was still checking if the lion is there and I was scared of living the compound.

3,I saw scaffolding mounted round and I was about to come out but it looks like a blockage and it was much so I managed to come out and I saw myself on a smooth road and I saw a man that was calling me but I don't know him and I woke up.

4,my sociology lecturer my taiwo saw me in school and I saw us in a bathroom with a lot of students but I saw blue bucket plenty with water filled inside and he was telling me that he heard we have finished our house and when are we moving in so I told him we are not moving in again because thieves are disturbing us in the house I explain to him how in reality thieves enter there but i was telling him in the he told students to carry the buckets that the school does not need it again. So students rushed forward and poured out the water in the bucket and put them inside each i was wandering why they did not taje the water and bucket to their hostel but non of them carry the bucket after disposing the water So I was wandering why they did not carry the bucket with them after turning away the water from the the lecturer turned to me and told me and told me to carry the bucket and be using it in our new site but some of the bucket still have water.
1. Pray against hard labor. But surely and indeed, there is seed of buying and selling (business) in you.

2. Truly, it's not safe to move into your new building. The lord warned, the environment is unsafe now.

3. I see you come out of captivity.

4. This is a confirmation of your number one dream.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I saw my husband relationship bode trying to bully a boy that looks like his roommate and the boy was crying and I felt for the boy and I was crying with him but in the dream bode look different he looks like a tug with brushes all over his body.

I saw myself in my former shop opening so i entered there then wen I turned back I saw shoes hanged and some other things and I was saying this are my things I forget but have given the key already to the landlord so i was thinking how to collect the key and pack my things.

3,I was in an market environment and a lot of people buying and I saw a lady selling fairly used clothes and the place was very busy the shop's were much so I was going with a lady and the woman begged me to not pass her by and patronize her so we entered her shop and the person I was with bought clothes from her so I saw the lady wearing a gold shinning gown that looks beautiful on her so I admire the dress and I was thinking why I did not buy the dress before someone bought it.

4,A woman i don't know offered me a lift in a Lexus jeep and we were going so her phone rang and she parked inside a filling station to received a call so she pointed a to fruit stand and asked me if I wanted fruits so I say no.wen we moved closed to the side of the filling station we saw that they were orange but green in the tray but there was no one selling was just in the tray. So I was saying in my mind that I taught it was Apple assuming it was Apple I would have bought and I was still with the woman in the car she was still driving me but she was receiving calls in I no language

5,I was directed to a big building which people were saying its owned by oba Elegushi it was like a 15 story building so i saw my self at one of the floors up up with clean office and airconditioner cool so i saw a lady reception and a man so the lady says my case have been told to their pastor that he will reply me said on that all is settled.

6,there was a wedding party going on so i saw my self seated by a side eating moimoi so i saw a man who moved closed to me with a baby boy and he was asking question I can't remember later I saw a lady washing plates then I was directing her and she looks angry.
1. Bode needs deliverance lest the will of the powers of his father's house prevail over his life,destiny.

2. ◄ Joel 2:25 ►
"I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten-- the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm -- my great army that I sent among you.

It's called "recovery ".
I see your stolen blessing,benefits being recovered.

3. Always look before you leap because all that glitters is not gold. That is, think, reason and ponder well before you consider that decision and be wary that no one influence your decision or what you want to do without you pondering about it.

4. Again, the lord warned, ' all that glitters is not gold. ..therefore, always and think,look before you leap.

5. It's called " access ".
Now, whether you've been looking up to God for breakthrough or connection for blessing or contract or not? I see that door opened now.

6. I see you at a function. But this is more of the table of the enemies, night caterers.
Yes, I see your spirit man fed with dis-grace, arrow of shame and dishonor at the altar of night caterers therefore, that you may not be disgrace or put to shame in the physical and before many? Wage war against it and sent that evil arrow, purge out that night caterers deposits now.

Ps 119,8,65,27 and 4.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I was going to my department then I saw my account and department Hod walking towards our department then i saw a dead snake with the head cut off but dead on the entrance to our class my account lecturer passed,my hod passed then me too passed but I was surprised why the snake has not been removed from the way. On my way to the New library hall I saw my very closed colleague that we both worked together at the airport she was very happy to see me like wise I too. She was now gisting me about her children that she wants to buy food and clothing for them then she told me she has left her husband but to my amazement in reality she's a single mother with 3children that I know but in the dream she told me she has more than 3children

2,I went to meet My mum in her church then she told me to climb up the staircase is white marble and 8 in number but wide on getting to the top she was telling me about a member's father that died. The pastor's relative saw me and she was asking me when will I conceive that it is getting long ooo stylishly and I answered her very soon then her word moved my mum then something pushed my mum down but she did not get down she got to almost the last step and she stopped and climbed up back she did not fall and she did not wound. Then a force was trying to push me too but my feet were glued to the ground I was shaking on the spot but my feet did not leave the spot.

3i called a shoe maker to come and make my shoe wen he got up he pushed me to the kitchen and brought out his manhood to sex me but he could not lie me down then I held his manhood shouting calling my husband who was in the room but my husband did not hear. I did not allow him sex me cos I held his manhood and I woke up. This man is always coming every month to sex me and anytime he comes the 3rd or 4th day I will see my period am an awaiting mother since 6years.

4,,I saw myself in front of a new building with above 30 shops on a single line but only 6 of the shop were covered painted light green. The remaining has not been completed its built but not yet covered and cemented st I open.I was standing in front of the shop's very happy and I saw more than 1,000 of packs of table water and different kind of soft drinks arranged both inside all the completed shop's and outside.I was strolling in front of the shop's happy.the front is very neat cemented and fine.And I saw a tank of filled water like pump water filled and pouring down then my sister in law was sitting in one of the shop's but I don't know the owner.

5,,I saw my self in front of the house am presently living stopping nape or cab the road was very busy where people and vehicles are passing then a n apep stopped for me then I entered with load in 2 sac of rice but more than half bag but I don't know what was in it the mouth were tired then in the n apep I saw the engineer that fixed our house aluminium window with a little boy of 3years in the n apep then he asked me where I was going to so I told him that am going to give my mum foodstuffs
1. With God all things are possible. The lord said, I have turn your life around, I can destroy that power adding shame and ridicule to your marriage, conception.

2. Indeed, I see this marital issue in your life shaking you and your mother but surely, the lord assures : this shame, marital storm and ridicule will not prevail nor wipe you will overcome.

3. You can't conceive not to talk of given birth until this spirit husband that's been terrorizing you is destroy completely.

You need deliverance over strong man,spirit husband.

4. The lord shall soon cause you to celebrate, rejoice and testify in your line of business. This would be an indirect cause for celebration.

5. Surely, in no time you shall be a source of joy, blessing to your mother for the lord shall bless you to do so.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I saw myself reading a dream post trend that belongs to my mum's former tenant about how she saw herself in the dream traveling to an African country doing business.

2,I saw me giving my mum table water to her former tenant two sons.As I gave the two boys two one table water each so I noticed the girl with them does not look like their younger sister that I know but I noticed she wanted water so I went to bring table water for her but I don't want my mum to see me because she's not in good terms with their woman.

3,I saw a long demarcated straight road made with bamboo sticks and I saw a man at the entrance of the road. I saw my cause mate carrying things pass like working for them. I saw myself holding a small brown catoon that looks like biscuits catoon and passing through that entrance but I noticed the security did not see me wen I entered as i was moving out cause that road serves as an access road to get to the other side it's like a land bridge. As I was getting close to the other side the security whistleI taught it was because of me so I dropped the small catoon and I moved out. As I turned back I saw my course mate bringing the catoon out for me.

4,my husband just finished taking his bath and he stood upon the bed naked and call me in to bring towel for him immediately I entered the room ,my sister in law nanny that told me that she dream about me that i was chased out of the palace with masquerade just entered the room without knocking so I was surprised because she don't enter our room cos we live together but different apartment but the same building. But I don't know weather she saw my husband's nakedness or not.

5,I entered my husband building to look round as i was moving in I turned back to check if I locked the gate and I saw it open so i turn back to lock it as i was moving towards the gate i saw a lady passing wearing a yellow top a black skiry and covering her head to her face with a black scalf for me mot to see her face immediately i called her a name to gain her attention she just rushed away and started moving fast and was sayin that's not my name but she did not turn back for me to see her face. So I rushed out of the building and locked the gate and started going home. On my way i started singing any tragedy fashion against me and my family backfired in Jesus name . On my way i noticed the street was roughed and bend . It's not too straight. I also noticed all the house on the streets were 80s structure.I started jogging home on my way I did not meet any human neither are there people on the streets.As I was jogging home i met two black old asecian dogs passed me they look very weak but i noticed i was still jogging and i was not afraid as i got to the staircase of my house to climb up a white old asecian dog came out and moved to the direction of the black ones. I brought out my keys and climb the stairs as i got to the last stairs I saw an aeroplane door cover my head and bending my head down as i was trying to lift up my head he was bending down my head then I woke up.

6,,I was in my school main auditorium having a great function with important dignitaries. I was sitting at the third seat of a row .then students were making noise and one of the important dignitaries stood up and told every one in front to move to the back seat cos they are the one making noise so all the students in front stood up to move to the back seat immediately i change my seat to the first seat on the first roll. To my surprised I just saw my pastor wearing white and praying for me then he held my stomach and started commanding every evil deposit in my womb to jump out but to my surprise this my mum tenant that is not in good terms with my family was seating opposite me shouting amen ,thank God and congratulations so I was surprised.

7,,,I was at a place and this my mum former tenant was there I was sitting down and she sat a bit close to me and she was talking to me but i did not answer her then she stood up and left. Then I saw my self in a fine and VIP environment and I saw my supervisor at my former office at the airport coming with some group of VIPs and I was standing close to the door. Immediately he got close to me someone greets him in warri language and he answered and someone says he's Governor of Delta state. So people were following him out and the man turned to my direction and looked cat me and I looked at him too but he looks like someone have met before so he went out of the building.
1. Today's dream,revelations are the reality of tomorrow.

2. Do not follow the path of your mother ; learn to forgive and forget.

3. The lord will make way for you where there is no way.

4. The lord want you and your husband to be more security conscious-both spiritually and physically.

5. This is the continuation of your number four dream. I see the work of darkness, evil plot targeted at your home/marriage aborted as a result of your security consciousness.

6. For the spirit of love and forgiveness in you I see the hand of God reached out to your womb and restoring her fruitfulness and fertility. Actually, you were inflicted infertility at the womb but surely, I can see you've embarked on deliverance hence the hand of God is touched you.

7. You may forgive your enemies but leave no room for your unrepentant enemy to attack,penetrate or inflict you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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