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Please sir interpret my dreams
1,a minister's wife close to me in my church was pleading with me to play with her son jokingly because I was the one that use to help take of the child she just gave birth but I refused and was driving the son back to his Mus but she jokingly push the boy to me.

2,my husband's elder sister who is the wife if a king packed her load out of her husband's house through the help of some Muslim cleric becausehe accused she and his blood brother of furnication and she was saying she wasted her years with the king. So I was surprised in my mind and say after all this year's why now. So I went also to go and see the Muslim cleric and was thinking in my mind since my sister in law can pack out if the Muslim cleric tell me to pack out I will pack too. But to my surprise he told me to go and buy fruits,biscuits and sweet. I bought watermelon and one other fruit which I forget. Wen I got there he told me to be combining the fruits together to eat but he says the two I bought are not comfortable that he will give me garden egg to combine with one of the fruits I bought.then I was feeling for my sister in law that press and the whole internet will publish her story because of their popularity

3,I was in an untered street beside my dad's house to buy food on getting there the owner of the food left to go and buy food from one of my dad's tenant so I was surprised.I saw one of my elder sister friend and sister to my friend walking toward the place am buying food and backing baby on her back .she was so happy to see me.then I helped check what the woman put on the fire I saw it was fish stew and the stew bounce just sprinkle on my face like water but it did not hurt and I was thinking in my mind that if am the one selling this food I wound put the fried fish while the heat is much.

4,a stranger I don't know left 2children for me to take care of she was dressed in iro and bubba
1. There is something about your personality that attracts the lord. He said, let the children come unto you, do not hinder for the kingdom of God belongs to such as those. Therefore, don't be afraid to open your hand and the door of your heart to the lord when he comes knocking at your door.

2. Don't! Do not because you see others given up on their marriages walk out of yours. The lord said, there is light at the end of the tunnel of this marriage,and abundance of blessing await you but wait on the lord and don't compare your marital case with what you around you happening in marriage(s).

3. I see attack on your sight frustrated.
In essence, the lord said, ' no one understand this particular business than you do. ".

4. This is a confirmation of your number one dream.
The lord said, in your hands I have had my way and in your life to that my kingdom may reign and dwell in you forever

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,i saw myself with my husband's immediately elder brother turning cooked beans that I bought for him in a bowl without meat or fish so he asked if the beans was good so I tested the spoon I used to turn the beans and the stew was very nice and I told him its even better than the one we used to buy so I decide to go and buy meat and fish in the beans for him immediately I got downstairs before I opened the down gate he stopped me I was scared because I taught maybe he wanted to touch My body but he did not he just told me something and I left. There are three roads that leads to the beans sellers shop but the street I passed was untired and a bit long so I was saying to Myself why did I not take the other next road then I was looking out for my okada man customer to just help me get there thou its not far at all I just wanted to get there fast.while walking on the street The Apple and chinchin I removed From the house because I don't want anyone to eat it was in my hand the big red Apple was in a small black polytenin bag on my left hand and chinchin on the other hand but I started eating the chinchin while strolling to the beans seller to eat the Apple after finishing the chinchin. Then I woke up but did not reach the beans sellers shop.
I can see you feel so insecure in this marriage, in your own home and indeed, there is so much insecurity therein and you feel more secured outside.

But cheer up, don't be troubled the lord is with you and will keep you in this marriage and without it.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
1,A woman I don't know that just came from abroad called me that i have a gift I don't know the woman and she told me to come and meet her at omole phase two.preparing to go and meet her she called me on the phone and tell me to pass agbado that's Lagos abeokuta express and I was surprised how i can link omole phase two through I entered a car and I was going with a woman that looks like my house help an advanced woman wearing white and the driver was driving a white car and a man wearing white shirt and white trousers was sitting on my left hand side in the cat and my nanny was sitting an my right hand side I was sitting at their middle on our way moving the man told me to move closer to him that he had a message for me but the driver interrupt and told him not to disturb his passenger but the man shun the driver.he told me to read psalms 35,67 but i forgot the rest psalm and he told me to buy 2 bell that they use to jingle in church that bell is never silenced web rang that my voice will never be silence then wen we got to a church he parked and I saw myself with a bell and he told me he taught the church building was a bungalow tjat was why he told me to buy a 2bells that he did not know it's a story building.I now used the bell to measure the height of the building step by step so I told him I will have to buy more than ten bells if am buying bells accordingly to the building. He now told me that the building represent my height in life. So I woke up and I did not meet the woman
This is an order from God, create an altar for prayer, God with these Psalms to pray every night asking God to fight for you,and your destiny to speak up.

Yes, get one prayer bell,follow every instruction according to the revelation.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,my sister in law nanny told me in the dream that she dreamth about me that they use masquerade to flog me out of the palace because presently my husband has been transfer out of Lagos and we are presently scouting in my sister in law place who is the wife of a king.The nanny now told me that anyone a masquerade beat out of the palace can not enter there again as she was saying it she was laughing happy and I kept quite and I was looking at her all this happened in the dream.
2,I saw myself in a tyed street next to my former shop street I saw an advanced lady with drown syndrome with dull memory loss just strolling out of a Jehovah withness study so I told her I will like to rent part of the space by the side of the Jehovah withness biulding so the lady told me that i will bribe her with 1,000 in order for her to add me to the people that wants to rent the land so she told me that i have to build the shop on the space myself but i have to hold on for the Jehovah witness to finish biulding their own shop before I start building I was thinking in my mind what my former shop neighbours will say if they see me there they will be saying why did I leave my former shop and rent a shop close by.but I saw my self in front of a shop very excited and happy and saying to myself that this is better.that the road is tired and my shop is at the bus stop that people will be passing and I will make more sales and I was thinking of selling lipstick,ear-rings and other cosmetics.and I was so happy.
1. This is suppose to happen but it must be destroy in order not to. Yes, I see evil agenda assigned to disgrace you out of that place.

You shall cry out along with the one above, add this : Ps 24,8,91. Fast a day.

• Any power or personality assigned to disgrace me,mock and ridicule me out of this household, O God arise..expose, disgrace and fight them on my behalf, in the name of Jesus, scatter them.

2. The lord said, I shall show you a way out, and lead accordingly in your business. I will lead you and open way you a way that will prosper and lead to your business growth.

Bible ref :
Ps 1.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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