John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please sir interpret my dreams
1. Left overs
The lord warned, there is no love for you in that hearts of that family, these he said, neither the husband nor the wife wish you well. They want you under and below them.

2. Don't trust that family. I see you being use to perpetrate evil and/or being mockingly deceived.

3. Cry out, call on the holy ghost fire to remove every garment of shame, death and darkness upon you.
You wear black to church? You'd better seek the lord if you truly worship him or at the right place of worship.

4. I see garment of blessing, honor ; I see blessing accompany with honor before you.
Yes, it's here but pray for it physical manifestation.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Daddy.
1,I saw my self in an untried street looking for people selling electrical things I saw my self in front of a very big shopping complex with a man sitting on the passage of the shop with a chair.he's hair is busy and he looks very unkept and calm.he was wearing glasses.most of the shop's were locked and the place was quite cos there was no sales.wen I got to the building I went straight down to check if I will see someone selling electrical things . I realized there was no one so the man showed me a staircase beside were he sat in front of one of the shop's so I climbed the staircase and saw my self at another very busy streets were people are buying and passing.I saw filling station and a very big complex backing were I was coming from with a lot of people in the shop'sthe whole shop's are fully occupied and people are buying and selling . I saw my course mate in the polytecnic Mr zachius and this is the third time am seeing him in my dreams so I pointed an electrical shop to him to go and do estimate for 3bedroom flat so I can give him the contract so he was happy and rush to the shop.

2,I saw myself standing in front of a small church where daddy G.o Adeboye was ministering I was late for the service and I stood by the window to check if I will see an empty seat. But I saw people putting wrappeRs on the empty seats. There were a lot of youth in the church. I
1. Where you never thought help would come from, people you consider useless or appear life one? And when,where you think there is no way? The lord said, I have come, I shall make a way for you and locate, bring you to your promise land.

See, I see help from above and the lord make away for you where there seems to be none.


2. There is no place for late coming in the house of God. Throw away every habit of lateness and weariness in your walk, work with God.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I saw some clothing placed on the table by my sister in law to be given to me in the dream but she has not mention it to me that their for me but I know their for me but I pretended not to know.New materials English and campala. Tie and dye.some are sewed and some cut but not sewed they are very much so I was thinking in my heart is this all for me.

2,I saw a big padlock which was opened and my course mate gave the open padlock to me to use it .
1. ◄ Matthew 6:33 ►
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

The lord said, if you'd cherish the things of heaven, the kingdom of God and place God above the things of this world? I shall cause men to bless you and pour out my heaven of favor to overwhelm you.

2. Congratulations.
I see fetters of limitation, stagnation and shame troubling your destiny, life broken. Therefore, now shall the lord return back the glory of mount Zion : all you've lost, time wasted.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I was in the bathroom taking my bath and my husband used something to hit me from behind and i warned him to stop the play and i started weeping I was very angry with him andvi wanted to tell him I regretted marrying him but I kept quite but I wept till I woke up.

2,my husband was driving and i was sitten in the front of the car but a close family friend of my husband too sat between us in the car he will move to my side then he will move to my husband's side as if he wants to drive with him so I told him to go sit at the back since the back is vacant but he refused.he make us miss were we suppose to turn to go to were we are going to and he directed us through another route wen we got to were he took us to I saw some ladies naked moving around and i saw some men dressed in Islamic but praying in Christian and i was angry and i saw some of my church member so in gold my husband to lets start going.
1. The devil is out to weary you,weigh you down and cause you to lose interest at a slight play or misunderstanding. Don't give in. It's the devil at work to frustrate you in this marriage by causing you to be weigh down, frustrated and become aggressive at every slight mistake or joke of your hubby.

You must case the devil out, NOW! This is the spirit of " Eekiné " (anti -marriage) at work.

Wage war against anti marriage spirit ' Eekinè ' targeting your marriage and aiming to frustrate, provoke and oppress you emotionally.

Ps 51,19,8,24 and Matt 19:6

2. What a bad influence your husband's friend(s) is/are to his life and marriage? This is terrible.
The lord said, your husband has so much allowed his friend to pollute him, influence him that he's lost the grip of his marriage,himself (hence living a wayward life through bad influence of friend(s ), and allow his friend to get in between you and him.

Such friend(s) must be removed out of his life now before they lead him deeper astray,before they scatter his marriage and frustrate his wife( you) through their direct/indirect interference in his marriage.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1,I saw myself in my former office at the airport with my former senior.I saw us sitting together and I saw myself showing her some fairly used purse for sale but not too clean and two of my senior colleague too entered the office and they were surprised to see me and they were looking at me.they looked very calm.

2,I saw a restless young man and lady on the road where people are passing.I saw them stopping people on the road they will be like stop someone want to pass and people will stop at the end of the day the person they are expecting to pass will not pass and they will now tell people to start moving.I saw it done on 3 different time.wen they tell people to start moving they will shift up their nose (yinmuu) as if they are deceiving people.

3,I was at the bus garage looking for a bus going to Epe.someone in the garage a advance man pointed a bus to me which he say it's the next bus going and few passengers were in the bus . As I was proceeding to where he pointed the bus was parked I saw two women late 40s going to the same epe i wanted to go and pass inbetween the parked vehicles but I saw barbwire demacations so the man pointed an old bridge to me that looks aboundon as i climbed the bridge the two women follwed me but i was scared of the brigge i taught it was not strong but immediately i steped up i noticed it was very very strong built with solid concrete and strong iron. Immediately we stepped up I noticed the upper part was very large,long and wide with not more than 2 people on it I noticed two men one of them who looks like my church pastor from afar but getting closer not him were going towards where we were coming of the woman gave me a tablet phone and told me to give her #500 which I did so wen we were moving close to the descending entrance i noticed the phone was not working and i asked her why she gave me the phone.I asked if it's for sale or for what so I returned the phone to her and requested for my #500 then both of them smiled and I woke up i saw where she kept the #500 in her wrapper up but i did not remember if I was given back. And we did not come down from the bridge but was seeing the bus and few people inside and I woke up.

4,I saw myself in the market where they sell fairly used cotton and cloth I wanted to buy things but i noticed few places I turn to the owner did not come and their goods being covered with tapoline. Then I left the market

5,I was in a room with my husband very bright room with florescent light so I saw my husband former girl friend and her friends in the other room lying on the bed 3of them so I later saw my husband with them and I went in there to remove my husband from the room to my room and I pulled him to our room later I did not see my husband again and I went back to the room where the ladies were to check but he was not there.

6I went to my husband's family house at the entrance I saw my husband mother sitting calmly and I saw a rice sack with food stuff but i saw in the sack sugar tied#20 for sale plenty in the sack and other eatable thing that I can't reply and I asked my mother in law who owns the sack and she told me its for her rival.,my mother in laws rival senior wife that left Lagos since 4years cos of illness. so I was surprised why she want to start selling #20 sugar because that's part of what my husband's mother sells.So I was thinking in my mind why she want to start selling what my husband's mother sells or is she coming back to make trouble with my husvands mother cos she sells agri,rice,beans before the illness took her out of Lagos .i only saw the load down stairs but i did not see her till i woke up.

7,i saw a very very big lorry with 4countainers moving along Ifo market facing towards sango and i saw a blue car moving towards papalantoro on the same lane with the container. the container was on its right lane but the blue car was not on his lane the container faced the direction where the car is coming from and the car face the direction where the container is coming from on the same lane.the container is on its right lane but the car is on the wrong's like passing where its not surpose to pass .both of them met in front of ifo market and i was standing by the road of the rightful place the car owner surpose to pass and i was thinking why the car owner should pass one way and again wen a long container is passing.
1. Wage war against powers that want to disgrace you in the pub.

2. Be on alert, be wise and trust nobody ; I see deception before you.

3. If it's too good to be true? Flee!
Again, I see deception, fraud before you.
Be wise and trust nobody.

4. Pray against fruitless endeavor, journey.

5. You may be able to subdue your hubby weakness or waywardness but can not change him.

6. The lord said, your mother in-law rival place has totally been taken. That is, if not death,she may not return back therein.

7. I see destruction, accident on the road, or death escaped you.
This is by divine and grace.

Glory be to jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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