John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Ok i understand.
Thank you sir
Good afternoon sir,

1.I dreamed i went into a bank to open a business account. When i went in the place was not that busy but there was only one person working. I sat down and said to myself i have not registered my business yet but let me first ask what i need to open a business account. I had a letter in my hand. People started to come inside the bank so more people started to work they asked who is next but i knew it was not mine turn yet so i did not say anything because i knew i was after the lady but nobody stood up so they said they will give the workers the names to call. I heard they gave my name to somebody but that ment i had to wait longer so i got upset and started to ask for the manager one lady that was working asked me whats the problem so i told her that i was here first. The other workers started to misbehave just walking around. When they saw the owner coming they wanted to go back to there seat but the owner already catch them so he slapped one of them and told them they are fired and that it really broke his heart that they wanted to destroy his busniss. I saw one former colleague blocking them so they would not fight. I heard another guy voice also sound like a former colleague and i know he is very aggressive. So we and some ladies run outside to look for him so we could stop him but we could not find him.

Sir i have been thinking for some time now to go into business have also been praying about it off and on. Does this dream have anything to do with it?

Thanks sir
It's not yet time, your turn don't force it. Be patient and receive divine instruction,direction first,before you go ahead.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir,

Last night i went to bed early because of tiredness and headache. I kept on waking up and falling back to sleep. I dont know if this was real or dream.
1. I was lying in bed with my daughter and i felt an evil presence around us. So i hold my daughter and started to pray. Because of tiredness not really sure if it was a dream.
2. I was in my garden or home i saw my neighbour (i dont know her and in real life i am not close to any neighbour) at her window. She invited us in she had so many cats and i really dont like them. We went upstairs and i was lying on her couch almost wanted to fall asleep but then i said to myself if i fall asleep now the cat may jump on my face so i got up. I saw one cat hiding behind some pillows on the next sofa beside me and i said you see if i slept he could have jump me. Then i saw my daughter holding one of the cats so i told the lady to remove all the cats because i dont like them even a big dog started to enter in the room. So she was removing all the animals.
3.Then i saw myself sitting with my daughter on a sofa and another sofa was sitting my former pastor (this one i am close with even do we dont have contact but he was the one that connected me with the other pastor i left.) He was talking to a lady friend of my former pastor it was as if they were doing counselling. She was not even looking at me and i knew that they polluted her mind about me but i did not say anything. She told my pastor that she need to know the date. I had my book next to me and she asked for my book i told her there is no calendar in my book then she reached up were a calender was hanging and i told her she beter use that one.
4.Then i saw myself in a supermarket and there were some people singing but one was dressed as a robot that made his sound also like a robot. Then i saw that the supermarket was making a commercial so i started to laugh and say these supermarket and there commercial. Then a cat enter the store and wanted to approach me so i was trying to avoid him from touching me.
Thank you sir
1. The enemies having realised how weak,weary you were to bed came to inflict,attack you.

2. Don't smell what you can't or don't want to eat. That is, whoever, whatever your spirit man disagree with? It's better to flee without delay than wait until you see the result of these warnings.

3. It's better not to have nothing to do with your former church, pastor and whatever that links you with them must be avoided.
Above all, you shall out like this : ' O you that evil tongue speaking ill of me before & behind me, I shut you up in the name of Jesus ".

4. Some things, encounter are better avoiding than to laugh at even when they appear funny.
Therefore, let the holy spirit be your guide.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
I had the following dreams

1.I was in bed and my husband came in with one child at the back and one in the front. He was laying on top of me and was showing me pics of people that were in the hospital it was as if we were happy that they died because we won. One was my half sister she was wrapped in clothes and another one was a girl i dont know who she is but she was dead but sat up straight. There were more pictures but cant remember them. I saw some writing appearing thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, thou shall not console the stars and the writing kept on going.  So i told my husband i dont want that pic because i dont know why she is dead and sitting up straight. My husband was kissing me but it did not taste well. My husband was so happy he said should i show you how happy i am. So he stood up and because of his standing i fell backward on the bed.

2. I was with my husband at home and a lady turned in a frog. We saw the frog and 2 snake. One snake wanted to eat the other snake. Then the frog and snake disappeared and i saw my husband challenging the snake he put something in the mouth of the snake and pressed a fluid inside. He took the snake by the head an start pouring water in his mouth. He wanted the snake to suffer before he died because i was telling him to throw the snake outside or cut it and he was like no he does not want the snake to come back. The snake was a yellow snake. When the snake was lifeless he started to come closer to me with the snake i did not like it and was seriously warning him.

2. There was going to be a barbeque party but the venue was not cleaned it was dirty with dust and garbage. So the owner was asking me if i could help with the cleaning and i did.

3.i was in a garden and i saw my mother first born with the snake and frog there was even a rat in the garden. She did not want to kill them dont really know what happend next.

4. I was preparing for my daughter birthday. It was going to be a big party in a big hall. I already had some decorations and cooked some food. I cooked 2 big pots of rice. I was a bit upset that my sister was not really helping me. I was thinking to ask her boyfriend to take some pictures. I still had to get some decorations so i asked my husband but he just got back from work and wanted to do it the next day but the next day was the party so i told him i dont want to do everything last minute. I was thinking that i would take some money from the rent and then put it back later. We were preparing to go it was as if we were in my parents house and i saw a open bottle of alcohol in a bag and i asked him if he was the one that drank it.

5. My younger sister who is a mother of 5 was moving into my former home (My first studio i lived in) she was so happy about it i did not see the kids in the dream. She was even bragging that she has a new phone and that when you look outside the window you can see the street name (in real life you can see the street name outside the window ).

Thank you sir.
1. What a great message but I can see the fear of God in you :

He said, do not mock the downfall of your mockers, unfriendly neighbor,household enemy nor even those that detest you within your family circle or among your siblings.

Overcome them with love and humility even if you to away and/or afar from them.

2. Your husband needs to be and get more serious with his spiritual life and in his walk with God.

3. Love your neighbor as yourself and extend the hand of love and humility towards a neighbor that seek you for help so that your righteousness and the fear of the lord in you may become visible before all man.

4. ◄ Jeremiah 17:5 ►
This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

Do not live beyond your means and do not hope in man for help in times of needs nor even your own blood lest you be disappointed round about and overwhelm with frustration.

5. I see her living in your past, financially.
Meaning, I see you above all in all ramifications, especially in financial area.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Welcome back sir
I hope all is well.
Sir i had the following dreams

1. I saw the number 020 in white bold

2. I was riding a bike but the wheel of the bike was loose because of that the brake was not working so i had to stop using me foot. I went to my mum and showed her so she put the bike in the car to bring me to fix the bike. Then i was in the car with my mum and half sister who was driving. She stoped on the middle of the road as if she wanted to turn so i was warning her that she cant turn because its a one way street. Then she wanted to drive again but i saw an old man driving towards us so i told her she should stop but she was not listening and the car hid the other car. I was asking her why she did not stop she was saying because she had right and i told her its not like that even if you have right you still need to wait.

3. I was working for my landlady in her office. One of the employee asked her for money to do her hair so she was upset why she should ask her for money. Then i saw her braiding someone hair and another person was doing the sew in (weaving). So i said if she does the braiding then i can also do the weaving. Then she asked if she can do my hair. It was really beautiful but when you look closer it was not nicely done. I tried to cover it up but it was not well done. Then my landlady got an epilepsy attack and fell on the floor. I put her head straight but she hit her head on the floor. Then i put a piece of wood between her teeth.

4. I was at a party and started to dance. People were admiring my dancing

5.I was with an elder lady dont really know who she is but people were mocking us. We were not treated right. Then something like a earthquake happend and we all went to hide. The elder lady and i went to hide in something like a cage. I dont know but it was as if we went into the future. Everything was better and looked nicer brighter. We could fly even disappear and appear again. Everything was in our fingertips. We would click our fingers and there was food. It really looked like a movie i even saw some American actors.

6. After my midnight prayer i went to bed with my daughter. My husband said he saw me in the dream coming to bed with my daughter and 3 man in suit followed us.
1. It's called " a call ".
Number are symbolic form of communication that God uses to communicate or reach out to his chosen ones, children.

Indeed, the lord said, I have heard your call,and surely, in no time I will communicate with you.

2. The lord consider you wise while he sees and considers your half sister to a fool or unwise one.
In essence,i see the fear of God in you and humility but opposite is what I see in your half sister.

3. Be it your landlady, or anybody that detest your shining, glory from shining shall be disgraced and subdued. For the lord shall defend your cause and cursed those who curse you--blessed whoever blesses you.

4. I see uncommon favor. For I see your glory speaking favor, honor and glory for you among, amidst many and mankind.

5. I see your shame casted away, and I see you catapulted out of disgrace and mockery into the future of glory,testimony and a life full of joy and blessing. Yes! I see grass to grace experience before you.

6. Indeed, the lord was with you. He answered your prayers over your life and that of your daughter, even that of your household.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
1. I cant remember the dream clearly because when i woke up i thought it was maybe my mind speaking because i saw myself with 2 ladys and everything i want i could have it. I just had to click my fingers and it was there like magic.
2. I was in a house with 2 of my former friends. One of them was naked and covering her breast. She had done plastic surgery on her nose and breast. But the nose did not come out well. She saw my hear and said that my hair really has grown. I told her it needs to grow a bit more.
3. I was in the train with my sisters and their children.It was as if we travelled from one country to another. We reached our destination and i got of the train. My sisters were still on the train so i went inside to warn them that they have to get off the train quickly because the train will go back to were it came from.
4.Then i saw myself sitting somewhere and a famous singer was sitting behind me and was singing to his song that was playing on television so i wanted to take my phone to video it and post it on facebook but i could not find my phone. When i found my phone he already stop singing. In real life i have facebook but have not use it for some years now and have no interest in using it again.
5. I was in my new house it was as if my friend ex boyfriend gave us the house. He just entered the house without calling or knocking. In myself i said is it because he gave us the house. He came in and removed his clothes only kept his underwear on and was laying on the couch watching television. I said to myself he is doing this because he does not know that my father is in the house. My father was in the next room sitting at a table. My father came out and saw him and greeted him. The guy felt ashamed and took his clothes and left.
Thank you sir

5. I see her living in your past, financially.
Meaning, I see you above all in all ramifications, especially in financial area.

Please sir i dont really understand. You gave me this answer on 22nd of Feb
thank you sir