John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning pastor,

Thank you sir.

I had another dream the dream is not that clear.
1. I was in a plane and knew i had to transit 2 times.
One was to stop in a country and the second one we had to stay for an hour in another country. Normally when we want to land i get a bit scared but this time i did not even knew we landed until i looked outside.

2. I went to a shop to buy food but i did not have much money in my account. When i went to order i remember i had some vouchers so i gave it to her to prepare the food for me but she did not ask for money instead she gave me change back. When i check my wallet i found some coins so i asked for ice cream. First she put for my daughter but instead a small one she made a large one with a toy. Plus she gave me one with caramel  that i already was eating. She made a big one with diffrent toppings. The lady was giving me diffrent kind of ice creams. I had like 3 bags with ice cream and drinks but did not pay for it. So i asked the other lady where my food is so she rush to her colleague and she came back and apologies that she forgot and went to prepare it. A man came to me and told me that the owner was a good man in the beginning but later he treated them bad. Some of the ice creams were melting so i told them and new ones were prepared for me. The lady that forgot the food turned into my sister boyfriend niece. So we started talking and i told her now i know that she is working here i will come more often.  She said yes because we are family and we need each other. In real life we dont live in the same country.

Thank you sir
1. The lord said, I will cause you to explore a new world, get use to the plane/height because I am taken you high-er.

2. It's called " uncommon grace ".
The world call it " uncommon privilege ".
Meaning : I see divine grace, privilege and favor all around you, wherever you go. So that, people that know you and don't shall find favor with you and bless you,your life, and at ease blessing and favor shall come to you.

Bible ref : Isia60

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Praise the Lord i am so happy sir.
I am now using isiah 60 to pray.
Thank you sir may God keep on increasing your anointing.

1. I had another dream that i saw the daughter of my former pastor crying so i was calling her name but she did not respond so i followed her and when she looked back i saw it was the wife of a former friend of mine who just got married last year. I apologised and said i taught she was somebody else. She went and sit down with another friend and i heard them talking saying that her husband slapped her and that she is pregnant. She wished she was not and that she will leave him

2 Another dream was also about a former friend she is also close with my former pastor so i stopped our contact and for one reason or the other she does not like me. I saw her in the hospital with her mum and son. I went to talk to her to ask her how she is doing but she totally ignored me. She was even looking as if i disgust her.
I was frying some chips so i asked her if her son want some but she said something that her son wants but not from me. Her mother also totally ignored me. There was more to the dream but i forgot. I have not spoken to the lady for a while now and dont attend to. I dont know why God is showing me this but i know even before i left the pastor and his family she did not like me.

3. I saw myself in my former office but this time i was sitting next to the manager. I then said i need to interview a colleague he was doing my former job. My manager then said he was going to call him to let him know i was coming but then he was like restless starting the move around. Another colleague came and i told her my manager was all quite the whole day and now that he needs to do something he is restless. So my colleague asked me if she could join me for the interview so i said ok.

4. This one not sure if its a dream or in my head because i woke up and when i closed my eyes i saw a black cat on the fence in my garden. He was looking inside but the strange thing is my door you cant really look outside or inside. But the cat was staring inside so i was trying to scare it but not sure if he could see me and he start walking on the fence towards my door. I saw a red apple with a mark on it not sure if a worm was inside. I said to myself i will throw this apple to him and took a bite but spit it out again because i did not know if the apple was spoilt because of the mark. Then the cat was walking on the fence towards the door and it turned into a baby laughing.
Last night i heard a lot of cats making noise like a baby dont know if it has anything to do with it or just my mind playing with me.

Thanks sir for your help
1. There is no love neither true deliverance in that church. And, no wonder...

2. ..Even in that church,among the (so called) children of God hatred is harboured and enmity. Flee from that church/member as there is no love for you therein.
But you shall pray this prayer : ' Any personality, man,woman born out of woman harboring hatred towards and against me, you are not my creator, therefore, in the name of Jesus I abort it by fire.

Ps 8,24,19,65,51 and 42.

3. The lord will honor you and cause you to find favor capable of promoting you at your work place but at the inconvenience of somebody.
Surely, you've found favor with the lord and he will honor you.

4. That cat is called " blessing devourer ".. hence the spoilt or eaten apple.

You must wage war against the spirit of devourer and witchcraft agent eaten up your harvest at will.

Night vigil and back it up with fasting.

Ps 119,24,65,8,19,51 and 42.

Listen, there is a power devouring your blessings and it's been doing so for some time now and until it's destroy along with it source of powers? Your blessing may continue to be hijacked or limited. Daughter? You are not getting what you deserved! You must fight and destroy that witchcraft devouring powers against your blessing, NOW!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir,

I have started my 24 hours praying and fasting.

I had this dream
1. I was at home preparing food for my husband to go to work. I was also fasting in the dream. When i went into the kitchen i saw some chocolate sweets and put it in my mouth. I went to my husband to tell him i have eaten. He said that it was an attack. I told him something like this never happen to me that i am really careful when i fast and i will give it a try tomorrow to fast.
2. A white guy came to pick up my husband for work. My husband was dressed as if he was doing construction but my husband is not in construction. I made sure he had everything his backpack and the food i put for him but then i saw us in the car following the white man in a white car. Then my husband was driving on the other side of the road but there was no car coming. He drove like that for a while then i told him you are driving on the wrong side he sounded a bit annoyed. He wanted to drive backwards but the car did not allowed it. So he went to the right lane.

Somebody was getting married but i dont know who. I asked myself who paid for the wedding and wanted to find out. I went on the computer and saw my long time friend sister had some pictures. They were pics of my friend getting married but not to the man she is married now. The man did not look so good. I saw her on the phone in her wedding dress and she was angry. Then i saw her in a room with 2 baby dolls dress like flower girls. The rest i cant remember.

Thank you sir
1. Indeed, that was an attack,indeed, this fasting is highly needed and possess power to destroy the works of the enemies over your life hence the devil came to destroy the strength and purpose of that fasting and prayer.

That is? The kingdom of darkness are out to incapacitate the essence of your fasting and prayer and they 'seemed' to have succeeded, spiritually.

• Consider another one (choose the date).
• Be watchful and careful that you don't mistaken ruin the fasting and prayer with sin,anger or temptation/eating of food, unconsciously.
• Wage war against powers, kingdom of darkness waging war against your heaven, fasting, prayer and the essence of this program you're on with..

2. You are the tree, backbone of your husband. Yes, his guardian angel. But I pray he listens to your advise often and consider your words of wisdom/input..he will be save...

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir i will choose another day to fast.
Sir what about the 3de dream or does that mean the dream has no meaning?

Thank you sir
I saw just two dreams,and until you number it it's consider just two ; this is one of the rules here.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sorry sir for not following the rules i will put the dream down here.

1.Somebody was getting married but i dont know who. I asked myself who paid for the wedding and wanted to find out. I went on the computer and saw my long time friend sister had some pictures. They were pics of my friend getting married but not to the man she is married now. The man did not look so good. I saw her on the phone in her wedding dress and she was angry. Then i saw her in a room in her wedding dress and 2 dolls were there dressing like flower girls the rest i cant remember.

Thank you sir
Congratulations you are among the chosen ones according to the book of Joel 2:28.

Indeed, this is a prophetic revelation as the lord said, whatever your long time friend might be facing in her marriage? She didn't made the wrong choice nor miss her appointed time, maritally.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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