John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Quote:A brother and a sister separately asked me if i wanted to stay and then i saw someone not sure if she was a boy or a girl asking me if i wanted to stay for dinner. I cant remember all that happend in the dream but it was as if i was happy and said finally.

Praise God!!!
Go home, celebrate! The lord has finally grant you victory. Yes, I see that demon of hatred, irritation destroyed in your life and replaced with the spirit of love and favor round about.

Indeed, the lord said, wherever you go now, even people that know you not shall entertain you,embrace you with love and welcome you into their home(s).

Go ,go and celebrate your case is settled and my mission in your life has been accomplished.

2. This is a strong confirmation to the message above :

The lord said, wherever you go henceforth and anywhere you find yourself from now on,even in a strange land? You'd be love, wholly embraced and welcome and absorb.

Again,i say, ' Praise God!

3. There is a strong man among your own blood/siblings(I won't mention name) that inflicted you with that infliction through a gift or... but rejoice now, go home and celebrate as that strong man and it evil deed has been destroyed in your life and virtue/glory. Another confirmation of your victory here.

NB: show no pity to anybody that experience sudden breakdown, or whatever befall such be it among your own blood or family or... it's the repercussion of his/her evil deed against you.

4. ◄ Psalm 121:1 ►
I lift up my eyes to the mountains-- where does my help come from?My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Again? Amazing!
The lord said, henceforth, help shall seek and find you,and where you lacking in your life? Help will locate you. For, when you seek now? You shall find and when you ask? It shall be given unto you.

Thank you jesus! Thank you! Thank you!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen amen amen!!! Praise God i am so happy and thankful.
Sir thank you for all your help if it was not for you i would have not know what was happening. I thank God for your life.
May the Almighty God continue to bless you.
I am really grateful.
Good morning sir,.

I had the following dreams last night.

1. I was in a house when this guy came with a small boy. This guy died last year december. The guy was flirting with me. I knew him when i was a bit younger he was a popular singer in my country. He was flirting with me but i was not paying attention. There was also a baby look like a new born. The baby looked possessed so i started to pray for the baby and the baby went up as if it was flying up so my hands were going up 2 and i kept on praying. Then we went to a hall and there was a lot of people with the same light blue shirt and they wanted to take a group photo. One of the girl was an nigerian actress (living) and she really dragged me because she wanted to sit next to me on the photo. She pushed a girl aside. The girl was somebody i went to school with. She is still alive but in the dream it was as if she was dead. I am not sure but i think everybody in the dream was dead. So the actress and my former classmate started to fight so i was trying to seperate them in the process of doing that i farted and she was smelling it so she asked me if i farted i said no so she started to run or crawl after me. I run into another room but i could not lock the door so she was pushing it and because i could not hold the door i told her do you know that you are dead. She did not believe i said yes you are dead right now. Another lady came with tears in her eyes telling me why did i tell her. I was back in the room and a woman was busy on the internet and saw a lot of fans reacting for the late singer so i called him telling to see how many woman were sending messages to him. But there was also a part in the dream were i was thinking why did i not spend more time with some people i know and then it was as if time went back and i could spend time with them.

This one is really a mystery sir i would really appreciate if you can help me out.

2. I was invited to my former church but the headquarter. When i arrived there it was filled with people. Somebody was going to preach i dont know who it is. Everywhere was filled i saw the Ro wife sitting in front. Somebody announced that since downstairs was full we could go and sit upstairs. I took a stool and went to sit at the site i just made some space for myself even the usher came and helped me to adjust my chair. In the church i even saw family members who never even went to the church. There was a lady sitting behind me and she was really friendly it was as if she new my aunty. So she asked me if i wanted to go for a drink so i went. There was something about her that looked as if i could really trust her because i was even thinking i can leave my daughter with her (i normally dont leave my daughter with anybody not even daycare) so we went outside i followed her but then i saw something in a window that looked like my homefood so i went and look closer but it was not. So when i wanted to follow the girl again she was gone. I looked everywhere even went into a hospital. I saw 2 children sleeping on the floor but the girl was no where to be found.

Thank you sir
1. Hmmm..
If only you know what this means, what the lord has just done for you, here? You will spend tonight praising God till dawn.

Listen, you should be dead, I mean, be in the land of the dead by now but I see saved you,your soul from death.

Here is a strong confirmation :

Quote:But there was also a part in the dream were i was thinking why did i not spend more time with some people i know and then it was as if time went back and i could spend time with them.
Yes, the emboldened means that, your soul was already bidding goodbye, amidst the the deads but the lord, suddenly brought you back and redeemed your soul.

Infact, as I was interpreting your dream the lord said, he led you here to destroy these powers and agenda of the powers of darkness over your soul.

You really should praise God tonight till dawn.

2. It's called " dining with the past, the dead".
The lord said, your heaven and life was confined at your past, in retrogression but I brought you out mysteriously and led into the path of life/today.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
I am really grateful. God gave me another chance and i cant thank Him enough.

I had another dream sir. When we moved into our house it was partly furnish so we had to remove the bed because we did not need it. During the remove we found 10 pounds hidden inbetween the bed. My husband removed it and put it somewhere to removed it later but i think he forgot so few days/weeks later he remembered and threw it outside .

My dream is i went outside with a gun and i think bread in some bag. I looked angry/serieus. I met my ex on the way and he was worried because i had a gun and he felt it was not safe but i did not give him any attention. I went to a store/restaurant and the owner gave me the 10 pounds back but were he got it from it was the same place my husband hid it in our house. I dont really know what i did to it. Either gave it to my ex or bought something with it not sure.

Thank you sir
The lord said, this blessing is from me, don't rebuke it, don't dispose it and don't give it out.

What's this blessing? :

Biblical number 10 :

TEN - Law and order.

Yes, I see law and order, peace, harmony, restoration and blessing overwhelmed your home now.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir

1. I dreamed i was with my mother and sister. Something happened before that but i cant remember. My mother said that a woman approach her to clean her hair salon so she asked me and my sister to help her so i told her thats ok but then after you will help me it was as if i had a big project but not sure if it was also a cleaning project. I said that my mum does not have to pay me but i will not pay them when they help me. My sister did not look very happy. So i went to see the place and it was a small place but it was a bit dirty. Customer came to look for the owner so i told her she will be back in 10 min. The owner forgot her phone in the salon thats why the customer could not reach her.

2. Another dream but not so clear my friend gave me 3 sheets of paper. There was nothing written on it.

Thank you sir
Do away with this strange habit in you. Learn to be sacrificial, give without expecting anything in return.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
The truth is bitter but i thank God for using you to show me my faults. I will really work on it.

I had another dream i was in the back of my father inlaw car with my daughter. The front seat window was a bit open so a thief tried to break in. He did not know that my daughter and i was sitting in the car. I was trying to stop him from entering he tried to open the doors but i was blocking him. Then he went to the boot and open it because it was not locked. He took a small black box i dont know what it is and went away. When we were in the house my father inlaw (he is my husband Step father) entered the house with his daughter and i was explaining to him what happend but my father inlaw looked so old he had grey hair and it was as if he could not hear me wel. My father inlaw is not an old person in real life and can hear very well. He was saying yes i will give you your 50 pounds back i think i borrowed him money but i was trying to tell him its not that but he did not understand. My mother inlaw was sitting next to me and i wanted her to explain what i ment that a thief broke into his car but she was on the phone. So i was calling my husband but he did not hear me or pretended that he did not hear me. My mother inlaw who was on the phone got an asthma attack and could not breath properly. She tried to put her head between her legs. So i was rubbing her back and saying i will get her some water. When i went to the kitchen my husband was doing the dishes so i asked him did you not hear me calling you and i took some water for his mum.

Thank you sir
They are all spiritually blind, the lord said.

I see evil invasion, spiritual robber and attacker overshadowed your father in-law's family but surely, there is a route of escape ; only if they will heed to your spiritual warnings,guidance, insight and spiritual alert and not look down on you,and what the lord is capable of using you for in their lives. But I see them heed not.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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