John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Thank you sir

Good morning sir
I just had this dream
1.I cant remember what happened in the beginning but i was with my husband on a bike and he was carrying me. We went up and down the hill. Somebody was in the hospital. It was like a friend of him called him to tell him that he had to come because the person is dying. I was up the hill and had to come down i saw an easy path to go down. He was riding his bike fast to go and see the person. I saw his priest wearing all white with a little bit of red (those white gowns the catholic priest normally wears) he was walking after him as if he wanted to tell him something but his mouth was covered and he could not reach him. I was now checking for my phone to see if the priest will call me. It was as if i was yelling at him what is happening. My phone was safe in my pocket. So i enter a tram when i wanted to get out i saw this guy a knew and i was telling myself he really look thin. That he lost a lot of weight. I got out and a bus almost hit me but diverted and then when i looked the bus was like a small car. I checked my pocket again for my phone and i now felt my phone in another pocket of my jacket. I never knew i had that pocket in my jacket. It now seems like a movie with drug dealers, shooting, people dressed like army people. I was not part of the deal but i saw how they were setting up somebody. They were waiting for the gun shot then they put a silver ring on his finger. The even prick him with a needle.
2.i had this dream before the above one. I was in my parents house and my dad wanted me to marry a guy and i told him i dont want to. Then a young man enter in the house so we were wondering how he came in. Then we remembered that my brother left the key somewhere. The guy looked like a homeless person and he was holding a parcel/gift. He was really shy. I then saw myself outside. The weather was bright and sunny. I was in a car with open roof. The wind was blowing in my long hair but it was like my hair was not black but grey or blond not sure.
3. My brother and his daughter with some other family members were on this boat. It does not look like a boat but its on the water with fancy seats. Then i saw the news on the television that 8 people on the same boat died. I was wondering how since i just saw my family members coming out of the boat and nothing happened.
4. I was in my parents house and was looking outside the window. I saw a giraffe neck tied on a rope and swing from one side to another. The other giraffes were trying to help him and the rope cut. I think the giraffe thought we were the one that tied him so he came to our house with speed but could not enter. Then a kangaroo was coming to our house with speed but could not enter. A man was complaining about something and kept on knocking at the door but i did not open. He even went to my sister to ask her some questions but i dont know why my sister did not enter the house. A small boy (i think his son)was entering the house but the guy was calling him. I now saw that the boy came into the house so i told him he is not allowed inside and he went outside. The guy even told him he cant go inside. The guy was now telling my sister that the place was France as if my sister made a mistake. I was now thinking that i will tell my sister that she told me it was France.
5. My husband dream
My husband grandmother died last week and he dreamed that we and his cousin were in our house and his grandmother appeared and was smiling and really happy. He was also smilling and happy but when he wanted to ask her but why did she leave us like that. His grandmother dissapeared.

Thank you sir
1. You didn't specified whose mouth was sealed, whether it's your hubby or the priest!?
Anyways, the message will still fall into the same interpretation except for the identity of the victim :

In essence, the lord said,you hubby must learn to respect you, love you and carry you along with him in every storm, peace or situation. He must stop being manipulated by any man of God or whoever he sees as a father in the lord lest the judgment of God be his or the priest. His home ( you) must be his priority and must learn to carry her along lest both him and his.. shall be inflicted with plague and what seem a normal communication between both of them shall become a crime to humanity, the world and all. He must turn a new leaf now by carrying you along, respecting you and not make you feel like a stranger in his plans and life's activities? Lest? I see great implication and his heaven along with those he listen to, shut or closed.

2. Openly or secretly your father had always wanted to have his way in your life or control your marital life even while you were young. But his way were and never healthy for you. The grey hair,open car means : vulnerability,while the weak man, means : an husband-like-wife ; feeble, and that was your father's choice according to the dream.

3. The lord loves this family, and has been keeping her, preserving her from destruction. Bible ref : Ps 91. Mind you, this is all about you too, especially your immediate family too.

4. There is a special grace of God, mercy preserving and keeping the members of your family from destruction wherever they are all over the world. Perhaps, you've been prayer to God to preserve all her members for some times now, hence this assurance from the lord? But pray, for your sister as she seems vulnerable among the all, for now.

5. She passed away fulfilled and at the appointed time indeed hence the smile and joy and her goodbye.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir

Number 1 dream the priest mouth was covered.
Sir but how will i pass the message to my husband. I told him the dream but we thought about a whole diffrent interpretation. Should i pray to God to reveal it to him. Dont really know how to go about it.

Thank you sir
Telling him the message exactly how it is would be unwise.

Tell him, the lord warned, he should learn to be considerate in his marriage,and learn to make decision base on God's direction alone, often.

Is that ok?

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Yes sir
Thank you
Good morning sir

I just had this dream
1. I was in the house with my husband when there was an attack or small explosion cant remember but it came from me from my hand. My husband and i were now looking around the house for it. It made me to shake a bit because i knew it came from me.
2. I saw two different images of a road. Everywhere was clear no car was driving. The image look familiar as if i dreamed about it before.
3. A guy i dated years ago came to my house or my parents house not sure with his new girlfriend. He was really praising her. I was wondering why he should come here but i was happy for him.
4. In a dream before you interpreted that my brother should be careful for chronic sexual disease. My brother put a sticker on my daughter. Later when we checked she had some marks on her body. I told my mum to bring her to the dokter. We knew it was my brother that cause it. I was thinking that i have to start praying for my brother because i havent since pastor told me the meaning of the dream.
5. I went to the market my uncle and aunty were selling foodstuff in the market. I asked my aunty to get me caramel. She gave it to me with my change but i told her she can keep the change. She said she will keep it since she needs change to give to her customers when they buy something.
6. I went to the toilet and i met a former school mate from high school (she turned 2 of my close friends back then against me). I saw her and i said to myself let me just greet her and i did. She greeted me back and said something i cant remember.
7. I was in my parents house and my sister and cousin were also there. My sister was on the phone. I think somebody asked her to get some noodles. She now asked if i also wanted something and i told her i want some chicken. She then said we can preserve the chicken for some days if we dont want to eat it immediately. She was behaving really nice. I know went into the kitchen were my younger sister was and i was telling her that our sister really changed that she is nice now( in real life she is not that bad as was showing in the dream) I wanted to call my sister to ask her if she could get me noodles also.
8. I went into an elevator. Some other people also entered and were saying that they hope the lift is working. The other door started to move and we got out of the lift. Others were talking what they are going to do now but i already saw another lift that i could take.

Thank you sir
1. Don't be troubled at all.
Well, your husband had better be careful and repent as your inner man is so angry with his ways lest? I see your spirit man fight him without mercy out of anger even without you knowing.

You shall also pray, ' any power, evil force on a mission to use me against my husband, marriage, be aborted and die! - Ps 65,19,24,8.

2. It's called " open door ".
Meaning, the lord shall cause your path to be smooth and make a new way for you so that you will become unstoppable. O yes, forward, progress.. I see!

3. You've left your past behind you, finally. Well, if you past cease or not or refuse to get over you-what then is your busuness? What's your business now that you've conquered it?

4. Pray, pray for him now before it's too late. As the lord warned if the prophesy finally come to pass? Directly or indrectly¿ you'd be affected.

5. The lord shall bless you so that you shall have plenty, more than enough left to give or let go without worries.
Congratulations again!

6. What a blessed heart, soul you have. Such a golden soul and heart that forgives and forgets.

6. Well, now that the owner of the glory has finally taken possession of it what More? Meaning, the one with the glory before shall now bow before the owner.

8. Many might be stopped on their way up but you? The lord shall make a way for you where many failed, where there be no way for others - he will show you a path up so that you become unstoppable.

O yes, I see you going up now.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Praise the Lord.
Thank you sir
Good morning sir

I had the following dreams
1. I was riding a bike looking for a plumber. I had a booklet with me with directions of diffrent plumbers. I was riding up a hill. A lot of school children were also going up the hill. When i had to go down i got a bit scared to go down riding the bike first i was thinking to go to another one but then i got of my bike and walk down. I got to a shopping mall and saw a slide i climbed up but could not make it. Then i saw the door entrence and and i went in.
2. I was riding my bike again talking to my friend on the phone (she is also my prayer partner and lives in Senegal). I was giving her directions on the phone to meet me. We met and were riding to a place/shop. The place had diffrent cheap clothes. Some of the clothes had stains so we needed to look for the good ones. I had some white shorts with a drawing i think of a beach with sun and palm tree in my hand we saw them together i was holding them but gave it to her. Some clothes were dirty but i said i can wash them. I also saw a lot of shirts that looked as one i also have but is ripped. I was looking for my own size of the shirt since mine had some holes in it in real life. The other clothes i wanted to buy was not for myself.
3. I was in a house with some people. I dont know them. A lady was helping another lady to carry the baby on her back with a wrapper. The baby was holding the end of the fabric and we were all laughing. Then the lady who helped with the wrapper left with a man and child.
Thank you sir
1. The ability or grace to start what you finish is oten determined by your level of fear or courage : the, I can spirit '.

2. You are indeed a great blessing to her, everyone around you. You are naturally sacrificial, caring and a giver, lover of giving.

3. The blessing of the lord and his kingdom brings joy and adds no sorrow but many, none embrace it to the end.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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