John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Thank you sir.
Good day Sir,

Sir i had another dream.
1. I was in a house with a guy dont know who he is but apparently he gave a group of people assignment to kill me. The people in the group did not want to do it, so one lady came to warn me that this guy is planning to kill me. The lady told me that they had pity on me and that i am old so they dont want to kill me. Then i saw myself on a ship with a lot of people. One lady was dancing very abnormal.

Sir i thank God for His intervention but what i dont understand why would the lady call me old when i am not an old person.

Thank you for your help sir.
I see the arrow/spirit of death round about you for some years now rendered powerless and exposed over your soul.

Yes, I must celebrate your life and bless the name of the lord for sparing your life/soul from untimely death.

Answer : it means, you are too old for death, too old to die now, too old in Christ to be swallowed by the power of death.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day Sir,

Last night i dreamed that i showed my mother in law my new shoes. They were expensive and red.
My mother in law said something but i cant remember what she said.

2. I was with 2 ladies we were friends when i was younger but now i dont have contact with them again. Its was late and i wanted to go home but one of them begged me to come with her. We went to a big company there i met a lady that said i passed my exam. In myself i was thinking that i never did any exam so we went to a room were she was giving people the test back and she gave me mine and when i went through it i remember that i took the exam and i notice that i forgot to fill in some questions but overall i did well and passed. There was this guy that also did the exam but the lady was saying that he did not pass so she was calling him stupid so i went to her and told her she should not call him stupid they called him stupid before ( he is a guy i went to school with). I told her if you call him stupid it hurts my heart.

Thank you sir
1. It's good that you are open minded and keep no malice with her nor see her as a threat despise her shortcomings but be wise,don't open the whole of your heart to her.

2. You have such a unique personality ; one who's not proud, detest pride and looking down on people below her. Surely, some friends,people are not meant to be associated because you are humble and they are proud. Flee from the proud lest you are consider one with them.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir!

Sir i had another dream.

1. I was in the class room and they were giving us back our exam. 1 lady i worked with before intentionally made her test wrong (dont know why) one of the things she did instead of a 6 she wrote z. So i started to laugh really uncontrollable laughter. The teacher came and assigned seat for us. She put me on the second table from the front and i choose to sit by the wall and thinking of the mistake the lady made i started to laugh again and somebody asked why i was laughing so i told her the mistake that the lady made.

2. I was in my ex boyfriend house it was like one of my cousins was renting a room in his house. I called my ex and told him i am in his house he was happy and said there was enough food in his house. So i went through his stuff and found baby clothes. So i went to the living room were my nieces (2 sisters) were sitting and i was complaining to them why they dont come and visit me in london even one of there sisters is now living here and she never called me. Then my 2 sisters were also in the house. One came back with food but did not bring anything for me. So i asked my other sister why they did not bring food for me. She told me they asked me but i said no. I got angry because they never asked me so i kept repeating it almost crying because they were lying against me. Another niece who lives in america was asking me why do i keep on repeating it why dont i just let it go. So i told her i cant stand it when people are lying against me.

Sir the dream that my sisters dont give me food i have dreamed it before.

I also dreamed that i was in a birthday party not sure who was celebrating. When people were gather to sing happy birthday the ceiling open and swallow the people. So i later figure out that when they sing happy birthday standing close to the cake the ceiling will open so i stood far for from the cake and started to sing happy birthday so the ceiling opened and people could come back down but one person did not want to come back down so he went back up. The people were leaving and one lady wanted me to come and greet her but it was like i was pregnant in the dream so i said she should come because i am pregnant. Then it was like i was in a room with my husband and i transferred some money to my sis because it was like i damaged her sofa. I transferred 3000 pound but i saw on my bank account that she did not use all the money. So i paid for the complete sofa but she just use some and kept the rest and i told my husband i dont care what she did because i know God has something bigger for me. My husband then said that we are going to look for a house close to london (we want to move since our landlady is playing some games with us and not keeping her word. See former dream) he said we will try to get a small token to give to God.

Thanks and bless you sir
1. The lord warned , always mind your business and derive no joy in another person's madness/downfall.

2/3 : But why do people look down on you for no reason, why do many,derive joy in cheating you, taken advantage of you and consider or often treat you like a stranger even among your own siblings, family? What a world, woman!
Listen, the lord said, there is no love for you, there is compassion towards you and nobody care about you especially, even among your own blood. Infact, no respect for you whatsoever,and you are often rebuke,ridicule like you belong not among them. What a world!

But daughter, don't, stop running away from your shadow, face it and discover who you truly are within and without your siblings,family as there is something spectacular , unique and a special place for you as the apple of God's eyes hence this battles and unfounded hatred or rejections.

You want to find out the reason behind this and destroy this irritation that makes them rebuke you, look down on you, and what causes them not to respect you? PM me then.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir,
1 I had a dream that i was somewhere like a restaurant the dream was not that clear. I remember seeing a broken table. Then i was sitting next to my old colleague we were talking and i asked about her son and she told me did you not hear 40 days ago i lost my son at work. I started to cry and said really.

2. I was at the airport with my daughter we were waiting in line but some people were jumping the line and i was so angry so we went and eat something when we went back to board the plane the woman was like surprised and said you would have been late but you are not even when you went to eat something. So we board the plane. We reached our destination. The next thing i saw was a couple lying down and when i turned the man was satisfying the woman.

Sir i am still praying and belief God will speak to me. I had more dreams but the moment i wake up i forget the dream.

Thank you sir
1. To God be the glory.
The lord said, in all things? Give thanks..because I have spared your life, your children, your household, and from sorrow.

2. Indeed, a patient dog eats the fattest bone!
In essence, the lord said, if you'd refuse to join the rush of this world, embrace honesty, righteousness and humility in every situation your find yourself,and everywhere you find yourself, and refuse to partake in the madness that's become norms in the world of today? I will always vindicate you and cause you to last laugh and have cause to be celebrated.

• Well, daughter? Maybe, that's because there is nothing more left for God to say or Reveal? I believe what he told you(on PM) a day or two ago about the mystery surrounding this irritation or hatred towards you is all there is? Perhaps, it's time to ask God ' what needs to be done to destroy these irritation or hatred mark on you"?

NB : I will be on the look out for two more days then I will inquire and know where to come into your case.

Fear not. The lord is settling you already!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir,

Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate.
God bless you and your family.

1. A brother and a sister separately asked me if i wanted to stay and then i saw someone not sure if she was a boy or a girl asking me if i wanted to stay for dinner. I cant remember all that happend in the dream but it was as if i was happy and said finally.

2. I was at a market were i brought my dirty dishes to wash on my way back there were some gypsy ladies selling things and were asking people if they were from this country so i answered them back in that language because i am from that country so they tried to sell things to me but i did not want to and walk away.

3. I received a parcel from my parents from america. My husband brought the parcel upstairs. My husband doesn't joke when we get anything he always wants to pray on it or tell me to pray on it before opening it. So i went upstairs to pray on it. But then from no were my sister appear and just stood infront of us as if she was possesed. I started to talk in tongs and my tongs were like a Spanish language  (i dont know spanish) but some things i was saying i understood and it was that i was calling the Holy Spirit to remove/ destroy that what was taking possession of my sister. I think it was destroyed not sure. i then saw myself preparing food for my daughter. There was this kind of food they have in my country a kind of sausage so when i cut it open a smaller version was in side with a golden10 cent. I asked my husband should i still give it to her and i woke up.

4. I was working as a security officer and i met an old classmate of mine that was working as a masseuse. I was asking her about her work but she was saying she is not making a lot of money out of it. So i decided to follow her along to see how she work. We went to this woman who just born twins and i was thinking if i would have that kind of help when i was pregnant it would have really helped me. My old classmate was still saying that she does not make money out of it. I met this lady and she was telling me that she wants to help me with the business.

Thank you sir