John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good day Pastor,

This is my first time and i hope i am doing it correct. If i dont please correct me.

I had a dream that i was with some people in a big shopping mall and they were teaching me how to fly. The thing is it was not for evil but for helping people i then saw myself in a office and was trying to fly there was one lady there and she looked at me as if she was jealous of me.

2. My husband dreamed that i was celebrated great men of God, celebrities were there. It was a big event and people were congratulating me.

3. I was with my parents and they told me that i have to do something because my uncle that died came back to me. I was doubting and they brought me to a church (did not know it was a church then) they needed to put something red on top of my head. (Not sure what it was) and i had to say some things and place a hat on my head for the spirit to leave me but i was really doubting because i said to myself if i let them do this i know a stronger one will take it place so i left and had to come back another day. So when i left the place i turned and saw it was a Catholic church so i said to myself i need to pray about it first.

I hope you can help me with the meanings of these dreams.
God bless
Welcome to the ministries. Note that we don't ministry on sunday ,doing so attracts suspension. Read the announcement thread for more info

1. God is preparing,grooming you for greatness, next level.

2. This established the dream above : ' you'd be celebrated at the appointed time and annointed before God.

3. No wonder, the devil is out now to use your own people against you so that it can hijack the glory and annointing upon you. But I see you rebuke them all. But the lord warned strongly here, catholic church isn't meant for you and be wary of family members that want to lure you into demonic churches practices lest you lose the day of the lord's visitation and the great things he's put in place for you.

Be wise!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir!
Good day sir,

Hope all is well.
I have another dream that i would like to know the meaning.

1. I was at home and saw some bundles with new clothes laying on my bed. I knew God gave them to me and i started praising and thanking Him but then my mum took some away and i was so angry. Then it was as is i was halve awake and asleep and felt how i was lying in my bed and then my mum hold my ankle and i said get off in Jesus name and i woke up

2. I was in a market and there were a lot of people selling sweet first i thought let me buy some from a black person but then changed my mind and got some sweet but instead of giving money i gave my old sweets for new one. So i started walking and came across a man selling fish diffrent kind of expensive fish. A lady wanted to buy one but when she heard the price she left it. I walk to another person that was selling clothes and met my former colleague.

3. I was walking on the street and a white lady came to me and said do you think your debts will disappear just like that no you need to do something about it bring your bills to me and i will help you. So i went to my parents house and met my brother he asked me were am i going to but i did not want to tell him i am going to see the lady. So i went upstairs to meet the lady there were some children there and she was playing with one child so i sat down and waited but i notice my other phone one i dont use that much was not working properly.

Thanks and God bless
1. I see some unseen forces assigned to use,manipulate your mother against your happiness, blessing. You shall wage war again ; ' Powers assigned to use my mother against the day of my joy, blessing and celebration, be roasted by fire, die, in the name of Jesus.".

In essence, the lord warned, there are things, success story or joyful moment in your life or good news you must let your mother know lest your day of celebration/joy become a day of sorrow..

2. It's called " new thing, new beginning ".
Yes, the lord is about to do something new, give you a new beginning. But you shall pray " My foot, my body and all that's in me you shall not retrograde my joy, new beginning, you shall not led me into the wrong path on that day, in the name of Jesus ".

Ps 8,19,24,19,119.

3. I see deceit, deception, manipulation aim to rob you of your faith, endurance and expectation in God. Don't fall for it, don't give up on God. Wait on the lord, wait for your time and hold on to him lest the devil cause you to sin against God,deceive you and hijack what the lord had prepared for you through the power of faith.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir,

Can you pls help me with the following dreams

1. A friend of mine gave me some dark purple boots the first one i thought they were to small so i did not try them. I tried the second one but it was not my size. So i tried the first one and when i tried them on they turned into slippers and were my size. Only that when i walk my feet comes out in the back.

2. I was making yam and vegetable. I remember that some years ago a lady made it for me and it was so nice so i tried to make it.

3. I was in a house with all of my family and we were sitting at a large table and everybody was bringing food to eat. I wanted a particular food but it was finished so my cousin brought some burgers so i quickly took one and sat done with some food on my plate.

Thank you sir
1. I see honor, something new before you but pray it fit you and it doesn't past you by. Ps 19,51,121:1-2 and 1.

2. There is nothing shall be impossible for you if you are determine and put your mind to it.

3. I see love,harmony returned and restored into this family.

Bless you.
Thank you sir
Good day pastor,

Thank you for all your help concerning my dreams i really appreciate.

I had another dream

My husband wants to go into business with this woman she is also our landlady and sometimes i help her with some admin work.
1. Last night i dreamed that i and my daughter went to visit her in her house but every were was so dusty. I saw some men coming out of her house carrying mattresses it was as if they were cleaning the house but not sure. One guy almost drop the mattress on my daughter.

Thank you sir
Pray that this woman won't use you and your husband and dump you.

In essence, the lord warned you and your husband to be wise and always stay ahead of that woman and plan well lest she use and dump you two.

Spiritual Intervention : Ps 19,42,8,24,27.

• Greed, anti cooperation, commitment demon that want to use this woman to use-and-dump us O God arise and frustrate it by fire and give us the edge.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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