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Security Alert!!!
Security Alert!!! READ!

It's come to our notice that few of our members information or logins on this forum is being compromised hence this emergency announcements to avert further breaching and/or compromise on your login details,access to your password/user name therein..

These are few steps we were able to come up with, for now to avert any compromise or breach on your information and login details on this forum:

• We'd suggest that you password or luck your phone,gadget,tab,laptop or whatever you use to communicate or access the forum details or informations

• We'd suggest that each time you log out on the forum,for the day? Clear the user and password (boxes) of your details,the ones that that contains(user and password box) and fill in a fake or forged password and user name daily(each time you are done for the day) then try to log in with it, again by clicking login or enter like you'd normally do when you want to log on with your ordinary details...I can assure you when somebody,a stranger try to access you with the already recognized/saved details(the forged one) on your browser or click to access the forum,log in with your details they would not have access to you,it,your forum nor be able to log in directly therein but rejected(by now you must have forged the password and what provided what doesn't exist) ". **As shown below. By following this simple security instructions no matter who try to log into the forum or anyone at that they would be rejected or denied access and at the same time (even if they know the forum) fail to identify your user name and password.

It's so sad that this is become a norm among our members these days and it saddens my heart. The devil is at work here.

Again, you'd observe that when you log into your browser or open it your user and password is already saved/recognized therein by the browser, already?
That's because the browser has recognized your IP on the forum,your log in details-you being a daily user of it.
Simply clear your saved password/user name within the two boxes(user and password) then try to log in again using a forged or fake user and password and click enter/login.
By so doing, any time an intruder or stranger open your browser and/or try to access your log in with these "user and password : the fake one"(on your browser)? He or she is taken to the forged ones or denied access into your forum or log in details to the forum. That is ,the only details they'd have access would be the forged/fake user and password you inserted after each days break or off.

Be wise!

To be forewarned? Is to beforearmed.


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Prophet Ebankole

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