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Tips On How To Build Children's Confidence As Parents
Tips On How To Build Children's Confidence As Parents.

Quote:There are various ways parents can build their children's confidence in order to make them responsible and confident adults. Some of which will be outlined below.

1.Give them responsibilities;make them sweep,wash dishes,clean up after themselves and their younger ones(if they are old enough to do that),etc. this will build their self confidence and also make them have sense of being responsible individuals.

2.Share your struggles with them. Make them understand it's normal to face difficult challenges at one point in one's life.

3.Ask for their opinions on matters. If you need to solve a problem,you can sought their opinions too.

4.Focus on the process of getting positive results.Let them keep doing things repeatedly till a positive result is achieved,make them understand that they must remain focused till they achieve their desired result on different things.

5.Do not rescue them when they are finding things difficult to do e.g.assignments,make them try their best in doing things first,you can support and encourage them and devise strategies to solve these problems.They won't need to be so dependent on you all the time.

6. Ensure the challenges are appropriate for their abilities .You don't expect a two year old to be able to tie shoe laces.

7.Show respect to everyone around you.Children learn by observation, so, be kind and respectful to everyone.

8.Become a more confident person yourself.Show them you are confident and able to get outside your comfort zone.

9.Allow them make choices. Many children are controlled by their parents,they tell them what to eat,when to sleep,what to wear and so on.When you allow them make choices,they grow confident you just need to guide them to make right choices not force yours on them.

10.Show interest in the things they do or are passionate about. Encourage and show interest in their passions.This will make them understand they matter to you.

11.Celebrate small achievements or victories. When they make small progress celebrate with them. Be sure to celebrate your own achievements too.

12. Manage your own anxiety. When children see how anxious their parents are,they become anxious too.Learn to deal with your worries and your children will learn this skill too.

13. Acknowledge their disappointments. Shield them from discouragements .Be patient with them,tell them life has positive and negative sides.

14.Help them look outside themselves and to see the big picture.

15.Take a step at a time when raising confident children.It is a gradual process.

I hope parents will analyse these few tips and help their children in becoming confident adults.It is our responsibility to shape our children into responsible and confident personalities as whatever we do ,how we relate with people around are being observed by them.All these will determine the kind of adults they'll become.

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