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My Encounter with a demonic pastor
My Experience with a seer,false prophet on a pub bus,3rd Jan year 2018

It was on 3rd Jan 2018 on my way to Lagos island to sign some important information as I and family had to prepare for another beautiful new year ahead hence had to put some family things in order.

Having travelled from my base from one bus to another ( some of you who live and work in Lagos can relate with the crowd mentality et al and/or everything about lagos already)I boarded this particular bus that's headed for island. After about 30minute or so drive (had no idea he's preacher) a man joined the bus at this particular bus stop(i can't recall now),but ofcourse on our way to obanlede(island area). I was seated three sit behind the driver's sit (this is africa),on my right side seated was a very fair lady and a woman at the left, by my side (somebody I know she's pregnant,actually). Then suddenly, there is this strange voice/man behind me, two seats behind preaching, but ofcourse, my spirit was troubled immediately I heard his voice,more like a melodious or chorus-kind of praying and preaching and..

It goes thou :

This year it shall be well with you, you will not die untimely, i'nn jesuuuuuuuuuus naaaaaaaame!

This year, I pray that blessing will follow you, i'nnn jesuuuuuuuus naaaaaammmme! ..but having realized few people responded or were responding he took it personal, and he said ; please encourage me,say amen please, please, please and please it's not fair that few of you(us) are saying amen! Please try to encourage a man of God when he's praying for you, say amen, please and please, encourage me. Some were shocked at such gut or force statement coming from a (so called) man of God. Right there few were were shocked and there's this " is it a must, is it by force ' written over their face":

Immediately...,as these was happening the holy spirit whispered into my ear and warned me, : ' son, you see? He's trying hard to convince more people (it's actually manipulation,spiritual force) : (you'd understand if you were there),everyone because he knows that whoever say ' amen ' instantly! becomes his spiritual victim and is bring under his spell) therefore,you dare not say amen and warn the pregnant woman by your side not to ever say amen if she must deliver that baby in good health...

..As the holy spirit was telling me this, suddenly, I got the shocker one, as/and he continued..

Again, he started his(preaching),more of prayers or so called " prophetic declaration...and again as he was praying i'n jesuuuuus naaaaaaamee!...he stopped and started preaching again.
and suddenly he said : please encourage this man of God, please! Please, say amen now...then the shocker one ; there is a pregnant woman sitting on the third seat/line you know yourself, you need to say amen now.. immediately I heard this : my spirit become so agitated and unsettled as the holy kept warning me ' don't dare say amen and warn the pregnant woman too lest you come under his spell, he's demonic, he's just a sorcerer,this isn't coming from me, he's not from me, I don't show vision in this manner..,.and as for those who say amen! They now under his spell".

Well, I unknown to me that the pregnant woman was already conscious of his demonic she opened up to me after we alighted from the bus. She said, that couldn't have been the voice, vision from God, my spirit wouldn't just agree...

To cut the long story short, at the end of whole drama he begged those who said' amen! For money,transportation, brethen? None of them declined, infact it's almost like they were all under spell.

In a nutshell, brethen,sistren ..maybe, myself being a prophet or one whom holy spirit ministers to and speaks to often It's why I was able to [detect these earlier] than anybody (few ones) else but one thing I do know/knew for sure is/was if indeed the lord lives in You? You need nobody to tell you this so called " man of God ' was/is nothing but a sorcerer, a seer who's washed his eyes through demonic means with demonic incision to see through strangers, people and some thing about their personal lives and/or your private life in order to manipulate,pollute and inflict their spirit with trouble and darkness so as to transfer problem into their lives and capitalize on it for financial gains, and then..enslaved them spiritually and subject them to darkness..

Listen, always listen to the holy spirit and wake that discerning spirit in you lest you become of their victims. They are everywhere now, everywhere. Be careful under whose annointing you say amen or bow down your head especially on the road, in the buses and on the street..

Be wise and watch your back all the time.

Soon, I shall also share my encounter with the demon of anti marriage ' the one the devil had sent out to destroy marriages/home this year, 2018.

NB : maybe one of these day one or two or three of you, among member (those ones that lives and/or work in lagos) will come across him. Do share and let us know here when you do.
God bless you..

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you pastor for sharing this with us.
Hmmm Father sharpen our discernment. Amen
Shocker definetly eye opening to trust the voice of the Holy spirit &not doupt him because this people are so deceiving if care is not taken one can be deceived, thank God for this exposure, thank You Sir for sharing...
May God save us all
This is a great eye opener
Thank you Sir for sharing this with us.
Nigeria has many calling on Jesus but not Jesus Christ.
Many demonic prophets have gone into the world.
Only the holy spirit can lead us right.
Thank God for this forum.
God will be with us all in Jesus name