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Dream Interpretation
Greetings Pastor

Please I would be grateful if you could please interpret two dreams I had.

The First dream
I dreamt that I was at the wedding of my sister in law, (in real-life she is already married). In the dream I did not see my sister in law or the groom, which I thought was strange, because how can a wedding take place without the bride or groom.
Then party music came on and the whole atmosphere just felt dead, no-one was dancing or even smiling. Then one of the older female guests was begging me to dance so that everyone would start dancing and the party would be more lively and enjoyable for everyone. Then I got up, went to the front of the venue and was dancing and singing. I was also leading a group of ladies and orchestrating them to sing and dance. As we did this, I and the choir women were getting more happy and the more singing and dancing, the more we were laughing and being happy. Me and the group of choir ladies were wearing the same uniforms, a blazer and skirt and the colour of thr blazer and skirt was burgundy. I did notice the colour in the dream.

The second dream
I was attending a wedding in a church, although I did not see a bride & groom. I saw a group of women dancing traditional dancing and they were from my state in Nigeria. Then a friend of mine asked me to come and dance. After it was like my mother-in-law was preventing me from going, she pushed her body on me, preventing me from moving. It was like we were engaging in a battle as I was resisting her force. As this was going on, her nose started to bleed and I saw the blood dripping.
This is........amazing to behold.
Listen, both dreams fall into one.
Daughter, finally, your calling has just be unveiled.

The lord said, I have deposited a gift, talent in you from birth whose purpose is to build homes, bring liveliness and celebration into every wedding day.
That is, you are to build homes and liveliness in every wedding celebration or day through your talent, and what's this talent ? Well, it's either :

• Wedding coordinator/MC known as ' Alaaga ' in yoruba or...
• Professional wedding musician or entertainer.

Mind you,having discover your calling, talent now,and as you work towards achieving it the lord warned/said, your mother-in-law will try to stand on you way,strive to stop you at all cost but surely the lord will fight for you and inflict her on your behalf.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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