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My son's dream
My son had a dream where my younger sister took my entire family to a house at the end of a long windy road she pretended to be hers. After a while, we decided to leave but my sister tried persuading us not to but when we insisted, she, with the help of her security locked everybody up in a room. My son that tried to escape was also caught and brought back to the house.

Sir, what could this dream mean?
I replied this dream already haven't i?
Anyway, once again, the lord said, your enemies are within your own blood, bloodliness and in your household therefore be wise,careful and trust nobody with your family. But to stay stay, be wary of your sister and do not entrust nor trust her with your family until or except the lord say otherwise.

Be wise!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Happy New Month and Merry Xmas in advance

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Prophet Ebankole

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