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Picking Money
Good day sir, please help me interpret this dream. I had a dream that we wanted to play football. I didn't want to play because I felt my leg used to wobble anytime I attempted it. I just summoned courage and started playing. I realized that I could play very well and even scoring goals effortlessly. In the course of playing, I discovered that there were money on the ground. All other them were #50 denomination. I was just picking the clean one and neglected the bad or torn ones. Later, somebody played the ball into a ditch and I volunteered to pick it for them. On entering the ditch, I realised it was difficult to get out the ditch. If I entered the mud, then it becomes easier to jump out. Later, two people volunteered to pull me out of the ditch by holding my 2 hand.
Meanwhile, a day before that, I realized I was inside a sort of barracks surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. When it was obvious they have covered every entrance, I decided to pass through a bush part and discovered an abandoned bus. I climbed the bus, which enabled me to climb a tree and jumped over the barb wire. I then realised that I have jumped into a lecture class in another country.
Thank you.
It's called ' conquering your limitation '
In essence, I see you break that physical barrier,and come out of spiritual room of captivity,limitations and powers limiting your life, abilities and potentials.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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