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Beads In The spirit Realm
Revelation, as shared on WhatApps by one of our members

Another Powerful revelation REVEALED!!

What beads represents in the realm of the Spirit

Quote:Good morn, pastor.

1)I don't really rememba everything about this dream. But I was with some mature(old) foreign male & female actors, as well as other people. As we were in a place, I was tired, & so I sat on the ground. I think they were talking about seeing snakes or so. I looked behind me, & I saw a python in a bush.I screamed & moved away from where I was. They also opened the place i was sitting, & saw a snake there too.
Then we all left there to my house. As we were in my staircase, One of the actors told me to bring all my beads to her.I think they were on the floor, so i picked them up & gave her. One of them opened a place on the ground, & we saw a was as if the snake breeded & gave birth to hand beads(yellow, red) DAT were moving. One of them still told somebody to pick them up & give her. I moved & went to sit down on the ground. As I was climbing to go upstairs, I saw a young boy telling one of the actors that he wants to ask for forgiveness from the other actor. But when I got to our corridor, I saw that our neighbour had light, so I quickly left them & went into the house.

Any question?
He who have ears let him hear what the spirit is saying.

Bless you.

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Prophet Ebankole

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