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Marriage restored
This is a testimony of God who restores marriages, few months ago my friend opened up to me that her husband sent her packing home with all sorts of excuses that he don't want her anymore. I introduced my friend to our Father Pastor Bankole on this forum. Believing very well that God is using Him for this generation, to cut long story short it wasn't an easy battle a lot happened between the couple to the extend where my friend was tired&ready to give up.

Because God we serve is a faithful God who answers prayers &doesn't like divorce, today my friend & her husband are HAPPILY back together, thanx to Jesus, it wasn't easy at all... God our hidin place we thank You, God who established this forum we thank You. God who fights Our battles&win for us we thank You in Jesus name.

I pray God keep them together &continued to mature them so that they will not be separated by anything in The Wonderful name of Jesus Christ, Haleluya...

My advice to somebody is that God really hear our prayers when we pray to Him He really answers & He is faithful to His words..I thank God Haleluya in Jesus name Amen
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Glory to Jesus!
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Glory be unto God
Thank You Jehovah for our Pastor and also thank You Lord for this testimony
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Thank You, Lord Jesus for the restoration of your daughter's marriage. I pray you also do it for my sister, amen.