John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
Goodmorning sir,1 this was like my senior sister find new dating friend,she will go to the boy place an pass night,but the previous night,she pass night at home the guy only came to visit her at home an left,i was angry,but i had a though that she is due for marriage 2 i saw two goal keeper,their were like kunfle fighter,their went to fight,wen their were coming back,it was only person that came back 3 it was two lovers or me,i wanted to leave the visit vilage(camp) to town she resist that i should't go that i must stay with her strong one.
1. I see your sister going astray,into the world of sin, uncontrollable passion of the flesh.

2. In every fight, battle or war there is always a Victor and the loser. I believe, the winning side is jesus side.

3. Any relationship or female that hold you down or confine your life and progress in life is not worth. It should be discarded or rebuked vehemently.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sure Jesus is winning,thank you sir.
Goodmorning sir,1 i was worry in my spirit,it was as if everything was against me 2 someone died,an i was in a place with some people we start talking among ourself that there is noting in this world 3 i was in a place an i saw my step brother passing i thought he will look towas my direction 4 here i was going some were,carrying something on my head,i saw my younger step brother felching water.
1. I see your spiritual man downcasted, overwhelmed with trouble. You need to meditate in the word of God and pray for restoration of your peace.

2. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul? Indeed, the world is vanity, vanity and vanity therefore let's live for christ.

3. Indeed, he's your step brother but I see no parental bond or communication between you two.

4. It's like being two worlds apart. The number message was confirmed here.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning sir,1 i was going to were to pass night in the village(camp)i was probably holding someone phone,together with some people,we were attack on the way beated up,wen i was awake in the morning i went to check my dad,i saw that he was beated up too an all the igbos in the camp(village),the igbos went to report to chief to known the reason.
I see a great, terrible attack on your tribe or village people along with your family.

Pray for the peace of the country, your region and/or your father's people.

Ps 24,8,65,51 and 19.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
Goodmorning sir
1 I was at the park,they were load inside the bus which I can recall,there was no other bus for me to enter
2 I was in a place,can't recall what I went there to do,all of sudden I saw a lady,she is the member of the church I normally go for weekly program, I went to meet her an I put my hand on her neck calling her my girl, she said she will go an beak up with the person she is currently dating an come to me
3 I was listening to gospel song all of a sudden I went in a trance,it bring a movie I watched before to my mind were the wife was not faithful to her husband,she even got to the extent of committing such in infidelity in her in there matrimonial home, she was cut an her husband sent her away,i heard can such husband accept her praise
4 I was inside the room with my dad he wanted to do something he was hiding it for me,i left the room for him
5 I was with oyibo lady, or am called to sign one contract probably for my country
6 I saw a call from labour but couldn't recall the remaining name, wen I was awake it was my sister calling me.
7 I followed one of my town woman in the village(camp) to her place,wen I got to her place I was looking for touch to use because every were was dark, I wanted to go an ease myself in the bush.
8 I was sleeping in a place,i saw people praising God wen I join them my spirit was a bit arose because I was laying down or sleeping, I deside to stand up, wen I stand up, I saw people powing anointing oil all over my body my mum told them to shift me a bit from the bed so that it would stain it, I heard a voice speaking in Yoruba that I should take this bible verses Deuteronomy 21,28,that i should be reading it,that my way will open (ona mi ala),Thanks
1. I see a disembark or disappointed journey. But cheer up as its the lord will to preserve and save your life from unseen danger. That is, it's a disappointment but blessing in disguise.

2. I see you and a Christian lady fall in love with each other wholehearted. She will give up anything,everything for you.

3. If only you'd spend your time to meditate in the word of God, the things of this holy spirit and/or inspire the fruit of the spirit? This prophesy shall be your lot : Joel 2:28.. for the spirit of God is in you.

4. You must respect his privacy as its a sign of maturity and humility.

5. I see you representing your home country well abroad.

6. An important message, call for you..i see.

7. Be wise,embrace discernment in every path you follow or call you heed to lest you are led into darkness or caught by the enemy unaware.

8. Great testimonies awaits you in no time. But heed to the call and do as instructed in the dream. Yes! The bible verse is a must as you heed to the message and every instruction given therein. And you do? I see doors open before you. As the words ' Ona mila ' means : open door(s)

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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