John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
I did't concentrate truely due to seen distraction,was to try to over come it,but am done with that,i will make sure it did't repeat itself again.thank you so much sir.
Goodmorning sir, (1) in the dream i saw myself in a place that look like war training ground,we were train there for war,i left there and found myself ontop of a tree trying to highlight but i can't,i was giving another chance if i can highlight,let see if i can clamb,the next face of the dream i saw myself with the person that look like my master in the dream she gave me her cloth to sew for her,i gave her full asurance that i will get the work do neetly,wen i was sewing the cloth i saw myself discharging semen,after that face the place turn to office for counceling,the first person that came was councel by my master,i was calling my master atention to somethings i can't realy remember,i was having some thought in my mind,that the man coming to our place was for some inferio motive,that on his leaving the place his boys or group will come,an it later happen as i thought.

Dream (2) i saw myself inside a place that look like television station,were their introduce me as there new script writer,from the person their mention his name but i can't remember,from akala way in ibadan,in the second face of the dream people were panic that government want to retrech some of there workers,but i told the person that through the link i got my job,am not going to be among.
1. The journey has began, your spiritual journey. For,through you the lord shall speak, expose the works of darkness,fight the kingdom of darkness,and show you visions of things to come (Joel 2:28),but not until this weakness in you is destroy : sexual imagination and/or evil thoughts. He's working on you already, you are a great work in progress.


2. I see unprecedented favor, blessing and heaven of grace upon you now. Hence, where many fails,fall you shall rise and not fail.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen,thank you sir.
Goodmorning sir,i had a dream were i was listening to radio program at the presenter place,the program was present that day by his female staff,the program was about relationship issue,we were together with him and his girl listening to the program,but one thing i notice is that anytime their want to fart their will come near me an discharge it,the first was the man and last was his wife.
Good afternoon sir,i saw my former school friend but we were casual friend,selling perfumes, i was acting as if i was sleeping in the dream wen he came to awake me,wen we were talking he told me that he borrowed money from LAPO to finance the business than waiting for nysc to pay him,i was telling him about the problem asociated with collecting loan from LAPO.
Be wise and diligent in all that you do,business wise and otherwise as wise business people,investors maintain a none-loan and borrowed capital business,investment so as not to be at the mercy of man but rather strive from grow with little beginning.

In essence, the lord warned to steer clear of loan especially with LAPO lest it draws your life,prosperity and plans backward!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you my prophet,good to know you are back.
Goodmorning sir, 1 i saw myself in a house,in the house we were staying together with my church pastor,there is a lady that look like the pastor daughter,she came to see the pastor,wen he was talking to her,she was acting a bit rud to him,the next scene i saw my former room mate coming to my place to park his things but wen he came i did't speak wit him,wen he had left i was disturb to call him,i try to call but can't found his number,one of our nabor came in an start complain that someone or her friend came to his house an left without switching of her gadget,she perceive her television is burn.

2 I went home to visit my dad,wen i got home,i was given a room to pass night,wen the room was open there is power in the room,the power start disturbing every one with heavy breez,that started peeling evryone skin but i was not effected,but the person i notice in the dream that went to like control the power was my step mum,my dad told my siblins to take me to our other house,in the next scene of the dream i saw people that came to fight in our house,there were like my dad workers,wen my siblins turns up i notice their will kill those boys and cause problem for the family,i make sure i carm everyone down an setle the fight before i left.
3 After through with wat i was doing,i saw myself flying,on my way i met someone,that told me i can go beyond,some length i told him i will go beyond,wen we get to were we want to stop we were told to note stop at at our left hand side that the man is a very wicked man from ekiti,i now said that,ekiti people if their see that they can get one them will do research but i said that it can only work with those people that are not strong in their faith.