John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
1. Learn from your father and utilize your youthful days well, work hard.

2/3 : Pray that, whatever the enemies has deposited in you to draw your life backward and frustrate your progress should be expose, disgrace,dispose and die ".

4. It's called " grace dropped ".
Meaning, your rank before God and that of your grace has been moved aback.
You must wage war against any power, anything in you that's vowed to self inflict your life with spiritual/physical reprogression.

Yes, this dream has lot in common with both number three and two.
Cry out now as I see you falling because the word " back " means : set back.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning sir,1 this was like i'm an employee or among my dad children,in the work we been asign with,i'm the person that often comeout with outstanding result 2 i was going to farm together with my siblins,the road to the farm was tiny is for treking alone but wat amaze me was that i saw motor,motorcycle passing through the road,my siblins were resting or delaying on the road,i left them 3 i saw someone farm burning.thanks
1. I see supernatural grace to succeed and surpass.

2. I see development but it comes with a price tag, it disadvantages.

Meaning, development has it disadvantages.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning sir, 1 i was going to farm with somebody maybe to show him something,he carried me on motocycle,wen we get to were the road was bad,he said he will go back an take another road i did't go back with him,i proceed as i was going,i get to one place i see that people has filled other side with houses and there was fence with nets that seperate were i was with the place,as i was trying to view the place,i saw my old friend washing cloth,i told him to open the gate for me,he open it an i went inside as we were talking his sister came in from outing suddenly the place turn to filling station,the guy was called inside

2 i saw myself were i went to take the polythene bag i hide,wen i took it,a man came to me,i told him,i was the owner,he said i will help him with something,i try to inquire of the thing he brought picture out and said he want me to help him with him exam,he want us to study together an share ideas,THANKS
1. In your journey of life and spiritual realm you need spiritual guidance and holy spirit. Pray the lord to instill more of holy spirit in you and teach how to listen to it.

2. To whom much is given? Much is expected and much is given.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.
Goodmorning sir, 1 i was somewere,i saw my longtime female friend younger sister,probably i ask her,if her elder sister was around,this time i saw she an her elder sister passing,i called them the elder sister respond she would be coming to see me later,the younger sister was acting as if we are having an isue,the elder sister later came back an we talk 2 i an my younger brother was living together,this time there was a man,i an my brother was helping to cross a fence there was no road to the other side,probably i was the first person to help the man an my younger brother assist me but he could't not carry the man up or continue the man fell,from his hand an die beside a well there was a lady there,she went an spreed the rumour that the people used wire to kill the man,a lady came to our house an see wire,she was showing it to her husband for investigation 3 i asume one unplaster house with unfitce window as were i live,probably i was aside the house wen i was going inside i saw someone that came to the room

through the window to steal,i chase after the person,he was a small boy,he enter into one house a lady came out with the basket the boy was holding wen i was chasing him,wen i told her that there was a boy i was chasing he enter here,she said the boy did't came in with something she show to me the basket.
4 Was in our passage in the village,i was holding international passport with alot of pages,my step mum an her daughter was standing a bit far to me.
1. I see you amidst of two-three females openly and secretly fighting over you. Watch out for lust and don't be found amidst two women.

2. It's godly and always good to do good but be wise, careful of how you go about it, let the holy spirit, your inner man be your guide lest you are implicated or trapped in trouble.

3. I see spiritual robber chased and disgraced before you and your valuables.
Truly, your spiritual alert and conscious is at high gear. Keep it up.

4. I see door of overseas and indeed even before you step mother this breakthrough shall come and she won't be able to stop it nor stop you even if she's jealous or envious of you testimony or breakthrough.

Whom God has blessed? No man can stop/curse.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen,Thanks an goodnight sir.