John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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1. The lord compared you to one who's under the shackle of sexual vulnerability ( the night gown) or nakedness, and one whose soul is liable to be hunt down by evil men or ritualist or blood suckers. But the lord in his mercy shall spare you from these and deliver you soul and that of your family( for your sake) from destruction and eaters of flesh if you'd run to him,MFM. You should continue this church as the lord consider a place of shield, strong tower, according to the book of :

◄ Proverbs 18:10 ►
The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

Run, run and run to the lord now as you are on the evil ones trail.. so that you may live. Go to God as you are and with your blemishes, reproach don't be ashamed so that you may live and not be a victim of eaters of flesh, ritualists.

2. ..And as you run to God with your all and for shield he will remove your garment of shame ( the night grown) and replace it with garment of glory, honor, and take away your reproach, blemishes and save you from the evil men, ones and blood suckers.

3. If only you will speak up for God and rebuke a friend who want to go astray? The lord will not only prove his power in you but also perform wonders in you and protect you from evil powers.

4. There is so much Commotion within this church no communication,no connection,no orderliness hence you are lost here as it's every man for himself.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon sir, trust God you are fine.
My dream wasn’t straight forward.
1. I was going to cook with some persons for one my townswoman, it seemed like t was a norm. she cooks and invites all for thanksgiving. I reached there and realised that I wasn’t wearing anything on my feet, I recognised 2 of my cousins, ignored one because she did at first, tried to greet the second but he wasn’t being accessible, I left him. I went out and decided not to come back to join. I seem to join my church worship, I was giving the crucifix to hold at the end, I didn’t really know what happened there, but I went out still bearing the crucifix, ran into a priest who was in a hurry, he came late but wasn’t dressed and his trousers seemed inside out, that entire scene was too unclear. I seemed to return back to that place where we were to cook, I went to back and they had finished and were eating. They were eating, I told the person that was with me that I wasn’t going to eat and it seemed that the service that should begin it wasn’t going to hold. I went out looking for where to attend a worship. Different groups existed, I went to a room to drop something and found a crying a baby, I picked the baby. When I found the man that I thought resided in that room, he said the baby wasn’t his, I met the mum, the mum seemed to be married to a girl I know. I was wondering how possible that was. As I went to sit, my younger sis (married), just came in hurriedly and kind of directionless. She sat just sat down and I noticed that she was trying to keep her burst in her tube gown. I had questions to ask her ( like if she was pregnant, why she wore a cloth like that), but I changed my mind and instead asked her to change the cloth. As we were leaving, she seemed to have changed the gown, and it was same style, but whitish like a wedding gown and she was still struggling with the burst. It just didnt sit and the metal in the burstline to help support the cloth was poking her, I asked her to remove it before it injures her. Somehow I took notice of the fact that she seemed smaller about my height, she is actually taller than me. I saw she was wearing a small wedge flowered shoe with white background, immediately I told I liked her shoe, she looked at it smiling, her clothes seemed to match the shoes but with a dull green colour at the back from the waist down. But better suited, though still tube but she wasn’t struggling with the burst again.
2. I was very excited I seem to have gotten a job, someone was given a task. something told me to pay close attention. While at it, I was called to the office and was given a blue overall, the work uniform , I thought I was wearing trousers cos I read engineering, but I noticed that my clothes change between the trouser and a gown. The woman asked my level of degree, I told her bachelors but working on my masters. She seemed to approve and I went away happily.
3. I seemed to have come from a journey to visit my mum, she was seeing me off, as we got outside, we sat on a pavement and was talking but one woman was trying to distract us, I thought she was a beggar, she came closer and wanted to sit where my mum was, I beckoned my mum to come and sit where I was. But still the woman came closer. We ignored her, and my mum began telling me that my younger sis was duped on her way home by a man who opted to help her cross the road, as she looked up at him to thank him, it happened. she was describing the scene was it was a revelation and like it has happened. I told my mum to call her up. She sounded like she cant, she cant reach or something. I insisted she still call her, I asked her about the husband’s reaction too. I stood to go and saw that I wasn’t well dressed, it seemed I was wearing a night gown and tied wrapper on it. I took a top and wore it, pulled out the wrapper and saw that I was wearing a blue shirt ( presently, I cant remember where this shirt is cos it couldn’t enter me anymore) on the nightgown, so I had to pull off the top. Because I went to a corner to do this, when I came back, I saw that woman searching my bag, I collected all my jewellery from her, beat off her hand and packed up my bag. Immediately I finished, my sis breezed past, I followed her immediately. I came inti a room and saw her lying and on a call. I noticed she was taller, fairer and had cut her hair like we used to do when we were kids but she added a style with pong. I motioned her and asked her many questions, like why the hair cut, is her husband aware, does she now wear wigs, but she gave no response and gave me the impression that the call will be a long one and I didn’t feel it was her husband. I had to go. I came out of the room, entered the parlour, there were many guys and I didn’t recognise any. I spoke to my mum about to leave, one of the guys became my mums younger brother, he opted to drop me, we went out together carrying my stuffs. Came out and felt that environment strange. Saw my oga and his family standing outside there corridor just opposite our flat, I greeted them and noticed their eye colour wasn’t normal and they were blinking continuously like they had something in them. The compound was big about 4 different buildings all upstairs.
Thank you sir
1. I see you raising up your head above the world : worldliness, sin,your weakness and failure to live up to spiritual/physical maturity and expectation.

I see a better, bold, confidence, stronger and strengthen you now. I see great maturity and growth in the way you live and communicate now.

2. I see employment, job breakthrough before you but not necessarily the kind you desire but surely, a good one for you and where you can also find happiness.

3. This is a confirmation to your number one dream. But more of it.
I see a strong faith,sudden growth and spiritual maturity in you.

I see you vehemently embrace holy, righteous life and exhibiting it in the eyes of the world even among your relation. Surely, I see passion,drive and great action to live for God, salvation and change the world round about you for the sake of Christ.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir. This is really encouraging. But what about my sis
Good morning sir,
Trust God you are doing well.
These days my dreams are a bit confusing to myself but somehow, I seem to know in my dream that I am dreaming.
1. I seem to be sleeping but occasionally I feel a splash of cold water, after a while, I woke up and saw I was in a wooden boat that still had the bark of a tree. I felt the guy around there was responsible but I chose to ignore him. I wondered why I didn’t drift away, got out of the boat and went in. met my mum and siblings (not sure how many) and my dad was sleeping (I do see him a times either sleeping or walking like a supervisor though always taller). I noticed that the decking seemed bloated and was coming down though hadn’t fallen. I told them that it was due to the irresponsibility of our neighbour, but we all argued that the decking wasn’t coming down, I could touch it and it was wet. I went out and the environment has changed. It seemed that there were about 4 blocks of building all bungalow. It seemed there was flooding and different people were coming in and I noticed different races, we were not sure there intentions, I called out to my brother to lock up and we didn’t know that the gates were open, but they had taken over everywhere, we had just 1 block left. Some were violent, others just needed a safety place. my younger brother became small about 4yrs old, he kept going out and I couldn’t make him stay in. I remember greeting some of them and scolding some cos they had surrounded the block we were in. some how there seemed to be a rush and kind of violent, I gave my brother to one of the men that seemed friendly that I had greeted, I told him to look after him cos it will be easier for him than I, he left immediately. I ran into the crowd bcos that was the only way out, I noticed I was being pursued, I continued till I came to a window, I jumped without thinking even though I knew everywhere was covered with water and I couldn’t swim. I kept going down wasn’t seeing the bottom till I saw a still rooted in it and grabbed it, I came to the surface and saw a lot of others who seemed tied to the stick, someone touched from what I could see they were survivors, the whole was a camouflage to make them look dead before others till rescue came. I saw one of my brothers smiling happily and was carving something, I drew his attention and smiled and wondered where my other siblings were and if I made a mistake handing my other brother to a stranger.
2. I came to church and saw my mum in a meeting, my younger sis breezed past without a word, I followed her but couldn’t track her. I decided to sit somewhere else instead of looking for her or waiting for my mum.
3. the entire area was muddy and I had boarded different taxis and came down, I was becoming uncomfortable. So I came back, a pawpaw fell and I wondered and looked up, I didn’t see any pawpaw tree, instead I saw a huge tree that looked like it had stayed there for ages. And it had 2 different large birds brown coloured and black. At first I thought, it was an eagle and a crow. But when they came down it was actually a vulture and they were as large as man even bigger and the climb and walk instead of flying and they move in a single line. No one noticed but went about there was busy. I wanted to buy pawpaw but they didn’t have uncut ones, so I left.
Thank you
1. Your life represent the storm/floods.
That is, for decades you even your father's house have been swallowed up by the rages of darkness, marine but I see you break free and come out by divine grace out of that rages and celebrated.

Surely, you'll your victory, life shall be celebrated.

Thank you jesus! Finally! Finally you've come out of the rage of marine, darkness.

Praise the LORD!

2. You can't please every body, all your siblings or family members therefore stop trying so hard lest you deprived yourself of true happiness, freedom and peace.

3. I see an attack from the kingdom of darkness, witchcraft, a plot and temptation to inflict you exposed and failed woefully.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir,
Thank God you are basking in grace, glory and strength.
Sometimes I do not remember my dream, but when in the physical I want to do something, it comes like a flash and I feel like that have done this before and when I think deeply I find out that I did this in dream but I may not remember the entire dream, I have never bothered about it. Just that this morning I wanted to pick an office pin and it flashed that I did that in my dream but can’t remember any part of the dream except that flash.
1. it seems that I was assigned to do something that involves finding out some secret which wasn’t supposed to be. I know the young lady involved but I didn’t know why the entire secret stuff, I set down a stapler, a typewriter, my pen and a plain sheet to write. I didn’t hear anything neither did I write but at the end a woman whom I thought I work under came out and she had a copy of everything the girl had said, and it was that the type writer is automatic and types whatever is said. Up till the end of that scene I never understood what was going on.
2. it felt like my hostel but I didn’t feel a student but a worker, we were 3 in a room, that same woman and another woman and I were to share a bed, I wasn’t comfortable bcos I remembered I didn’t see my underwear and clothes where I left it, the room was very arranged and neat, she asked if I wnt sleep, I told her I wanted to check the doors, I went out and at some end, it seemed like there was a football game going on, I checked the door there, wasn’t sure if it was locked, but I decided to check the other doors, I went down, it was open, I decided to urinate first, I stepped out, it was muddy and I was barefeeted. I didn’t see any slippers to wear. I still squat to urinate, immediately I started there were a lot of flies, I finished and wanted to know the source but as I bent, I saw a snake(viper) culled tightly on the stem of what looked like a cocoyam stem. I decided to let it and locked up the door, when I came back in, I saw that the game was over and the players each had a girl and the immorality was high, I found myself trying to resist the urge and kept asking where and why this height of immorality. I kept fighting it till I woke up and the urge seemed to return. I told myself, no time.
4. there was a normal tree, tall and seemed aged. I saw my oga here in school, using his feet to open the ground and there was money there, I wanted to tell him that wasn’t ordinary and it required more spiritual preparation but he didn’t seem bothered or afraid, I kept quite. We left the scene and a mighty force attacked his youngest son going to 2yrs. I cant describe the being, so I picked up the child and started running to our chapel, but the force kept pulling me back, I kept calling on Jesus but my movt was too slow, the being took a short cut and a great speed and made it to the door, I didn’t care and wasn’t afraid but I knew I must make it, just at the entrance I met a brother in my hostel, he stood and told me not to worry but keep coming, the being had stretched out his hands but his presence seemed to barricade it from reaching, I cant tell how it happened but I know that victory was ours. I gave the child back to his parents and was so happy, it had all ended.
5. I woke up in my dream and there was some sort of activity in my hostel. There were more people in my room, others were cutting leaves like they were undergoing some sort of training on how to use it. A girl came to my room, I noticed that she took my bucket, I asked her to return it that it was broken and I usually dnt use it and noticed she took another one. I went in and came out and found myself in a place. there was total disorderliness and people took laws in their hands(with guns and any weapon), I didn’t know what I was doing there and I was roaming about. After while I decided to find the gate and leave as there was free movt. I noticed one can get more out of that area but you would require some sort of pass but I didn’t know what it was, and only those people had access to amenities. I saw some dressed in uniforms like armies but blue-like and beautiful and others in ordinary clothes. From building to building they moved in queues and untouchable, I decided to stick around awhile before I leave.
Thank you
It's actually a privilege and grace to be reminded/remembered of your dream through physical experiences or objects. It is!

1. In your drive to keep your life busy and full of activities steer clear of trouble, implacable act, and never be found directly or indirectly supporting any shady deal,act or such that you know not it source,what is it about..
Be wise lest you are implicated or put into trouble as a result of your ignorant.

2. Steer clear and don't smell what you wouldn't want to taste or eat at all. That is, you must flee from any scene, environment, activities, view,images,,game,play, act or places, people that triggers that struggle ( you know what I mean) in your life or that sin.
In essence, I see another great encounter with that strong man or sin in your life. The battle would be so powerful and fierce but I see the strength and grace to conquer you. As I see you come out victorious.

3. You are like the stone that many builder rejected but now shall become a saving grace, living stone that saves many even those who rebuked you.

O yes, I see the lord using you to save and rescue those in captivity of disobedient and sin.
O yes! I see you impacting life positively.
Praise God!

I am happy to hear this.

4. In your endeavor and drive to get your life going and full of activities? Steer clear of chaotic, trouble zone except it's safe or manageable.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir, trust God you are doing fine
1. I and 2 other ladies were getting ready to go for sports, one of us had a complete kit and she was really getting ready with the right clothes, bag and all. She pulled off what she was wearing, a white jean trouser. I told her I wanted to wear it to know my size on trousers, I wore it and it sized me and had space, I wondered why her trousers would size me bcos I was bigger in size than her. Everyone admired the trousers that it was beautiful on me. I checked the size, it was 38 and I felt I shd wear 40. As we left, I felt it was afternoon and wondered why we should engage in sports, but by the time we finished it was evening, I was the last to leave the room. While leaving I decided I wont let the room go dark, there was an old lantern close by, I put it on and lowered it as not to waste much and at the same time, still see dimly and prayed no one comes and tampers with it.
2. I was outside with some persons, we were jovial with each other, a guy I know asked me to pick pawpaws, not sure if it was for sale. They weren’t large but ripe. I was reluctant but when a lady picked hers, I proceeded to pick mine, he urged me to take another. Which I did. Somehow, it was as if 2 guys were asking a lady to marry them unknowingly to themselves, but one of them seem to be close to another lady though nothing going on but the lady seemed interested. She was the one that found out that these 2guys are on the same mission and made the whole issue public. I think it kind of affected everyone. It seemed I was going to replay the scene.
3. dnt know the scene, but my entire family was all seated and I saw my dad in the same condition as he was before his death. It seemed we were all going in one after the other to see him. When it was my turn, I went in, I had a lot I wanted to say to him, but instead, I told him that I was sorry if I have wronged him in anyway. He said in his usual way that I haven’t wronged him at all. The hug was really comforting, consoling. That even in the physical I have not really hugged him like that.
Had tears in my eyes but decided not to cry, my mum was the next.
My sis told him that this is not fair, that he shd mke us feel this way. He said he didnt want it to be like the last time when he just left like that.
Thank you
1. I see you come out of your shell and confinement so that your true freedom, beauty shall shine, come forth for all to see!

2. The lord warned ' don't follow the crowd and be wary of subconscious covenant. In essence, the lord say ' be wise and trust your inner man(in making life's decision) above that of the flesh or what you see others do. Don't get carried away by what you see for all that glitters is not gold.

3. Congratulations!
You've finally been set freed from the grieve, pain, bad memories, sorrows, confinement, bondage and bitterness he left you with. Surely, your soul have now encountered true peace, liberation, freedom and deliverance it's been longing for.

Prepare for unusual peace and reasons to live and be happy from now on.

I rejoice with you daughter!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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