John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
Thank you Sir.
Good day, and welcome back Sir.

1* i dreamt someone said said i will have five slots ( i dont know what for)

2* i heard a voice say they want me to take over a company ( no idea what company)

3* I was high up on a balcony, A snake was in the compound..and i was telling my friend, my boyfriend can swallow the snake..suddenly, i saw a snake swallowing another ( i dont have a boyfriend). Then the snake downstairs moved and i started pouring kerosene on it.
It crawled friend told me to hold on so she can go spy. She ran back up to tell me the snake is a woman and its trying to crawl up the wall to me. I threw the kero toward the wall..and it went back to its position..not moving

4* I was assaulted in my dream after i left my mother. It was so dark i could not see my attacker but i got away. The person followed me to my house and was trying to attack me again in the morning..a policeman came to my rescue..the guy ran away.
Then someone i was supposed to marry in the dream..asked me to come to his house
in the evening..on my way there, the person that assaulted said to a woman " i was going to give her the same thing the other man was giving her( that is the one i was waiting for) but she turned me down". That im a hypocrite..then the woman told him, "if she does not like you, she does not like you. Leave her alone". i went there but he wasnt around, someone asked me to wait outside the compound but he never came. I went back home saw my mom with a big basin of hot water

5* I dreamt i gave a beggar 5pounds, he was carrying a tray of sweets then a woman who was feeling guilty for not helping so she gave him more money but he rejected it. When i left there, a man asked me to buy him water ( in the dream, it seemed he was my landlord)..i did but did not see him to give him. So, i put the bottle of water in a nylon bag,a bucket and a fry pan)and was taking a walk
While i was strolling, i saw a girl who almost fainted because of hunger, i gave her 5pounds, She thanked me. Then someone told me somebody was attacked because she gave alms. I went there to help..and saw 4 girls on their knees and a man with a clipper attempting to remove their hair. I was yelling at the people looking and not wanting to say anything because of fear. I Told them they should be ashamed of themselves. Then 3 men started chasing me till i had no where to hide. Then as they were approaching me, i saw trucks blowing sirens..the one in front was on fire. They looked at me and ran away.

6* Saw a couple growing old together, i have not seen them before and the woman was complaining at how old she looks..but the man told her that he did not care about her looks. I was in the room with them as an observer. They were not aware of me

7* I dreamt there were bottles of water in the fridge at an office so i took the biggest. Then a friend came to visit and she wanted water to drink. I gave her half of the water i was drinking and took another big one. We went to the lobby to sit. I saw everyone sitting behind me. The only free seat was the one in front of everyone near the Tv.
The remote control was on it. The other people behind were watching tv as well. So my guest changed the channel Without asking..i apologized and put it back to what they were watching..which was something about ibo culture.

Thank you and welcome sir.
1. The word or number ' 5 ' biblically means :

FIVE - God's grace to man, responsibility of man.

Daughter, you have a destiny, a great call before you to fulfill in the world, in the lives of mankind which God sent you here for. It continues at your number five and seventh dreams..

2. Bible ref : Isaiah60.
I see another man's wealth,inheritance transferred to you. What a glorious one, future I am seeing here.

3. The lord shall fight for you and shall destroy whoever, or powers that set out to fight or destroy you, before you! Truly, he that's in you is greater than all your enemies..
You are indeed very especially, the apple of God's eye.

4. You may never end up with a man,potential husband whose future with you is abusive and violence--the lord would not allow this (unknown to you) because I see a special place for you in the heart of God, and a special gift that mustn't be truncated by marriage or any man.

5. And your number one dream continued here.

Remember the number " 5 "? Yes! The lord has set you aside to defend the defendless,be a source of joy, hope, life,help and smile to the powerless, weakness and the poor --and I see the seed in you already germinating. But the journey must start now!

6. Hmmm..
What a great definition of love the lord has just described and revealed to you : " true love never dies,fails, nor grow old. It's unconditional and everlasting. It know no bounds nor blemishes.


7. Another confirmation and continuation of your number one dream :
Your home shall be a place of learning, love, joy,happiness and place for many to dwell. You'll be a source of joy,inspiration and refuge to many so that both strangers and people you know shall make your home their home and place of abode.. or dwelling.


What a great personality I am seeing here. But again, the lord whispers : the journey must start now even though I have planted my seed in her and ordained my own time.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Thank you Sir. But how do i begin my journey
Ask( the lord) and it shall be reveal to you in due time. Just keep asking..

Ps 19,8,24,65 and Joel 2:28.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Thank you very much Sir.