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Dream interpretation
Good day Sir,
1) i had a dream someone was begging i did not see who.

2) i heard a voice say that he that finds you doesnt want me to use you

3)i dreamt i just arrived a foreign country (holland)

4) i had a dream a friend in the uk called me to tell me he kept a seat for me. But i did not have transport to go there. I asked my mom. She reluctantly gave me 500 naira and my brother gave me the balance. But as i entered the bathroom to take my bath, my bucket of water was missing.

5) i dreamt my brother told me an old friend of mine (male) was calling on the phone but i told him to ignore it.

6) i dreamt i went to my bosses house, i was surprised to see he stays there because it was a rough area. He was ironing at his balcony when i saw him..i greeted him and he ignored me. I let myself in and sat on the chair.
A woman came in, i greeted her but she was frowning and she ignored me. He gave me his keys and asked me to give his driver, but i refused.
Suddenly i was in front of my house with my luggage. A vehicle passed me a stopped a bit far from me and i thought it was a taxi.
I started walking walking towards the taxi when i realized i wasnt with one of my bags. I turned back to collect it. I entered the cab and saw my boss in the front passenger seat. He was eating rice and gave my brother too. I wasnt offered and he was talking to me like we were friends but i did not trust his intentions.

7) i dreamt i was in the road or a highway and i saw a huge lorry carrying so much load that another car had to tow it. I asked where the load was coming from, i think they said my hometown

8)i dreamt i went to the office to get something, i greeted two ladies and they asked about my employment. I told them what i was told and they said im being deceived.
My boss came in and angrily said i told someone i dont know him and i dont want to know him. I found it confusing and i looked him in the eye not intimidated and told him it was untrue. Then someone came to play a recording that was supposed to be evidence. But there was nothing incriminating except the voice of someone that was supposed to be my friend..

Thank you Sir.
1. Someone is coming to beg you,seek for your favor, forgiveness.

2. ◄ Jeremiah 29:11 ►
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Surely, your latter would be greater,better than you beginning, today.

3/4. I see overseas door opened before you but the powers that be in your father's house shall frustrate you from taken possession of it.

You shall wage war against these powers, daily.

Ps 19,8,24,65 and 10.

5. Your stone the builder rejected shall now be sought for, after. Yes, I see one of your past man/partner striving to win you over or come back to

6. He's not who you and everybody sees but when you know surely you'd be disappointed but don't look down on your boss and see like you don't see when you see lest there be trouble between you two and your job security is at risk.

7. The lord has separated you from foundational evil/heaven load that troubles your bloodline, foundation's generation.

8. I see implication, evil plot against you at your work place but Surely? The lord shall vindicate you and disgrace and scatter their plans against you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen! Thank you Sir
Good day Sir,
1) i dreamt i was outside, and i saw my clothes dried infront of my house ( they were not wet) i packed them even the ones on the floor.. the ones in the gutter i left because in reality i had thrown them away a long time ago.

2) i dreamt i was peeling oranges and found out later they belonged to my father. Then he asked his wife for them and she told him i was peeling them which made him angry ( i did not know who they belonged to)
Then when he saw me in the living room, he told his guest to follow him outside because he could not stand me.
When i was done with the oranges, i kept them. I then saw my coins or jewelry in a bag. I started cleaning them and the others. Then i poured them on the floor. My half sister wanted to challenged me but i reproached her. She felt my father would take her side but he said nothing. I took what was mine and left.
On my way to my room, i saw my half brother playing with hot iron..i took it from him and he began to cry. then his mother took him away. He came back, tried to enter my room but i locked the door.

3) i had a dream i was in my primary school but i dont know what for. I saw the school nurse who told me i needed to operate on my private part so i dont have complication with pregnancy in the future. I was surprised and did not believe her , but told her i will talk to my mom about it.
I saw some university schoolmates (ladies) wearing the same blue gown and dancing.
When i was at the school gate to leave, the security called me to look up ( it was a plan to surprise me) . Then someone hugged me tightly from behind. I saw it was my ex. We hugged each other tightly and left the school. He told me he has been ill and got out two days ago
He then said i should find out what is necessary to meet my people because his family wanted to meet mine in my home town. I told him we should not do that now because i would like us to spend more time together.. he made a joke and laughed.
Then we realized weve been trekking for long and he told me he banked on me bringing a car. We laughed and i called my driver to come and pick us while we sat together ( i have no car or driver in reality).

Thank you Sir
1. The lord said, surely, you shall not live below your heaven's and life's expectation,and your reproach shall be wiped off.

2. Keep doing the will of God and embrace the spirit of love towards your father and his other family for surely, the lord shall vindicate you and give you dominion.

3. Did or do you know there was a strange mark in your womanhood/womb for some time now?
Listen, the lord said, it's the demon/mark that's been causing you to lose potential men, troubling the peace of your marital settlement/breakthrough,and did you know that if you'd married before now,before that infliction was removed in your womb you wouldn't have failed to conceive in marriage?
But to God be the glory as I see that affliction/evil mark removed and your marital glory, fruitful restored fully now.

In that case, await your testimony as something NEW is here, a new dawn, new beginning.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen and God bless you Sir. Please Sir how about my ex who proposed marriage in the dream?
Read your number again, patiently this time ;

You can't and God won't limit you to him alone therefore expect all round something new..

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much and Good night Sir
Good day Sir,
1* i dreamt i was in a flat and was going out. I saw an ex in my living room and went to hide. He got distracted and i went out. I came back to the house with provisions and was shocked to see him stiil in my flat. Drinking from a cup ( i dont know what) the carton of milk i bought fell but did not pour.

2* i dreamt i was cooking with honey

3* i dreamt i was making someones hair

4* i dreamt a woman told my mom if i marry an ex, he will deal with me. My mom said she has always felt that way too. They started laughing. Then the woman told me i will meet my husband at my workplace.

Thank you Sir
1. Your past shall call but don't give in to it as it has nothing (good) to offer you but to rob you off..

2. I see blessing accompany with joy.
The lord shall add sweetness/uncommon joy to your life, both within and without your being.

3. You will be a source of blessing to somebody,soon.

4. Grab your head and say thank you jesus but missing and/or cutting off your relationship with an ex : a destiny destroyer.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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