John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
1. This is for you : Ps 91.
Yes, surely, the hand of the lord is upon you therefore, ...a thousand might fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand but it won't come near you, you'll only observe with your eyes...

In essence, I see arrow of sudden death fired into your cousins but surely, the lord shall spare them all for your sake, through your spiritual intervention.

2. I see you take back your place in your father's heart, life so that no man, nor his wife would be able to stop him nor you from having something in common.

3. Shouldn't you ask God, or consider catering career? Well, time will tell if you should or not.
The message : the lord said, you are a glorious person hence wherever you go, whatever you do you will always outshine friends, many so that they will become envious of your outstanding performance, privilege even if they are the one that took you there or called you for an opportunity (I chose to apply direct, raw words). That is, your glory will always outshine many so that they, your friends will become jealous and envy your conspicuous glory and honor. You want to be wise and careful of the kind of friends you keep, daughter!

Above all? Trust nobody and never expect anything less than envy from people around you especially when mercy and grace speaks for you as usual.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much, Sir..
Good day Sir and Happy Weekend.
1* I had a dream i was at my fellowship and it was time for offering. A large number of people passed the right side and were on a queue ( i think they were dancing) i was wondering why they were on the queue when the left side was free. I took the left, prayed on my offering and put it in the basket.

2* i dreamt i was in the office and was told iv been put on level 10

3* i had a dream a rat was running round the house and was looking for where to hide.

4* i had a dream i was given my appointment letter since November 2016, showed some people who have been of assistance in the office then one of them told me to keep it to myself for now.
Then a colleague approached me to tell me his uncle will give me a job

5* I dreamt i was on the phone with someone i dont know, but he said my Boss will go mad because of money and he will be replaced ( this is the second time im dreaming of my boss going mad) .
The the voice told me my recent ex has another lady hes dating and she is a friend of mine. That he is currently suffering, he said he can see so much alcohol, drugs, dirt and filth around him. Then i recall saying it is because of me and the breakup.

6* I dreamt i saw a picture of my ex, his elder brother, his sister and his mother and i was referring to them as my brothers and sisters

7* i had a dream i was in the market and i saw a woman cut the throat of a cat and drained it of blood in a bucket and the blood caught fire. She washed the cat till there was no blood left and left it on the floor. Immediately she saw the dead cat drinking water, she came to take it away and said something to me i cant remember. I looked to another direction and saw another woman kill a cat the same way.

8* I dreamt i was holding a small snake by the neck in the car. It tried to bite me with its fangs. When it could not, it tried again but this time, with one fang. Then i tried putting its neck in a hole on a stick, to hold it permanently to make it easier to kill.
It escaped into a hole in the car and i was worried it was going to attack someone in the car.
1. Many give, offer offering onto God but you must do so in a special way and not follow the crowd whenever you want to offer something to God.

2. Biblical number :

TEN - Law and order.
I see a very sensitive position before you.

3. It's called " household enemy '.
The lord warned, one has found it way in but looking for loophole. You must allow it secure a place to dwell nor a loophole should it find therefore, call on the fire of holy ghost to locate it by fire,destroy it.

4. I see your long denied/hung breakthrough, next level released unto you but the lord warned? That it may not be blocked or hang again? You must keep/make it a secret,to yourself .

5. There is something in you ; whoever cheat you, take advantage of you or disappoint you for no reason is destine for destruction. Now, be it your boss or your ex or anybody that's ever offended or cheated you? I see them being greatly punished and destroy. Infact, one or two of them is being punish at the moment.

6. You two were meant to be together, infact it was part of God plan that you two will end up as couple. But what happened? The devil reigned. But who says,there is no hope? Nothing is impossible for God but it with this one or any of your exe's.

7. The lord revealed to you how eaters of flesh, blood suckers or territorial powers operates in the realm of the spirit. Yes, this is how they sacrifice soul and drains their victims blood. But this is a call to you ; pray without season,do not be weary in prayer so that you won't end up as one of their victims.

8. No wonder the lord warned and call your attention to number seven.
The lord said, you are toying with the enemy, attacker and instead of you to kill it while it was at your mercy? You allow wear spirit, distraction overwhelmed you and it escaped.
Meaning, you were this close to destroy a major attacker, enemy in your life but you gave in to the spirit of distraction, weary spirit and it escaped.

You need to start over again, you know what I mean. There is a particular spiritual war you were waging but you stopped suddenly. You must go back and start again lest the escaped enemy strive.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you and God bless you Sir. Regarding number 6, it is till that same recent ex that i dreamt was suffering
in dream number 5.
(27-01-2018, 11:39 PM)Ochuwa Wrote: Thank you and God bless you Sir. Regarding number 6, it is till that same recent ex that i dreamt was suffering
in dream number 5.

That's right, very, daughter. And that's why he's even suffering the more-because he failed to allow the will,plan of God to fulfill in his life. Meaning, when and if a man missed God's purpose for his life is life become direction-less,and such life suffers unnecessarily-because he's not walking according to God plans ; this goes to every God creation.

But who knows? There is hope for every one/man, you two together again???

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you for the interpretation Sir and happy Sunday.
Although he may be what God intended for me, i broke it off because of doubts, the dreams of disappointment, death and infidelity encouraged me to write it off because i felt it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you Sir
Good day Sir, How was your weekend?
1* I dreamt of a big mirror that fell on the floor and broke into 4 pieces. I picked one and saw a reflection on my eyes in it.

2* i heard a voice say, i should be his wife, but i dont know who was being referred to

3* i dreamt i went to the market to buy clothes
1. That's the evil mirror that your life and destiny is being under it watch, monitoring in the kingdom of darkness broken. That's why the reflection of your eye was revealed. Meaning, you've been under the watch of evil mirror, kingdom of darkness. Go ahead and celebrate now. You are free from evil eyes, monitoring spirit therefore it's time to experience true peace, prosperity and joy undiluted.

I bless the name of the lord for your victory.

2. I,the lord told you didn't i,he? Again, your marital heaven has been set freed,opened therefore, I see your marital settlement being discussed before a group of people, men and heaven. Meaning, in no time I see a man show up to ask for your hand in marriage. All you need do? Tell the lord (with faith) to expedite him/it.

3. Something new is here, on the way : blessing,cause to celebrate.


Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much Sir, and have a goodnight rest