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Dream interpretation
Good day Sir, i had a dream i was in the house and i saw my self holding two green pasports, my old one and a new one. And the new one had a visa or two on it . Then i saw a white policeman in my kitchen trying to intimidate me but i refused to be intimidated..i also refused to show him my passport when he asked.i was also showing my brother new 5naira currency although im not sure but it looked like the same scene..the policeman just kept looking and felt powerless as i ignored him.

In dream two..i was outside my compound when a lady said she could hear something in the bush nearby then a long snake was on the road..i ran into the compound then into my house then i told a boy who ws running too to enter my house. Then i saw my fathers wife eating okro soup

In dream hair was extremely full and people were admiring it
NB: Always endeavor (henceforth) to separate and number your dream ( i.e, 1,2,3..)

1. The lord said, as long as you are legal and confidence in what you do ( in that country) and your hands are clean? Fear not, no authority or intimidator can stand against you or prevail over you-they will be put to shame instead.

2. The lord had been protecting you and keep you away from danger not because you are spiritually strong but your good deeds and love for the kingdom of God. But listen today, the warned that your spiritual life needs fire and great improvement as your enemy, attacker you flew from is within your household.

3. Full glory.


Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much Sir. You are not wrong, because of my fathers wife, he wants nothing to do with my brother and i as he believes we want to kill him..pleas sir can you assist me with prayer for that passport dream, the white policeman was in nigeria.

I also dreamnt i carried a baby then when i was not looking the baby was eating sand and i removed it from his mouth..and went to buy him smoked fish to eat

I dream alot...of recent not much because i dont sleep much..but i am grateful sir
Once again, always number your dream as failure to adhere to the rule will result to your thread being ignore

1. What exactly do you want God to do for you,prayer points base on what?

2. You have this nonchalant attitude hence you get easily distracted or lack some level of focus, why, what's bothering you so much to this Level? You need to work on that lest you become spiritual and physical vulnerable, and easily implicate and complicate yourself with every title task or job given to do.

The passport interpretation means : you were found pure and not guilty of no crime. Therefore, be not afraid and refuse to be intimidated-whether you are home or abroad.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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1. Thank you very much Sir, i want God to have mercy on me

2. Ever since i came back to the country, a year plus now, nothing has worked, the first day i spent in the house, i dreamt my fathers wife was chanting incantations and i have been seeing big snails in the house that disappear right before me. I want to be released from every bondage setting me back.
Confession first, daughter.

Pm me if you have any before we proceed.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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I have sent you a PM sir,
I forgot to mention, before i started dating my fiance, i put him in the hands of God. He showed me in a dream the both of us fetching water from an overflowing tap with overflowing buckets. Then he saw his family and became angry that he wanted nothing to do with them and i convinced him to reconcile..
He's the right one. He will defend you,protect you and even fight his family if that's what it takes to marry or protect you.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Sir, unfortunately Sir, i broke the relationship because i keep dreaming of a woman he hides me from and a lady who came to fetch water on our compound. When i asked him, he was begging me but i didnt know why.
That's why I always encounter you all to update/post your recent or new dreams,and seek the lord before you make any decision.

Obviously, he used to be good,was happy but the spirit of lust took him away and that's because you refuse to fornicate.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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