John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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TEXT: JOHN 9:4, Eph 5:15:16

1. O Lord arise, and damage any darkness attack in my life, in the name of Jesus
2. Darkness to make my glory expire, scatter in the name of Jesus
3. Doors f sickness and death, open against me by darkness, backfire in the name of Jesus
4. Satanic manipulations on my picture, backfire in the name of Jesus
5. Powers that hate my blessings, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus
6. Angels of war where are you, arise and snatch away the brains of my enemy, in the name of Jesus
7. (Raise your hands) Mark of the enemies, upon my hand, blood of Jesus, wipe them away, in the name of Jesus
8. Holy ghost horse, drive me to my land of glory, in the name of Jesus
9. Any power, assigned to afflict my brain, what are you waiting for, die, in the name of Jesus

To use your little opportunity on earth judiciously is that you love the Lord. When the time has come to pursue your heavenly assignment but you don’t take it seriously, just know that time is not your friend and it will surely expire.

- When he or she is no longer active as before
- When you are suppose to marry at God's appointed time but did not
- When you use to be strong but no longer strong
- When you migrate from one place to another and couldn’t fulfill God's plan for your life
- Due to imprisonment
- Due to castigation
- When the person is dead

The night is coming upon every man on earth. This is a serious matter.
If you don’t fulfill your divine assignment , you are going straight into fire after death. The best gift that God has given us is OPPORTUNITY.
Small opportunities become great, to those that make use of it. One thing you need to do in the freezer of this world, is to keep moving , (jumping and moving) so that we don’t freeze.

- It is the wisest thing to do
- We have a few days, our days are numbered
- Your life here on earth is like a fixed contract
- You have to fulfill your Gods given destiny

- By preaching the word of God
- By praying more
- By overcoming temptation
- By evangelizing
- By attending prayer meetings
- By working for God
- By paying more tithe and offering
- By helping the needy
- By praising God

1. Agenda of darkness to make me waste my opportunity, scatter, in the name of Jesus
2. Thou power of gradual failure, I am not your candidate, die, in the name of Jesus
3. Opportunity wasters of my father’s house, your time is up, die, in the name of Jesus
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Text: *2kings 2-19:23, Acts 13-6*

*Preacher: DR. D. K. OLUKOYA

2kings tells us that the same anointing that brought blessing, was also the same anointing that brought curses.
When a person becomes a victim of racism, rape, genocide, slave trade and unjust treatment then no one can blame them for praying acidic prayers


1. Acquired enemies
2. Road side enemies
3. Envious enemies
4. Inherited enemies
5. Environmental enemies
6. Transferred enemies
7. Conscious
8.Unconscious enemies
9. Accidental enemies
10. Parental enemies
11. Sibling enemies
12. Sworn enemies
13. Enemies of misfired aggression
14. Relationship enemies
15. Magnetic enemies
16. Enemies of mistaken identity
17. Innocent enemies
18. Dangerous enemies
Dangerous enemies needs dangerous prayers. These dangerous enemies are wicked and they need to be dangerously destroyed.


1. Anointed prayers
2. Assurance prayers
3. Benediction prayers
4. Bodage-breaking prayers
5. Prayer of faith
6. Prayer of petition
7. Prayer of binding and loosing
8. Emergency prayers
9. Defensive prayers
10. Desert prayers
11. Disentanglement prayers
12. Mountain- moving prayers
13. Judgemental prayers
14. Dangerous prayers
15. Wrestling prayers


1. Prophetic anointing
2. Kingly anointing
3. Warrior anointing
4. Priestly anointing
5. Worship anointing
6. Deliverance anointing
7. Prayer anointing
1. Goliath are chasing you
2. You are being pursued by death
3. You are facing difficulties
4. You are being pursued by enemies like Saul, Goliath.
5. When you have sickness that wants to claim your life
6. When your name is on the hit list of the enemy.
7. When domestic / household wickedness are ready to finish you.
8. When you have hidden enemies.
9. When you have aggressive witchcraft.
10. When you are in deep waters of trouble.
11. When you are faced with death.
12. When you have hardened enemies.
13. When you are fishing fishing and catching nothing in the ocean of life.

1. Peace
2. Turnaround breakthrough
3. Upliftment
4. Achievement
5. You will be able to torment your tormentors
6. Oppress your oppressors
7. Locate the forehead of unprotected forehead of your Goliath
Blessed is the destroyer of the enemies, cursed is any one that doeth the work of the lord deceitfully.
Instead of crying and complaining go to a powerful gathering where dangerous prayers are prayed.
8. Uncommon favour


1. Unbelievers are asking where is your God
2. When your marriage is at stake.
3. You have been tied down with sickness and infirmity
4. Things aren't working out well for you
5.When people are mocking you
6.When people have already concluded that you are finished.
7. When you are confronted with your Jordan.
8.When you are confronted with enemies that are ready to put you to shame.
9.When the Lazarus of your life has been embalmed.
10.When you are told to forsake prayers and holiness.

1.Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior
2. Repent from every known sin
3. Separate yourself from the world system
4. Knowledge
5. Be persistent
6.Hatered of God's enemies


1. Dangerous enemies assigned to rubbish my destiny your time is up die, in the name of Jesus .
2. Strange enemies assigned to afflict my life receive angelic slap in the name of Jesus .
3. Powers saying my battles will not end what are you waiting for die, in the name of Jesus .
4.Powers making my life difficult swell up, burst and die in the name of Jesus .


1. Oh Lord give my enemies basket to be fetching water in Jesus' name.

2. Innocent blood cry against my enemies till they give up in Jesus' name.

3. Let the blood of my enemies turn to poison in their bodies in Jesus' name.

4. The enemy that wants me to feed today and be hungry tomorrow, Oh Lord burst their stomach in Jesus' name.

5. I smash the head of every strongman troubling my life to the wall of fire in Jesus' name.

6. The forest my enemies are staying in order to attack me,demons of the forest eat them up in Jesus' name.

7. Wicked elders that are angry with my goodness, Oh God, let the rage to death in Jesus' name.

8. Any power trying to tie me to a candle, let the candle burn them to ashes in Jesus'name.

9. Oh God move my enemies from tragedy to tragedy in Jesus'name.

10. Every power writing my name down for evil,let the writer of the name and the book catch fire together in Jesus'name.

11. The enemy setting trap for me,hand of God draw me out of their trap and kill my enemies inside the trap they set up in Jesus'name.

12. Every enemy carrying sacrifice against me Lord command them to eat their sacrifice and die in Jesus'name.

13. The dance of darkness over my life,let that dance turn to madness in Jesus'name.

14. Any wicked power that wants to waste me, Oh Lord announce their obituary in Jesus'name

15. Any power receiving negative training against my life, Oh Lord destruction their brain in Jesus'name.

16. Any wicked one that has buried any animal to change my glory,bury them with their animal in Jesus' name.

17. Any power that wants good people to forget me, Oh Lord tear their lives apart in Jesus'name.

18. Fire of maggot fall upon my enemies and bring forgetfulness into their brain in Jesus'name.

19. Those mocking me Oh Lord slap them by the mouth and mock them in Jesus'name.

20. Confusion and noise of cry begin to reign in the camp of my enemies in Jesus'name.

21. All those who want my eyes to see evil, violent angels from heaven, throw them inside the evil room of torment in Jesus'name.

22. Any wicked power that says my life will not be pleasant, let them drink the water of torment in Jesus' name .

23. Every root of hardship in my life, arise and attack your senders in Jesus' name.

24. Anybody that wants me to sleep and wake up in frustration withdraw them from the land of the living in Jesus' name.

25. Oh Lord cut short the lives of those monitoring me for evil in Jesus' name.

26. Oh Lord withdraw mercy away from every aspect of the lives of my enemies in Jesus' name.

27. Enemies pretending to be friends fire from heaven burn them to ashes in Jesus' name.

28. Enemies walking up and down to destroy me,Oh Lord destroy them with death in Jesus' name.

29. Those that are insisting on destroying me, Oh Lord make them mad and blind in Jesus' name.

30. Every spoiler of destiny begin to eat ashes till you die in Jesus' name.

31. Holy Ghost throw the stones of confusion upon every enemy of my promised land in Jesus' name.

32. Any wicked power that says I shall never be the head but tail,stones of death from heaven rain upon them now in Jesus' name.

33. Powers that want to destroy my family,receive instant death in Jesus' name.

34. Every satanic alter assigned against my family, let the alter swallow the shriners in Jesus' name.

35. Any satanic agent making covenant with death against me dust dust of the earth scatter them in Jesus' name.

36. Every evil gathering against my life,rock of ages grind them to powder in Jesus'name.

37. Powers of darkness that do not want peace to reign in my life die a hot violent death in Jesus'name.

38. Any power that wants to turn my abode to an abode of crying let them cry to death in Jesus'name.

39. Every mandate of evil altar against my life let them backfire in Jesus' name.

40. Any power assigned to cause go slow in my life, let the spirit of decay fall upon them in Jesus'name.

41. Any wicked personalty that wants to turn my goodness to rag , Lion of Judah, tear them to pieces in Jesus'name.

42. Any evil power turning to animal in order to attack me, divine hunters shoot them to death in Jesus'name.

43. Wicked powers that does not want my testimonies to manifest,let the storm of destruction fall upon them in Jesus'name.

44. Stones of death, stones of fire strike against the strongman blocking my way in Jesus'name.

45. Every evil stone that the enemy is throwing at me, seven folds ,let the stones go back to the senders in Jesus'name.

46. The sacrifice of of the wicked elders carried against me in the midnight, let your fire swallow the wicked elders and the sacrifice in Jesus'name.

47. The enemies attacking my hands so that I will not prosper Oh Lord pour your fire upon their heads in Jesus'name.

48. The sacrifice of elders offered at the grave to put me to shame, bury them inside the same grave in Jesus'name.

49. Powers that wants me to wear the garment of madness run mad and die in Jesus'name.

50. Destiny spoilers, let them sleep the sleep of death in Jesus'name.

51. Any old person using my glory to have long life, Lord beat them to death in Jesus'name


Topic: Spiritual Nuclear Prayers

Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Revelation 12:7, Revelation 19:11


When we talk about spiritual nuclear prayers, there is one place to go; Rev 12:7.

Does a loving God fight?

What sin did God do that broke war in heaven?

If God fought in heaven; why should I not too fight?

When there is war in heaven, Why do u think it strange that the devil is fighting against your marriage, your life, your ministry?

Born to win is to born to fight.

Let's see another scripture:

Revelation 19:11
It speaks about righteousness..

Does a righteous fight?

It means Making war in righteousness.

Are there armies in heaven? Navies in heaven?
The Lord is a man of war....
The enemy you spare may never spare you.
When you say you want to be righteous, then you have declare war.

The enemy you ignore may never spare you.
Should a righteous make war? .Its a big 'YES'!

These spiritual nuclear prayers are the prayers of the psalmist

Look at the new testament
It contains curses.

Peter cursed Ananaiah and Sapphirah.

Jesus pronounced woe...
There is time to love and there is time to hate.

Many of us have come from a foundation that needs these kind of spiritual nuclear prayers.

Psalm 69:22-28.. These are the spiritual nuclear prayers, no nonsence prayers.

Without praying these kind of prayers, It will be practically impossible to make it in life.

Spirtual nuclear prayers is to stop them before they stop you.

Dislocate them before they dislocate you.

Embarrass them before they embarass you.

Raise ur hand and pray like this:

1. Powers that stopped my parents, you cannot stop me: die in the name of JESUS.

2. Powers that stopped my parents, I am not candidate: die in the name of Jesus.

*If you know what I want to say now is not applicable to you, then you don't need to pray; just pray for me and my interpreter:*

1. Your great great grand father is born again, no worship of idol.

2. Your great grand father is born again.

3. In your father's house: no idol, no polygamy, no witchcraft,
Same in your mother's house; then you don't need to pray at all.

*You need these prayers:*

1. When funds are low, debt are high.

2. When experts says you can't make it in life.

3. When your friends have forsaken you.

4. When unbelievers are asking where is your God.

5. When your friends are becoming your enemies.

6. When shedding tears is next thing to your eyes.

7. You need that prayer when your golden greatness is lost in the wilderness of failure.

8. When you are completely blinded with ignorance.

9. When the enemy has put a full stop on your progress.

*What to do:*

1. Surrender your life to JESUS.

2. Confess your sins.

3. Understand the world we are living in is filled with wickedness.

4. And what you need to fight wickedness is violence.

*Prayer Rain: After Ministration Prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya*

1. Powers that must die for me to go far, die in the name of Jesus.

2. Powers dragging me backwards, you are liar: die in the name of Jesus.

3. Every projection of problems into my life in the dream: expire in the name of Jesus.

4. Powers that has hijacked my star to make themselves shine, die in the name of Jesus.

5. Every decision of the enemy against me, scatter in the name of Jesus.

6. Powers that want suffering to be my signature, die in the name of Jesus.

7. Any power saying my battle will not end, what are u waiting for? die in the name of Jesus.

8. Powers rising early to curse me, oh Lord arise: tear them to pieces in the name of Jesus.

9. Mysterious powers shouting no to my helpers, die by fire in the name of Jesus.

10. Powers hiding my glory, what are you waiting for: die in the name of Jesus.

11. Every agent of bad luck, carry your load in the name of Jesus.

12. Powers using my pictures against me, die in the name of Jesus.

You will issue 3 prophecies upon your life:

13. Shout ur name (Bolaji Abiodun Emmanuel): Thus sayest the Lord, must arise and shine in the name of Jesus.

14. Thus sayest the Lord: A.R.A..... enter into your glory in the name of Jesus.

15. Thus sayest the Lord: pursue your pursuers in the name of Jesus.

*Prayers after Anointing Session*

16. Pray it 3times - Anointing that breaks the yoke, I am available: break my yoke now in the name of Jesus.

Bring your instrument of work and certificate next month
*MFM Power Must Change Hands Programme*

*January 2019 Edition*

*Date 5th January; 2019*

Topic: *When Deep Deliverance is Needed*

Anchored Scriptures: *Job 12:22; Daniel 2:22*

Ministering: *Dr. D. K. Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)*

This passage is telling us that there are certain things about life that are deep. Certain problems are deep, certain afflictions are deep, certain problems are surface in nature. Like I said last week, that when you see problems as Christians, the first thing needed to be visualized is tree. A tree has stem, it has leaves, branches and fruit. When you battle all this things and you ignore the root, the problems will come back. When you work on the root, you obtain deep deliverance. The problem of most of our problems is either you didn’t deal with the root. Deep problems need deep prayers, strange problems need strange prayers, wicked problems need wicked prayers. Whether you are here, and you’re once told that when you’re born again and there is no more problem, you’re a celebrated joker. Your salvation does not exempt you from the battle of life.

Until so many understand the mystery of deep deliverance and prayers; one may suffer from cradle to the grave. Spiritual speaking, old things are passed away. We are saying spiritually thinking because old things are passed away, physically his face, color, bank account hasn’t changed. That physical entity needs to be disciplined to be in tune with the spirit. Is it possible to be a true Christians and still be suffering from a curse? The answer is yes. The fact that you’re a true Christian, doesn’t make deliverance automatic. Being spiritually united to Jesus, does not mean you’ll not have battle to fight. It’s like blaming the soap makers because you saw someone who’s dirty. The truth is this, the devil has no free gift for anyone. Do not think your forgetfulness or ignorance doesn’t make the devil take those things seriously.

Some turn those scriptures upside, and because of them; they become a big barrel of demons. Satan keeps record. You don’t lose your inheritance from your parent because you’re born again. Doctors who don’t hold Bible always ask questions like is there any one in your family with this kind of sickness? I’m not into farming but I know one thing: you cannot plant seed on a concrete. Any concrete planted by the enemy to stop the termination of your miracle, shall be broken to pieces in Jesus name!

There is vain deliverance, there is partial deliverance, there is temporary deliverance, there is fake deliverance, there is emotional deliverance, there is epileptic deliverance because there are various level of oppression.
Surface and likely rooted problem can be uprooted easily but deeply rooted problems will require deep prayers. Sometimes a second touch of Jesus is needed to put an end to deeply rooted problems.

Are you here and you’re experiencing the following:

1. Afflictions that are resistant to diagnosis shows you need deep deliverance. It means it’s not like it is at the surface.

2. Problems that defy confessions and the word of God.

3. Problems resisting normal deliverance prayers.

4. Sleeplessness without any cause show that deep deliverance is need.

5. Having unending nightmare to the point you’re afraid to sleep.

6. When you become an accident freak, deep deliverance is needed.

7. When a person is suffering from all kinds of terrible addictions, deep deliverance is needed.

8. Self destruction, deep deliverance is needed.

9. Decent madness. So many are moving. Around and dressed in 3p suit and pastoral collars, sometimes they are politicians, but really is mad and acidically crazy.

10. Consumption of sand, clay and charcoal. You’ll be very surprise that some people are in this category.

11. There are some situations called two spirits in a man. The same person is prophesying and that same person is having mad anger.

12. Some are sexual addict. They sleep with anything anywhere it’s a case of deep deliverance.

13. Uncontrollable anger.

14. Mental confusion, some are confused they don’t know who they are.

15. Hearing strange voices. Voices telling them to do strange things.

16. Some experience shadows in their room.

17. Long term pregnancies, disappearing pregnancies.

18. Some people have what we call personal rain.

19. Some feel that someone is throwing sand at them.

20. Some experience the rage of satanic bird.

21. Some suffer from unexplainable hatred, they’ve done nothing wrong but they’re hated.

22. Some people sleep-walk. They are sleeping but they are walking about.

23. Some suffer from spiritual dryness in-spite of all their spiritual exercises, they are still dry.

24. Some pays no attention to scriptural warning.

25. Some read the Bible to argue or find contradictions.

26. Unexplainable loss of memories. Trying and trying to get baptism of the Holy spit but no way.

27. Having abnormal thought about sex, blasphemy, cruelty, suicide, rape, death and persistent bombarding of vain thoughts.

28. Rebelling against any form of authority is evidence that deep deliverance is need.

Steps to take:

1. Surrender your life to Jesus.

2. Repent from every known sin.

3. Decide that enough is enough. Declare enough is enough and reject the situation before you. Unfortunately people who should do enough is enough are feeding the problem with worry. Worry is a magnet that attract bad condition. understand that the enemy is a thief. Worry is a thief takes what doesn’t belongs to him. If physical thieves hire lawyers, why do you think spiritual thieves are not clever?

4. Let the blood erase the legal ground the enemy has over you.

5. Forgive all those who have offended you.

6. Try and discover the ladder of the enemy in your life, find out why the enemy keeps troubling you. The legal right of the enemy is the ladder they have attached to you. For the enemy to leave you, you need to death with bitterness, unforgiving spirit reading dirty novels, wearing what you shouldn’t be wearing.

7. Deal with the strongman in charge of the trouble. When a strongman is attached to a situation, the problem becomes a deep and stubborn problem so that you can capture what he has stolen from you.

Prayer Rain:
Prayer session by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan:
1. Bad luck shall not be my portion in the name of Jesus.

Prayer session by Pastor A. Aladejola: I pursue, I overtake and I recover
2. Powers, personalities that says prayer and fasting will not solve my problems, you’re a liar; die in the name of Jesus.

3. Enemies shall not remove me from my place of blessing in the name of Jesus.

4. Anointing of all round breakthroughs, overshadow me now, fall upon me in the name of Jesus.

Prayers by Daddy G.O before ministration:
Pray this 7 prayers on your head, the more you love yourself; the harder you pray:

5. Power of the wicked over my breakthroughs, break in the name of Jesus.

6. Powers assigned to make my enemies rejoice over me, what are you waiting for: die in the name of Jesus.

7. Every strongman that has been swallowing my blessings before it get to me, Oh God arise, set them ablaze in the name of Jesus.

8. Every good thing that has been stolen from me since I was a child, I recover them now in the name of Jesus.

9. Lion of the tribe of Judah, arise, tear my wasters apart in the name of Jesus.

10. Oh God of new beginnings, I am available: begin new things in my life in the name of Jesus.

11. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise: silence my silencers in the name of Jesus.

12. Lay your right hand on your head: my head, this saith the Lord, arise and shine in the name of Jesus.

13. Lay your hands on your chest: Arrows fired against my heart, backfire in the name of Jesus.

After ministration Prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya:

14. Arrows of wicked elders, I’m not your candidate: go back to your senders in the name of Jesus.

15. Curses/bondage on the head of my father, curses/bondage on the head of my mother, seeking for my own head; die in the name of Jesus.

16. Anything buried to affect my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.

17. Ancestral hands chasing away my deliverance, die in the name of Jesus.

18. Every evil hand doing evil against me, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

19. Stubborn reproaches, vacate the garden of my life in the name of Jesus.

Three very deep prayers:
20. Problem assigned to bury my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.

21. Any problem with deep root, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

22. Strongman assigned to any problem in my life, die in the name of Jesus.

MFM International Headquarters 1st Sunday Service of the new year.

This day: 06-January-2019

Topic: Get out of evil caves (A Teaching series Part 2)

Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: John 14:1, Psalm 42:11, Deuteronomy 20

Last week, we discussed on the above topic. I want to say a little bit more about cave number 5 because it’s the cave that the enemy will use against many this year:

5. The cave of discouragement. It’s this weapon the devil has used against many lives. John 14:1, Psalm 42:11. These two passages described discouragement very clearly: It is the troubling of the heart, it is the heart being cast down, it is the heart been disquieted. In life as a whole, there are ten dangerous ds to defeat:

1. Defeat

2. Disappointment

3. Difficultly

4. Delay

5. Doubt

6. Depression

7. Danger

8. You deal with ‘disgrace’.

9. You deal with ‘death’

10. You deal with ‘discouragement’

These are the ten dangerous ds you grapple with in this life. There is a arrow of disappointment. There is also the arrow of delay. It’s a terrible thing because it leads to all kinds of situation. There is also the arrow of doubt. There is a arrow of depression, the person just get confused and he doesn’t know what he is doing. There is also the arrow of danger. Nobody invites it, one could be driving on your own peaceably and someone will drive carelessly towards the person. There is also the arrow of disgrace. There is also an arrow of death. There is the arrow of discouragement. Whether we like it or not, every one will have their own share of discouragement at one point in life. Our approach to managing it will distinguish us from those that are success or failure bound.

G.O narrates a real life incident:
There is a story that someone had a dream. The person cried and cried until he cried himself to sleep. He dreamt he was in a large market, and he was seeing all kinds of things people are selling. Then he approached and saw a shop called ‘the devil’s shop’. He got inside and he saw that everything there was on auction. He saw: envy, anger and he saw that they were tagged with a low price. Then he saw a price list that was a very high price and that tool was ‘discouragement’. He thought death will be very expensive but it was not. He saw the tool of discourage very worn out and second hand. Then he asked the devil that why is this tool so expensive? The devil said it’s a very useful tool he’s used to plagued many many lives. He is still using it to a greater effect.

When you’re discouraged, you think all is lost. It’s that time you should count your blessings, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. You may not have all you have but let me tell you the honest truth, it could have been worse.

Discourage is a very bad tool that feeds so many things, discouragement cripples people achievement. Someone once said you can tell how big or great a man is when you stands or fall the test of discouragement. The Bible said He gave His beloveth sweet sleep. If peter, after he heard that they will execute him the next day; and in the midst of chained soldiers, the Bible said he was fast asleep. If it is others, they could be crying.

G.O narrates a real life incident:
There was a professor who was in America. He was sacked and asked to leave with his daughters. He came to Nigeria, he was so sad. There was a time he had a car and it broke down when he had lectures. One day, his two daughters were invited to come to a church program, and they tried invite their father. He initially declined and he was getting more discouraged. One day, he finally decided to attend one of our programs. Because he was a professor of psychology, when He saw the way every one was praying; he felt that everyone he saw praying were psychologically disconnected. There was a message title the power of the story changer: and there was a prayer point. The prayer says: Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise and let my story change in the name of Jesus. This prayer was asked to be prayed 21 hot times. He heard his daughter saying where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise and let the story of our daddy change. When he God Home, he saw a book that he’s been looking for since he’s been in America. He found a cheque of 5000 USD he lost and he went to receive it. Now, he was the one who use to wake his daughters that they should go to church. One faithful day, he received a call from a woman in U.S, who called him and she was his neighbor in the U.S. The said woman didn’t have children and pleaded to adopt his two daughters. That was how a man who was deported with his two daughters, was asked to return back to the United States.

Discourage give strength/rise to restlessness. When restlessness set in, absence mindedness set in. It gives rise to negative thought ultimately leading to suicide.

Remember the story of a man, who climbed a story building and wanted to jump down. He saw a man who interrogated him standing downstairs. He said he wanted to kill himself because there is no job. The man downstairs begged him that before he committed the act, he should have over his wristwatch, his shoes because he never had one. At this point, the man said to himself that he won’t be discouraged anymore.

Discouragement is a common temptation to man. It should not be tolerated at all. If we linger in discouragement, it can get worse. It can keep us away from doing what we are suppose to do, discouragement can weaken other people case. To worsen it all, discouragement is a sin. Jesus doesn’t want us to be discouraged, He said let not your heart be troubled. Satan’s ultimate aim is to use that discouragement to get us away from the will of God. Sometimes bodily illness can cause us to be discouraged. It can come sometimes when human being disappoint us. If you allow the disappointment of human being to discourage you, the you’re ignorant of scriptural warnings/instruction. The Bible puts a curse on anyone that puts his trust in man. If you know that scripture, you should know anyone can do what they want. You will definitely be criticized in life, but once it (criticism) arises, a good person will see where he or she is wrong, correct themselves and don’t worry about those things that are not true. Because of discouragement, some go into drugs, adultery e.t.c hereby sinking them in this cave.

Someone once said neither God or man can use a discouraged person. Think about this very well. Deuteronomy 20. God told Gideon that how many people are here (gathered). God said he should test them. The Lord threw out those who were discouraged in heart. Between having discouragement, or discouragement having you: when you have discouragement, you’re still in control but when discouragement is having you; then that is serious trouble.

Bottomline: Let me caution, that we (MFM prayers) are not praying against any human being. We are praying against wicked spirits and wicked powers. Someone has once said you deserve what you tolerate. It would seem to me that we are giving room for so much nonsense to be happening personally, individually, nationally and internationally. Please, if you’re sharing this message on social media platform, tell the, that the G.O of MFM said we are not praying against any human being but any human being that is worried about the prayers should have a check up. The ball is in your court, it’s a strange year and we cannot allow the enemy to be in total control. It has been well said that the best method of defense is attack!

Message and prayers to be continued next Sunday.

Prayer Rain:
Before Men Choir Ministration by Daddy D.K Olukoya:

1. Any power tying me down with failure at the edge of success, before I leave this place: die in the name of Jesus. I refuse to fail in the name of Jesus.

2. Power of divine favor, of divine acceleration; fall upon me now in the name of Jesus.

3. Wherever my enemies are gathered this year, thunder of God: scatter them in the name of Jesus.
Before Sermon Prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya:

4. Jesus Christ, story changer; I’m available: change my story in the name of Jesus.

After Sermon Prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya:

5. Thunder of God, shoot down my enemies in the name of Jesus.

6. The glory of the serpent fighting against me, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

7. Arrows of fire, strike the head of my enemies in the name of Jesus.

8. Feet of fire, crush my enemies to death in the name of Jesus.

9. Angels of war, use sharp stone to break the head of my enemies in the name of Jesus.

10. Oh heavens, open the gate of death for the enemies of my joy in the name of Jesus.

The next few prayers need boiling anger: the psalmist said I hate them with perfect hatred that hate the Lord:

11. Kingdoms of darkness’s shouting my name, thunder of God: destroy them in the name of Jesus.

12. Any assassin hired against me this year, I withdraw your life in the name of Jesus.

Pray this with power and with fire:
13. Any informant giving my enemies any information about me, be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

Whether you understand his prayer or not, don’t allow any one voice be louder than yours:

14. Powers assigned to put me in the last bus stop of life, die in the name of Jesus.

15. Powers pursuing me for evil, run into destruction in the name of Jesus.

This next prayer, for it to be super effective; it has to be prayed in a non comprising manner three times:

16. Power hiding my glory in the belly, thunder of God: burst the belly in the name of Jesus.

Good. You deserve what we tolerate. Enough of tolerating rubbish. We use our most potent weapon:

17. Powers assigned to turn my garment of glory to rag, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus.
"Is Jesus In Your Heart?"
Are U Gods' Property?
Are U A True Soldier?
Will U Die At Ur Duty Post?
Jesus Loves You!
Stay Lifted!
I Pray, Your Needs Will Not Replace Jesus Christ In Your Life In Jesus Name!
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