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Things People Experience After Marriage And Never Want Unmarried To Know?
Things People Experience After Marriage And Never Want Unmarried To Know?

...Though there are details that should remain classified and never for external parties, the rest is at the discretion of the married to share. It's complicated explaining these things to some singles(and married too).

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Quote:You tell them the good _they say you're hyping your partner/yourself, painting a false picture or trying to make them jealous. They can even say you have little experience _so, your suffering is on the way.

You tell them the bad _they say you've married your own and trying to poison their minds or they start looking down on your partner.

You tell the tiny little things they have to tolerate _they tell you how they can never take that from any man or woman. You might end up looking like one weak, manipulated spouse. You go home trying to make changes that should never be necessary.

You don't talk at all _they say you're feeling too big to associate with your single friends.

Most times married people don't just see the need to talk, not that they don't want unmarried to know. It's better experienced, even if it's for 1 year.

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