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Announcement for 16 Sep
Please note that Pastor has not been able to minister today due to bad network.
Dear brethren, sister,

For the past 3 weeks now it's been one issue/setback to another, if it's not power today it's network. These has been our struggles and battles for the past three weeks now even though none or few of you knew, this has been the reason behind ministration delay and why I we could hardly communicate with some of us on WhatsApp. I write to you now i am unavailable on WhatsApp and making use of another tool to communicate or interpret as i write these hence interpretation is slow and come late today so usual as the challenges persists.

God bless you all!

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole
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Thank you pastor for letting us know.
(16-09-2017, 05:57 PM)nonop Wrote: Please note that Pastor has not been able to minister today due to bad network.

Power outtage persists!

I 'may' not be available tomorrow due to blackout. But you will see,hear from me if it th situation can be managed, and or be in our favor tomorrow.

Solar power supply is none effective as I write due to low sunlight.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole
It's all in God's hands.
I want to bless the name of the lord, for the solar charger and those of you that the lord used to blessed the ministrie's with the solar charger.

Brethen, sisthen, it's been blackout here for 4days now but I worry less ; All thanks to God,and for providing the sun that powered us today.

Glory be to jesus!

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole
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GOD IS GOD! Thank you Jesus!