John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my dream this morning
Thank you so much pastor.
I appreciate your patience and concern.

Pls what's d meaning of white fast?
#22's a type of fast you do and break at six with any kind of fruits,and water..

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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OK. I'm doing it already today and tomorrow.
Pls Kindly back me up
Thank you and a blessed day.
The lord is your strength.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorn pastor.

My dream Saturday night (the same Saturday that I started my prayer);

I was in my office, a lady visited us but she was in my own office (as if she's the new wife of my boss' younger brother), while with her in my office she displayed some attitudes that showed she's mannerless, she was so provocative & I tried not to react against her, I tried & held myself. At a point, I needed to brush my mouth but she's in d bathroom wasting so much time there, when I waited for her & she didn't come out, I had to use a plate to pour the dirty water from my brushing & I intend to pour it into d bathroom sink when she's done. When I wanted to go pour d water she prevented me that she's not yet done (this action of hers irritated me so much but I held myself), so I kept d water under a visitor's seat still waiting... By d time she came out from d bathroom into my office I was sitting on my seat by my table & I was just looking at her, she knew she offended me yet she started making some kind of iyanga for me & saying things to provoke me (in my heart I said: you're making iyanga for me because you're newly married)
Very soon she went to d kitchen to do something & she spent time there. While she was there, I called a meeting into my office, including my boss, his younger brother & 1 of my colleagues. I started complaining to them what d lady has been doing to me & how irritable she is, I rember telling them that her actions angered me. My boss after listening to me, became disappointed in d lady even my colleague started to make comments that confirms she's so irritable, & while he was still speaking, she walked into d meeting & went straight to my colleague to stop him from saying those things but he ignored her & she quietly went to a seat near to my table & sat down while d meeting continued but I can't tell d ending part of d meeting.

Pls help explain.
Thank you.
Your patient would be put to test, you'd be tempted, provoked at your work place. But the lord warned, ' don't give in,don't retaliate with the same measure but apply wisdom and patient approach and victory and everyone will be on your side.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you. Remain blessed.
Pastor good morning.
My yesterday dream;

I went to visit a friend (my church member) by name favour, we were to go somewhere from there, we started discussing, although I can't remember d details of d conversation but I can remember she told me that she was ordained in her former church & she brought out a white garment, it was like she used to attend either of d white garment churches & I told her to get d white garment burned. As I was still talking wit her, her younger brother came in, he was worried & complaining bitterly about something, its like something that was denied him by someone else. But it seems to me that d thing that was denied him is a worldly thing, so I started preaching to him against worldliness - be it worldly music, secular music & any sort of artificial attachment to d body. I can remember showing him my fingers telling him that I don't have time for all that artificial stuffs. D place we were was now like their family shop where they sell provision items. Their father was also there, I continued to preach to him with so much confidence & boldness, at a point, he became busy attending to customers & he told me to hold on that he's coming let him attend to customers, I said OK. Then after that, I saw myself & my friend favour in a market, I don't know what we were doing there but we were in a very good mood, I remember telling a little baby to remember to get my green (vegetable) that baby should be about 3years old, she was playing & going errands in d market.
Indeed, you are among the chosen ones, the few that had known the truth and whom has been set freed by the truth. But God had a purpose for these ; ..use you to spread the truth,the gospel in raw among your loved ones,friends,colleagues who are ignorant of the truth,the way that leads to heaven but living a worldly,materialistic and destructive lifestyles.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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