John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my dream this morning
Thank alot.
Good morning pastor.

Pls help interpret D's dream 4 me:;

1. Last night, I dreamt where I was given number 5, it was written on a kind of tablet. I looked at someone by my side he has no.4 & d other person has no.26. What does it mean?
2. Early D's morning, I dreamt where I was trying to bring out something from a whole & I looked @ d brim of d whole I saw a wallet, I quickly took it, opened it & I saw 4pcs of N500 notes together with other smaller denominations. I walked away wit it.
1. Biblical :
FIVE - God's grace to man, responsibility of man.

Congratulations as I see the grace of the upon so that..

2. ..Your heaven of blessing shall open and all your buried blessing shall be recover.

Prepare for your harvest season has come, I see you recovered you long buried blessing.

Bless u
Amen! Than you man of God.
Goodeven pastor.

Pls what does torchlight signify in the dream?
I will refer you to a bible verse ;

◄ Psalm 27:1 ►
The LORD is my light
and my salvation-- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life-- of whom shall I be afraid?

For the lord shall light up your path, make way for you and lead your path through his light/presence.

No more confusion in your life, no more distraction, no more darkness before you path,no more spiritual blindness, no more stagnation...".


Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you pastor.

In my dreams last night;
1. I was in my village & I saw a ripen pawpaw inside a compound near my compound but there was no way 4 me 2 go & pluck it since d compound is fenced with locked gate (physically d compound is fenced with gate and d family only comes visiting).

2. Still in my village, my mum was doing some farm work in a piece of land nearer 2 my house, I went and met her there and I noticed that a mango tree at d back of our kitchen is dropping some mango fruits (physically, that mango was cut down few years back) so I went 2 under d mango tree with a black nylon bag and started selecting good ones cos some of them are not good. It seems my mum wants me to come out of there. I also noticed a lady I know, whom I saw d pawpaw in their compound came to d mango tree and it was like she's not happy with me picking those mangoes. I quickly went away with d ones i picked.

Pls help interpret. Thanks and remain blessed.
1. I see a blessing before you but it's far fetched hence can't be reach as a result of barrier..

2 ...but here, I see the lord come to your rescue through your mother, direct or indirect help such that will pave way for you to take possession of that blessing..but is this really yours,is this not greed? Above all, he warned! If it's not yours, don't take possession of what isn't yours and leave no room for greed.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorn pastor.
Thanks a million times for your spiritual help.

Pastor concerning d above no.2 dream interpretation;
You probably don't know what I've been through in life & yet struggling. The enemy has cheated me so much via my dreams b4 God helped me to discover this forum where God is using you to give divine interpretation to our dreams as there lies how far we'll go in life or should I say destiny?, so, I don't think it will be bad for me to be greedy towards my enemy, they have really stolen so much from me. But if I'm wrong pls clear me more on that no.2
Thanks for your patience.

My dreams last night:
1. I was in my church, some people were there including my pastor. After talking with my pastor, he wanted to pluck coconut for me inside the church compound (physically there's no coconut tree there) he started thinking of a means to do that, I saw a ladder that he could use, as I wanted to show him d ladder, he became distracted by some other thing or person, I don't know what, and I was there waiting patiently for him when d dream cut.
2. I saw a garden and I was just passing by. I was admiring d contents of d garden as d garden has a lot of things in it, stuffs like green garden-egg, green pepper, a lot of other stuffs I can't remember and some trees, I think 1 of d trees was so tall with something like breadfruits on it but something caught my attention when I looked at those breadfruits it was like they were boiling up there with something like mist around them. Afterwards, I passed by and went my way.
3. I entered a commercial bus wit my colleague, we got to a place I told them I want to alight, as I was about alighting d bus, my colleague told d conductor he should not collect money from me that he will pay for me, so I got down and left.

Have a beautiful day pastor.
• You are partially right. But, whatever you want to do make sure it tally with the instruction of the lord and the holy spirit knowing that having God and the holy spirit on your side you can never lose. There is what we called " spiritual greed - positive - taken possession of your stolen blessing violently.
Physical greed ; negative - God doesn't support that except you are fighting for your right, greedily.

Your dream:

1/2. Your number one and second dream confirmed the message you left up there.
Yes, the enemies had stole so much from you and denied you lot of benefits and blessing.

Look, up, there child of God, they have come again as I see a huge blessing released from the lord being held to captive and suspended in the heavenlies.

In essence, the lord said, I have released a blessing to you but the enemies have suspended it in the heavenlies and denied you of it manifestation by distracting your helper(which could be your church pastor), and not just, look,up, there they are burning/destroying that blessing now as I see you getting decayed. This is sad indeed.

But don't be trouble as the battle line has been drawn, we must fight this wickedness, these evil forces in the heavenlies destroying and holding your (released) blessing to ransom.

Are you ready?
Now, with holy anger, you shall prayer this prayers :

You embark on 2days holy violence warfare prayers with white fast :

Ps 24,51,8,42,4,119 :

• O demons in the heavenlies capturing my blessing and holding them to ransom, enough is enough ' vomit them and die!

• Holy ghost fire, arise and locate every source of powers, demons in the heavenlies capturing my prosperity and my released blessing by fire.

• My heaven X3, (raise your hand up or with your bible) hear me, hear me well,i command you in the name of Jesus, vomit my blessing tonight in the name of Jesus!

• Anything in me, loophole, sin or weakness that's empowered the demons in the heavenlies to hold me angel of blessing to ransom and suspend my blessing, I vomit you, come out and die ( while you use the word vomit (after 5min of this prayer) you shall place you mid finger amidst your tongue,get a tussle ready).

• Every spirit distraction, manipulation, confusion and spiritual robber suspending my blessing in my heaven I destroy them by fire.

• O heaven vomit my blessing now and possess me with fire.

• O power of resurrection arise by fire and recover all my stolen, decayed and robbed blessings in the might name of Jesus.

NB: this is very important, when this prayer ensure spirit of distraction will surface, don't give in ,refuse to be distracted. This is so because the lord told me that spirit of distraction surround you. Don't give in to distraction nor allow anybody to distract you, or any thought to rob your mind while praying these prayers lest they rob you again.

Be warned.!

3. I see you being favored.
Yes, I see favor round about you, I see friend and/or people around you blessing

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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