John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my dream this morning
Good day Pastor. I am a newbie here and this is my first post. Please help me explain this dream.
In the dream, I took a big bag of cassava to a mill to grind it, the lady attendant before she started grinding looked into the bag and saw a lizzard at the bottom of the bag, she told me to come and look and confirm it cos I could not believe it initially, when I looked intently and saw the lizard, I quickly brought a stick and started hitting the lizard until it started looking for way of escape, in continued hitting until it ran out of the bag of cassava but I couldn't kill it, it escaped. After this, the lady now grinded the cassava for me but when she is done, I checked and saw that the cassava was not finely and smoothly grinded and I complained about it and she told me that she used a small machine to grind it bcos the portion to the larger machine was locked up by her boss who traveled to abuja so that she could not use the larger machine and I could see the larger machine locked up but I was not satisfied with the output. Than you sir
neny4Christ,welcome to our family, DreamsTorchin jesus name.

Your dream :

It's called " chaffs/weeds in the wheat"

I can see either a business person here or one who's a potential business person.
In essence, the lord said, the powers of your father's house are out against the prosperity,growth of your business or blessing hence, they sent an agent and polluted your business or prosperity in order to run it down or frustrate your blessing.

Therefore if you must prosper or want you business to grow? The chaff/weeds must be totally eradicated out of the wheat : you must attack the source of that lizard and kill the lizard if you must prosper or grow in your business.

Solution? :

Quote:Psalm 124, Psalm 126,119,24
1. The session is titled: destroying altars of poverty.

. O that witchcraft agent, devourer deposited into my business to run it down, I attack you source & set it, you on fire, dieiii

• Every weeds,chaffs of witchcraft polluting & destroying my business, prosperity, I attack You & your source of powers, scatter by fire.

. Every altar of poverty in my place of birth, working against my prosperity, burn to ashes, in Jesus name.

. Every satanic priest, ministering against my prosperity in any evil altar, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

Lay your right hand on your head and pray :

. Every strengths and power of every environmental altar upon my life wither, in the name of Jesus.

Now you are going to raise your right hand to the heavenly and prophesy like this:

. Today, I raise up altar of continuous prosperity upon my destiny,business,life in the name of Jesus.

. This session is titled: Pulling down the stronghold of poverty.

Let us lay our hands on our head.

. Every stronghold of mental and spiritual poverty in my life, be uprooted by fire, in the name of Jesus

. Any covenant in my life that is strengthening the stronghold of poverty, break, in the name of Jesus.

. Every stronghold of poverty, in the place where I am living now, and in my place of work, I pull you

down, in the name of Jesus.

. O Lord, create opportunities for my prosperity today, in the name of Jesus.

Set your alarm to 12am, with 2days fasting.
I will be following your progress!

Bless u
Thank very much sir for the quick response.
I shall do the prayer coming Friday and Saturday.
Thanks in advance for backing me up.

At the moment I'm not doing business but working in a law chamber as secretary but I'm so much desiring to quit and start my own biz if I see money cos I've stayed with this chamber for 8yrs D's is d 9th yr.
Do. But the chaff/weeds that the enemies has deposited into your life against your prosperity must be destroyed.

Bless u
Good day pastor.

I finished the prayer you gave me last night. This morning, I dreamt and I visited a brother (married) from my church, as I entered his room I noticed something covered on the bed, as we got talking I uncovered d thing and it was a whole bunch of banana (greenish) very big and I took one and started eating it and admiring it. This all I could remember. Pls help interpret.

I pray and hope that henceforth I will be able to remember my dreams cos for sometimes now remembering my dreams has been so difficult for me. D enemy has cheated a lot via my dream.
Bless u sir
NB : Do take note that posting and updating dream on sundays attract suspension. But you'll be pardon this time before you are NEW! ;

Your dream :

If you'd or once committed fornication/adultery with married man or single it's time to confess your sin and seek the lord for forgiveness. But if not it's time to confess every known and unknown sin.
In essence, the lord said, the blessing you lost on the bed of fornication/adultery,lust or sin shall/has been recovered-That is, if indeed the devil didn't rob you through the power of sin,or If you confess sin.

Yes, I see blessing robbed on the altar of sin recovered now. Yes, the word green signifies : fertility, blessing, peace, prosperity, recovery of blessing..


Bless u
Im sorry for posting on sunday, pls i didnt knw.

Thanks a lot for the interpretation. May the LORD increase ur anointing. Amen.

I hv 2 dreams:

1. In the dream, a young man took me out, he was about taking me 2 beer palor but I refused 2 go 2 beer palor, he now bought me a drink, I lookd @ it & saw DT it has alcohol, I tried giving it back 2 him cos i knw its a sin 4 me 2 tak alcohol but he refused. I held d drink in my hand as I followed him 2 one wealthy man's house. I decide DT when we get thr, I'll give d man d drink. When we got the, I saw a car packd inside d compound, we saw a woman whom I presume is wife of DT wealthy man. D house is a sophisticated 1. D woman told us DT d person we're lookn is inside d house DT we shud wait. From whr we are we could hear d man's voice as he tells us DT he's coming we shud wait. We were still waiting when d dream cut here.

2. In d dream (in my village) I went 2 d stream to fetch water with white bucket & d water was clean. I fetched d water and started going home but on my way home, I noticed a man was murmuring against me. D stream is a stagnant water DT gets filled up during d rainy season & goes down during d dry season. In real life i fetch water from D's stream when I was still in d village.

Thanks and remain blessed.
1. The lord warned, you must continue to be steadfast in your faith, righteousness, salvation and holiness in the lord for you must not be found trading your holiness and righteousness at the altar of worldly gains/materials or connection.

2. The lord said, no amount of murmuring by the powers of your father's house and inherited/household idol can preventing from living up to salvation,to the grace and power of God in your life even in your father's house.

Lastly, you shall wage war against " retrogression,weariness over your salvation and grace ". Ps 51, 19 and 24.

Bless u
Thanks n remain blessed.

There's this dream I had sometime ago;

I saw myself on a platform in a program ministering d Word with microphone in my hand. At a point, I came down from d platform n was moving around in d midst of people while ministering. But I noticed somtin here, each tym I put down d mic my voice goes faint people will barely here me but when I put it back 2 my mouth my voice becomes louder. D's d 2nd tym i dreamt abt handling microphone.

Pls help me explain it.

Thanks n remain blessed.
No amount of fear,silence can stop this seed of greatness in you. As the lord said, you will become great and a role model,public speaker and mentor for for many.

Yes, you can't hide nor silence this seed of greatness as there lies your voice.

Bless you.