John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The Reality Of the Realm of The Spirit
The Reality Of the Realm of The Spirit

A Must Read For All

The lord instructed me to share this message from one of our members " Essa" physical encounter,experience so that you and the world may understanding and know the truth,the reality of the realm of the spirit,the other world(powers,kingdom of darkness),and know that...Ephesians 6:12KingFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

And I quote Essa ;

Quote:Now we woke up as usual in our house(physically), did morning devotion and used blessed water from church, I told my mom about my dream, she too now said she didn't sleep too well at night, that my 9year old nephew weewee on his bed and he was chewing his mouth through the night and tossing about, that she doesn't understand the boy, that he is always chewing his mouth at night as if he is eating, so my mother started questioning him about his behavior at night, all of a sudden he said its because he is eating during meeting that's why( this nephew of mine started staying with us since 4 months ago, he is my brother's son, that a girl gave birth to for him where we were living before, before we repented of worldly life, the mother didn't allow us take him when he was small, few months ago she started rushing that we should come and carry the boy, because she is pregnant for another man now, and we should take our child, so we took him in, we are not used to the boy, he has started school and we are getting along), today now, he started saying so many things, said the meeting he is referring to, he sees our neighbor called mama omena, then my mother's elder sister and the old woman who gave him the food that makes him appear at the meeting, he said the woman comes at night to take him to the meeting, that when he holds his hands, both of them will didisappear, he said our neighbor called mama omena together with my estranged husband's mother and my mother's sister are the ones that did it For me not to travel abroad, said mama omena was the one that changed my slippers in the dream, and my estranged husband's mother said she will never let her son marry, my mother's sister said she will never let me marry nor have children, that my mother's sister said she hates me from childhood because she saw that I have the destiny of prayer(i don't know what this means), he also mentioned one of my father's son's name(kwemose), that he is among them, he said it was all of them that came to fight my guardian angel that night, also mentioned how they tried to afflict my sister through dream some days ago, he said they have been forcing me to eat in the dream everyday recently but I always throw the food away and that even the one they give my mother and siblings I always throw them away, he said they want me to eat so that I will fall sick and become weak in prayers, that I pray too much. He mentioned how they made my sister and her husband fight often and cause the husband to be jobless, he said my estranged husband's mother made him hate me, he said his job is to monitor my household and half brother's job is to do reporting, he talked about how they make me fail my chartered accounting exams because they don't want me to attain the certification and I should never have a job, he said my aunty was the one that killed my grandmother through mirror because she doesn't want my grandma to see her children enjoying, ( we have been suffering for real), for years, he said they have been working on my brother for him to loose his job recently, talked about how they tie my mother's money, for her be working but still find it difficult to eat, he said a man died in the meeting last night and it was my prayers that killed the person. This nephew doesn't even know my mother's sister, neither does he know my estranged husband's mother, so I am so baffled and don't know what to do right now, I know this is witchcraft, please guide me sir, in prayers, because this is beyond my understanding, if I had your number I would have called. Help me sir ,it's a long confession but let me stop here for now. Also advise on what we should do about the boy.
Thank you sir.

Link to the said experience;

My take on these,the moral lesson ;
• If you don't have jesus.
• If you are not saved.
• And you don't know how to pray?

You are a living corpse.

Read this message and learn!

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O my goodness!!!! Thank You Lord for divine protection.
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