John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Experience With The Supernatural, Ghost And Spirits Do Exist.
Do not open,read this thread if you are not spiritually matured or prepare for spiritual maturity & understand the deep side of spiritual & physical world!

Edited, I have decided to share the link to the author of this messages/revelation, these, because it's the law/code of cyber space to always acknowledge the author and the creator of information therein. Here is the link, and note, this revelations were not from prophet Ebankole but author..but the holy spirit led me to share it with those and whoever care to listen to what the holy spirit saying. Lastly, be wary if you choose to visit the link, site lest you are corrupted by mess and manipulations of some strangers and contributors to the thread because I found after the real message was passed the thread was eventually messed up. Once again, you are warned. For this is the reason I decided to update the real message and/or these that the lord led me to. If you visit and you get manipulated, corrupted or initiated you are on your own because you are warned beforehand. Here is the link if you insist on visit


I shall be updating this thread,daily as regards the topic above.

The lord, by his grace directed me to this thread,one of these online forums,and I found most of the revelations therein useful as shared by the testifier hence I inquired from the lord to confirmed the witness/messages which he did and I found most to be true as I can attest to some of them being a prophet myself.

I believe that the lord led me to that thread to share and open your eyes,and and expose the works,secret of darkness,the mystery of the world and how they operates. ...To unravel the mystery of the realm of the spirit,what transpire daily therein,and the unseen forces of this world of ours.

NB: I would have loved to share the link to the said thread/forum but the forum is too corrupt and polluted already hence my reason. In that case I shall will be copying and pasting some selected messages only...

Follow me as I take you through this journey...

NB : This message isn't for everyone especially if you are not capable or mature spiritually to handle the deep secrets of powers of darkness and the mystery,dark side of this evil world of ours.


To God be the glory..
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Quote:People tends to push aside the fact that ghosts and spirits live amongs us, maybe its because they have not encounterd the supernatural. "Today was a market day in our town so this afternoon after church i accompanied a friend to the market. we got there and we both went to the shop where belts are sold, there is a woman there but i felt this strange and cold feeling withing me when my guy was bargaining on the price, brothers and sisters, the woman had two heads, though i knew right there that i was the only one that is seeing what im seeing based on past experiences, so i had to maintain my cool, i told the woman that we will return and excuse my friend, i told him what i saw and he was dumbfounded, today at the market i saw an old lady with three legs, i saw a guy walking backwards, it was not new to me though. I had to leave the market place for it was too much. "SO guys share your supernatural experice...

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NB: Once again, if you are not spiritually bold or fearless don't bother to open or read this thread. like I said in my previous post, the purpose of this thread is to expose the works of darkness and the mystery behind this world of ours.

Don't open this thread if you are not spiritual capable,or if you are fearful. This message isn't meant for everybody. And note, I am neither the author thread nor the writer of the messages but the lord led me there and confirmed some of the secrets/messages to me.

The power and mockery of born watcher, below :

Quote:sister things are really happening but people dont see it. five years ago, i was watching porn with a friend's laptop in school, i was lying down on the bed then suddenly i saw a creature with horn, very black clapping and was like laughing at me just in front of me. I shouted out loudly with fear and people rush in to know what went wrong. I narrated my story and they thought i was joking.

Bless u
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Quote:Do you guys even knows the dangers of playing songs from america musicians? what you need is a revelation thats all.

Quote:Do you know that before releasing the albums, a voodoo spell is being cast of them in other to capture the hearts of fans all over the world? bro things are happening.

Quote:Those that wants to make heaven should beware of America or rather be careful when in America.

Quote:lol no i dont think so, we are actually gifted with the gift of visions, all we need is a proper knowlege of the gift, funny enough the things we see are there looking at those who dont see them.

Quote:lol they thought life is all about money, sex and enjoyment, they dont know that there are things deeper than just the physical world. these is just the begining, in the race of life to heaven, there are things that we must come across that will scare the skin out of our body but GOD is always there to help us out.[b]

Quote:[b]I can vividly recall when a pastor friend of mine and i saw an old woman with walking sticks walking side by side with a very beautiful lady, we later discovered that this lady in question dont even see the old woman

Bless you.

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I agree with all that is written here. Aside been told stories like these by adults, I also have a friend who claims to identify a ghost in the midst of people by perceiving their presence through smell. This world indeed is mysterious!
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Hmmm!!!???? Jesus Jesus Jesus!!!!!!!